The Best Buster Servants in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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Buster Servants are always a joy to play with.

While the Buster meta has fluctuated over the years, the sheer damage that some of these Servants can pull off is incredible to see.

Buster, as a card type, involves pressing as many red buttons as you can while using it.

Press red card, see big number, say wow.

Buster Servants require very little tactics, and are usually best suited to having their damage ramped up as high as possible before dropping the eventual nuke.

In this ranking we’re taking a look at the best Buster beat-sticks in FGO. We won’t be looking deeper into Buster-crit Servants or Buster AOE NPs – instead we’re looking overall at how well these Servants satisfy their specific roles.


5. Cú Chulainn Alter (Berserker)

Cú Chulainn Alter (Berserker) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Cú Alter is a great Berserker for new Masters.

We all remember the difficulty of starting our first account and having no Servants to help us deal with powerful enemies.

Luckily, a support Cú Alter can help make the initial few Singularities of FGO a cakewalk!

Cú Alter deals huge damage both with his face cards and his single-target NP.

Couple that with his sticky skills, a three-hit evasion and a Guts, and do away with the need for a support Servant.

If you’re lucky enough to pull Heracles from the tutorial summon, these two Servants can lay waste to all of FGO’s content until approximately Camelot.


4. Miyamoto Musashi (Saber)

Miyamoto Musashi (Saber) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Musashi is a great damage-dealing Saber with a very unique skillset.

Her first skill doubles the hits on all her face cards. This makes it incredibly easy to charge her NP with only a single Arts card.

And she also comes equipped with an invincibility buff for herself, and invincibility pierce for one turn only.

When you combine all her skills with a triple Buster deck and a Buster NP? Well, needless to say that she’ll lay waste to any Lancers that stand in her way.


3. Super Orion (Archer)

Super Orion (Archer) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Super Orion is known for one thing and one thing only:

Firing off the biggest Buster crits you’ve ever seen in your life.

Super Orion can buff his Buster cards, plus he can both produce and absorb a ton of crit stars as well.

While his NP is Arts, this is only due to the self-buff it applies to him.

Super Orion’s NP also grants him further buffs and additional crit stars each turn.

If you manage to stack Super Orion’s on-hit attack buff through the use of brave chains, while also buffing him with two Merlins, his Buster crits will do enough damage to take up the entire FGO screen!

While he is in no way a farmer, he excels as a boss killer – and he earns his spot on this list.


2. Gilgamesh (Archer)

Gilgamesh (Archer) Fate/Grand Order sprite

For as long as Gilgamesh has been around, and considering the many rate-ups he’s had, he’s still considered to be the best Archer in all of FGO.

Gilgamesh is a fan-favorite character in the world of Fate.

And the developers clearly had this in mind when designing his kit here.

Gilgamesh’s NP is capable of dealing heavy damage, as most Servants in the game are weak to Enuma Elish.

And Gil is an AOE powerhouse that any Master should be happy about picking up.


1. Arjuna Alter (Berserker)

Arjuna Alter (Berserker) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Arjuna Alter is quite possibly the overall strongest Servant in all of FGO.

His skills are just as overloaded as his damage.

More specifically, he can charge his own NP, buff his own attack, grant himself Guts, regain HP, and buff the crit absorption of his Buster cards.

Not like any of this matters in the slightest, of course!

Arjuna Alter is going to be firing off three NPs, and the mission will be over before you have time to even read the skill description.

With the proper support, he makes FGO unplayable.

With a buffed Arjuna Alter on your side, FGO plays itself. Three NPs is enough to end the life of pretty much any enemies you come across.

That said, he’s incredibly rare. And he has yet to have another rate-up in two years.

While you could get lucky through Guaranteed SSR banners, this will do little to help you increase his NP level (something that’s somewhat needed to ensure his nuke goes off without concern).

If Arjuna Alter ever comes back, make sure you get a copy!

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