Top 5 Best Bond Craft Essences in FGO (Ranked)

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Bond CEs rarely receive as much love compared to the likes of gacha CEs.

Oftentimes, these CEs and too niche for their own good – and only viable in very specific situations. Furthermore, these CEs can only be worn by a select servant, and most only have added effects when that servant is on the battlefield.

Sometimes it’s just better to stick five kaleidoscopes onto each party member and get on with your day.

But there is a small subset of bond CEs with truly great power – and some of these even outrival gacha CEs!


5. Artoria Pendragon (Caster) – The Promised Moment

Fate/Grand Order Artoria Pendragon (Caster) screenshot

We’ll be placing Castoria at the bottom of this list, due to the fact that as of this writing, she has yet to be released in the NA version of the game.

However, due to everyone and their kouhai saving for her at the moment, preparing for her arrival is somewhat of a necessity.

Castoria’s claim to fame is allowing a large subset of Arts-focused servants to three-turn farm by looping their NPs.

Select servants can perform this loop with ease, where others need a little more support.

Castoria’s bond CE is made to help this process along by providing an increase to your party’s attack and NP generation rate by 10% while she’s on the field.

Just think about it: boosting your team’s damage while at the same time refunding even more NP charge to loop the next wave?

That sounds like a farming support to us!


4. Georgios (Rider) – What Can Be Left Behind

Fate/Grand Order Georgios (Rider) screenshot

Georgios shouldn’t be discarded just because of his low rarity.

He’s a staple in solo runs, and can also provide great support to the team if given the proper encouragement.

Georgios’ bond CE provides the team with a one-turn invincibility, as well as a Damage Cut buff for three turns (after he’s defeated).

This is great, and works excellently alongside his taunt skill.

Taunt up, tank some powerful hits, and when Georgios finally goes down, he leaves a parting gift to the rest of your team in the form of some powerful buffs.


3. Tamamo-no-Mae (Caster) – Tamamo’s Fan Club

Fate/Grand Order Tamamo-no-Mae (Caster) screenshot

Tamamo’s CE may be overlooked at first glance.

“A 15% party-wide Arts buff? Skip! Where’s my 2030 at?”

However, this 15% buff is vital in some cases to provide successful runs during Arts three-turn looping.

Before the advent of Castoria, Arts looping required some combination of Paracelsus, Nero Bride, and Tamamo equipped with her bond CE.

After Castoria releases to NA, these shackles will loosen slightly.

However, depending on NP levels and Gold Fous implanted, Tamamo’s CE may just be the catalyst to get your NP1 servant looping.


2. Cú Chulainn Alter (Berserker) – One-Man War

Fate/Grand Order Cú Chulainn Alter (Berserker) screenshot

Cú Alter is the poor man’s support Skadi.

Not everyone can three-turn loop. And if you’re simply trying to speedrun through the early Singularities without having a relatively defined roster, a support Cú Alter is going to be your best friend!

Cú Alter’s bond CE, One-Man War, boosts his NP damage by 30% – and grants him a one-time Guts (where he’ll revive with 20% HP upon suffering lethal damage).

This Guts, coupled with his other “Protection from Arrows” ability, makes this Cú Alter one sticky Berserker.


1. Heracles (Berserker) – Castle of Snow

Fate/Grand Order Heracles (Berserker) screenshot

Herc is everyone’s favorite reroll target (after they got sick and tired of trying to reroll for Waver, that is).

As a Berserker with excellent defensive skills, he can dish out the damage and remain on the field for a long time.

A fully maxed Heracles and a Cú Alter support will steamroll the early game of FGO until around Camelot, where things require a bit more thinking other than “me click red button”!

Picking up Herc as soon as possible through this method also speeds up the time it takes to acquire “Castle of Snow”.

And like Cú Alter, Herc’s bond CE grants him Guts (the ability to revive with a set amount of HP).

But with Herc, he will revive THREE TIMES!

This means if you juggle his evade and other skills around, this man is never dying.

Lots of Bond CEs feel either lackluster compared to gacha CEs, or better suited towards different servants.

Herc’s CE, however, is perfectly suited to this reincarnating powerhouse.

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