Top 10 Best Extra Class Servants in FGO (Ranked)

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The Extra Class in FGO is compromised of the following Servant types:

  • Ruler
  • Avenger
  • Moon Cancer
  • Alter Ego
  • Foreigner
  • Pretender (JP only as of this writing)

With such a variety of classes, each with its own specialized niches, it can be difficult to rank the Extra Class as a whole.

But there are certain servants who stand head and shoulders above their peers – and it’s these special units that we’ll be looking into a bit deeper.

So let’s dive into some of the better Extra Class Servants and see what makes them stand out.


10. Jeanne D’arc Alter (Avenger)

Jeanne D'arc Alter (Avenger) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Jeanne may have fallen out of favor in recent years – but that doesn’t mean she can’t still bring the hurt when called upon.

With the rise of multiple break bars and multiple wave quests, Jalter’s quick burst damage just couldn’t get the job done anymore when it came necessary to loop one’s NP.

However, her damage is still as high as ever.

And should you have a tricky boss battle with only a single HP bar, feel free to slap Merlin’s buffs onto Jalter and get to work.


9. Okita Alter (Alter Ego)

Okita Alter (Alter Ego) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Okita Alter is your typical Buster beat stick.

Primarily used for cavalry farming, Okita Alter shines in nodes mixed with Riders, Casters, and Assassins.

Okita Alter has little use outside of her farming role – but her buff on JP helped her increase that farming potential albeit by a small margin.

Still, Okita Alter (when paired with the right supports) can farm just like the rest of them.

Plus, that design is just… *Mwah* Magnifique!


8. Sherlock Holmes (Ruler)

Sherlock Holmes (Ruler) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Sherlock lands on this list due to being a great Ruler in general – and not simply because of the pivotal role he plays in the recent Lostbelt storyline of FGO.

His skills are simple consisting of an enemy NP seal, producing and absorbing some critical stars, and an Arts buff paired with an evade.

However, when it comes to Sherlock’s NP, things get very interesting.

Sherlock’s NP reduces enemy defense for 3 turns, grants allies ignore invincibility for three turns, and also gives the party ignore defense for three turns.

All of these effects result in your damage-dealers running riot with high health enemies!

Sherlock may not be the absolute best Extra Class servant out there – but it’s elementary why he had to make the list!


7. Sesshoin Kiara (Alter Ego)

Sesshoin Kiara (Alter Ego) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Kiara has fallen out of favor over the years, especially thanks to her stylized Summer Moon Cancer form.

However, this version of Kiara comes with a slew of self-buffs and a 50% battery.

It takes a little extra love to make Kiara’s NP looping viable. But her battery makes it much easier to slot her into potential cavalry node farming compositions.

Show Kiara some love, and if you’re lucky, she may show some back.


6. Katsushika Hokusai (Foreigner)

Katsushika Hokusai (Foreigner) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Hokusai is an Arts-focused damage-dealer capable of inflicting massive AOE damage with her NP.

Additionally, said NP can also inflict Arts-resistance down onto enemies – making it viable to fire off as many Hokusai Kanagawa Waves as possible to maximize your damage!

Hokusai isn’t really viable for looping. That’s not to say that it’s impossible, but there are a plethora of better options available.

However, as a Foreigner, she gains a rare resistance to Berserker enemies.

And that makes Zerk-heavy nodes a walk in the park for this painter.


5. Meltryllis (Alter Ego)

Meltryllis (Alter Ego) Fate/Grand Order sprite

When it comes to Alter Egos, none do it quite as well as Meltryllis.

Primarily a Quick-based damage-dealer, Melt first made her appearance as one of three “sakura faces” during FGO’s C.C.C event, alongside everyone’s favorite kohai BB, and everyone’s favorite masochist Passionlip.

Melt had always been strong with a kit allowing her to both buff her own damage, debuff her enemies, and stay alive.

But she was never considered a top-tier must-have unit.

However, after Skadi arrived on the scene (along with Melt’s much-needed buff) she has transformed into a boss killer the likes of which we’ve never seen before!

Being able to now buff her NP by 30% without delay, Melt can quickly dispatch most cavalry class enemies standing in your way.


4. Summer BB (Moon Cancer)

Summer BB (Moon Cancer) Fate/Grand Order sprite

This may be a somewhat controversial pick. But as the FGO Servant pool expands and units become more power-crept, Summer BB will remain relevant for having one of the most unique and game-breaking abilities in all of FGO.

Summer BB’s claim to fame is her ability to lock your face cards for three turns.

This doesn’t sound very impactful. But when you come across your first multiple break bar challenge quest, you’ll see how powerful she becomes.

Certain servants (such as Super Orion) rely on their face cards to deal massive critical hit damage.

However, if you whiff your roll and fail to draw a Buster card, then all your cooldowns and crit stars will have gone to waste.

By resetting a Challenge Quest node (which usually only costs around 5AP) until you get the perfect starting hand, Summer BB allows you to lay waste to any foe that stands in your way.


3. Shi Huang Di (Ruler)

Shi Huang Di (Ruler) Fate/Grand Order sprite

What do you get when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

You get a man-moth hybrid, of course!

Shi Huang Di is perhaps the tankiest Servant in FGO.

Let’s break down what makes Shi Huang Di such an effective meat shield.

Shi Huang Di’s skills are incredibly overloaded.

His first skill reduces enemy NP charge as well as enemy defense.

His second skill has a 70% chance to stun all enemies, and increase his own attack for 3 turns.

And finally, his third skill charges his own NP by a whopping 50%, cleanses ALL his debuffs, and restores HP.

As if that wasn’t enough, his borderline broken NP also gives himself invincibility for one turn, as well as a taunt!

All of these attributes coupled with the Ruler class’s natural bulk and resistances mean he will be staying on the field for a very, very long time.


2. Edmond Dantes (Avenger)

Edmond Dantes (Avenger) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Edmond Dantes once stood at the very top of the farming meta. And while he has been replaced by another Avenger (which we’ll talk about shortly) this in no way means Dantes himself has been made obsolete.

After Skadi dropped into the game and revitalized the FGO Quick meta, three-turn looping became all the rage.

And none did it better than Edmond Dantes.

What made Dantes so great was that he could loop on virtually any enemy type without having to worry about class matchups.

As an Avenger, he only deals neutral damage to most classes – but is granted the increased attack damage that comes with his own class.

If you missed out on Castoria but have a Dantes around NP3 or higher, you can Quick loop until the server shuts down.


1. Space Ishtar (Avenger)

Space Ishtar (Avenger) Fate/Grand Order sprite

What makes Space Ishtar better than a servant like Dantes is simply due to the accessibility of her looping strategy.

To loop with Dantes you’ll need a Kaleidoscope (preferably MLB) and at least NP3 to be able to farm without worry.

Space Ishtar, on the other hand, requires no starting NP CE due to her own NP battery, and can even use Black Grail to increase her damage even further!

What also makes Space Ishtar so notable is her ability to switch her NP type.

In a game that’s 90% farming, having a powerful servant that can farm in any Quick, Buster, or Arts meta is a godsend.

If you have a strong Space Ishtar (NP2~ or higher) then you don’t have to worry about farming until the fabled fourth card type eventually releases in FGO2.

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