Top 10 Best Crit Star Generators in Fate/Grand Order

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Crit stars are a less talked about topic than, say, NP looping a three-turn node or one-shotting a million health boss.

However, crit stars play a pivotal role in dealing huge amounts of damage – and are necessary for glitching out the game with such a large number that you’re forced to reset.

So for this ranking we’ll be looking at some of the best crit star generators out there.


10. Golden Catches the Carp (Honorable Mention)

Golden Catches the Carp Fate/Grand Order CE

This list is really focused on servant crit star generators, so don’t get too confused by this choice to start us off.

But two CEs in particular are just so incredibly powerful that they had to be included here.

The first of these is Golden Catches the Carp available from the Rashoumon event.

When maxed out, this CE will provide the team with 20 (yes, 20!) crit stars upon entering the battle.

This means if you have two of these CEs on your skadi supports, paired with your Mysterious Heroine X Alter or any other boss killer, that enemy is dyyyying!


9. Fragments of 2030 (Honorable Mention)

Fragments of 2030 Fate/Grand Order CE

Another CE here, but hands-down the best crit star generation in the entirety of FGO.

Fragments of 2030 is a must-have for anyone looking to generate crit stars.

A single copy will net the team 8 crit stars per turn!

Considering most of any Servant’s max skilled abilities provide around 14 crit stars per turn, this is pretty decent.

However, a max limit broken copy will provide ten crit stars per turn!

This frees up availability for other damage-dealing CEs for your DPS.


8. Summer Scathach (Assassin)

Summer Scathach Fate/Grand Order sprite

Scathach Summer falls near the bottom of this list for providing decent crit star generation support – but not enough to warrant choosing her over the other Servants on this list.

Assassins in general usually have great crit star support (get used to seeing a lot of them as the list goes on).

Scathach is no exception.

This is because Assassins have a passive ability known as Presence Concealment which increases their crit star generation by a certain amount depending on the grade.

With three Quick cards and a passive that increases her own crit star generation by 2%, Scathach is the welfare crit star generator of your dreams.


7. Mysterious Heroine X (Assassin)

Mysterious Heroine X Fate/Grand Order sprite

MHX does a great job providing your team with crit stars through both her high hit-count face cards and her skills.

With two Quick cards and a second skill star bomb, she can provide excellent crit star generation for the team.

Her third skill, however, is where she really shines.

MHX increases her own crit star generation (and damage) against Saber-type enemies. MHX has always been known as the Saber killer.

So when you’re facing down a horde of sabers, be sure to throw her in the party.


6. Emiya (Assassin)

Emiya Fate/Grand Order sprite

Emiya Assassin is fairly decent at providing the team with crit stars.

With four hits on each of his two Quick cards, his face cards do great at supplying a hefty amount of crit stars.

Should you find yourself lacking, Emiya’s third skill can also drop a fifteen star support bomb just in case.


5. Summer Artoria Pendragon (Archer)

Summer Artoria Pendragon Fate/Grand Order sprite

Squirtoria is probably a Servant you didn’t expect to see on this list – but her double Quick deck is more than enough to supply your team with enough crit stars.

With a whopping four hits on each of her Quick cards, Squirtoria can wrack up the stars in no time.

However, where she really shines is with her third skill.

This skill increases the crit star generation of all male allies by 38% for 3 turns!

She effectively turns the entire party into a crit star-generating machine.


4. Fuuma Kotarou (Assassin)

Fuuma Kotarou Fate/Grand Order sprite

Fuuma is yet another Assassin capable of providing your team with crit stars – but one who focuses on more of a supportive role.

Yes, with three Quick cards and being of three-star rarity, Fuuma is more than capable of dishing out damage with his face cards, or his (hopefully) max-level NP.

Plus his presence concealment A+ passive increases his crit star generation by 10.5%

And his AOE attack down and AOE debuff resistance down for the enemy is great for crippling a tricky opponent.

Not only this, but Fuuma also possesses a targetable Evade that also grants the target increased crit star generation!


3. Okita Souji (Saber)

Okita Souji Fate/Grand Order sprite

Who said only Assassins can be top-tier crit star generators?

Okita’s here to put those naysayers in the dirt!

Okita’s Quick cards hit like an absolute truck.

And with multiple hits on each card, it isn’t challenging to generate enough stars to fuel her next turn.

She is living proof that not all crit generators need to be edgelord Assassins. They can be cute terminally ill swordswomen as well!

Daishouri! *Cough, cough, splutter*


2. Hassan of the Cursed Arm (Assassin)

Hassan of the Cursed Arm Fate/Grand Order sprite

Here we have the free-to-play’s answer to “who is the best crit star generator?”

With a triple Quick deck, multiple hits on each of his face cards, and an active skill acting as a twelve-crit star bomb, Hassan is going to be putting in work for your team.

Even if the rest of your team somehow perishes, his self-crit buff and evade ensure that he’ll get in a few solid hits before being taken down.


1. Jack the Ripper (Assassin)

Jack the Ripper Fate/Grand Order sprite

Is this a surprise to anyone?

Jack is unquestionably the greatest star generator in the entire game.

With a triple Quick deck and seemingly thousands of hits per card, a full brave chain including all Quick cards will yield upwards of 40 crit stars (usually enough to supply the entire team!)

So if your team needs a crit star generator, grab an Assassin.

And if you’re going to use any Assassin, make sure to pick Jack.

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