Top 10 Best Event CEs in Fate/Grand Order

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Event CEs are great due to the fact that they can be max limit broken for free.

For those unaware, the effects of CEs are upgraded once max limit-broken.

While in certain cases it’s better to keep multiple copies of a CE(such as Kaleidoscope) to spread the wealth to multiple party members, almost all CEs are better once max limit broken.

And in this list we’ll be taking a look at some of the best event CEs that you can farm every copy of for free!

Well… unless the shop only holds four copies. In which case you’ll have to pray for a random drop from the event missions.

Hope you brought some Golden Apples with you…


10. Every Craft Essence That Gives Master EXP, Bond EXP, QP, etc

This may be a little confusing, but several event CEs offer benefits to Masters outside of battle.

CEs such as Women of Agartha are gifted to players without the need to limit break them.

Most of these CEs give an additional 50 experience points towards your Master level, or give a small percentage increase to the amount of bond EXP gained after a battle.

All of these CEs are great for farming outside of events. But due to the sheer number of them, we decided to blanket the entry under this rather wide umbrella!


9. Cheer for Master

Cheer for Master is a very versatile CE, since it buffs each of the respective card types by 8%.

This buff proves vital for Servants who rely on multiple card types, such as Emiya and Okita Alter.

And this CE at max limit break also gives the team 4 critical stars per turn.

Think of Cheer for Master as “2030 lite” decreasing the number of critical stars generated in favor of buffing damage instead.

Other CEs, such as C.K.T or Holy Maiden’s Teachings, offer buffs to two out of three card types with higher damage modifiers.

However, for the sake of brevity we’ll only be recommending Cheer for Master here.


8. Heroine Eli-chan’s Adventure

Heroin Eli-chan offers some of the highest percentage buffs in the game.

While other powerful CEs like Joint Recital give 20% buffs to Buster effectiveness and crit damage, Heroine Eli-chan grants a 15% buff to Buster performance and a whopping 25% buff to NP damage.

Heroine Eli-chan was made for do-or-die Buster nukers like Jeanne D’Arc Alter and Cú Alter.

You’ll likely kill your target in one hit, but if you don’t, you better have brought some NP rechargers along with you!


7. Painting Summer

Painting Summer is a great Arts buffing CE for Servants that need a little starting NP gauge.

It dials back its buff from a respectable 15% to 10% for both its Arts buff and NP generation buff, in favor of also giving the equipped Servant 50% starting NP charge.

So Painting Summer is generally great for lower NP level Servants who struggle to loop, due to either damage or refunding limitations.


6. Someday in Summer

Someday in Summer is absolutely a great pick for your Quick NP damage-dealers.

This CE not only increases Quick damage by 10%, but also NP damage by the same amount when max limit broken.

The starting 50% gauge is also useful, and allows Quick loopers (such as Space Ishtar or Kama who come with a built-in self 50% NP battery) to maximize their damage, as opposed to using something like Kaleidoscope.


5. Holy Night Dinner

Holy Night Dinner is a jack of all trades CE that works well on almost any damage dealer.

With a starting NP charge of 50% alongside a buff to both critical and NP damage by 15%, any nuker looking to finish a fight in one turn will benefit from equipping Holy Night Dinner.

While Holy Night Dinner is a relatively old CE, it still holds up as a great option for those lacking something more powerful.


4. Golden Carp Figure

Golden Carp Figure starts the equipped Servant with 0% NP.

This has become the gold standard for the lowest starting NP charge a decent CE should give.

However, when max limit broken, Golden Carp Figure grants the team 30 critical stars on the first turn!

With two of these equipped, you can start a battle already holding 60 critical stars!

This is more than enough to buff up your Super Orion to ungodly levels and fire off some Buster crits as soon as you enter the fight.


3. Aerial Drive

Aerial Drive is the premier Buster buffing CE.

This CE buffs both Buster effectiveness and NP damage by 10%, while also providing the standard 30% starting gauge we have come to expect at this point.

These qualities all provide the equipped Servant to fire off some heavy damage-dealing nukes when using their NP. And if you use a support Servant to buff them even further, not much will be able to stand in your way.


2. Royal Icing

Thanks to Castoria, many Servants don’t need a starting NP charge, and they can loop their NPs using only the two 50% batteries from each of your support Servants.

This makes Royal Icing superior to other CEs like Painting Summer or Dive to Blue (which offer less damage with the bonus of 50% starting NP charge), as you can trade in the starting NP gauge for even more damage.

While a max limit broken Black Grail is still favored when using this method, if you’re struggling to reach 100% charge the following turn, Royal Icing provides the buff to your Arts effectiveness in order to keep looping.


1. Golden Sumo Wrestling ~Rocky Arena~

FGO really loves to give Kintoki incredibly powerful CEs, don’t they?

Golden Sumo increases the equipped Servant’s attack by 15%, while also giving them a starting NP charge of 50%.

This may not seem like much on paper.

But having such a huge buff applicable to any damage dealer makes Golden Sumo one of the highest utility CEs in the game!

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