The Best Mystic Codes in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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Mystic Codes are a great addition into the FGO Universe.

For a game that wants to immerse each and every player as the Master of their own respective Chaldea, giving us an ability to use in battle to power up our servants is not only canonical to the lore of the game – but it makes us feel like we’re a part of the fight as well!

Mystic Codes comes in various shapes and sizes, and we’ll be looking at some of the best ones in this ranking.

And we’ll be focusing more on their skillsets here, rather than their aesthetics.

That means no Brilliant Summer just because you like the way your character looks in a bikini!


10. Fifth True Theoretical Factor Environment Purpose Chaldea Uniform

Fifth True Theoretical Factor Environment Purpose Chaldea Uniform Fate/Grand Order Mystic Code

FTTFEPCU should be relegated to the subs bench for that name alone!

Unfortunately, this Mystic Code’s power is too strong to overlook.

This Mystic Code provides a nice Buster buff to the party, while also giving one of the team NP charge and increased NP generation.

It also grants one ally a healing regeneration buff which can help you survive over multiple turns.

All in all, this is a great Mystic Code that loses points for being so darn difficult to say.


9. Ceremonial New Year

Ceremonial New Year Fate/Grand Order Mystic Code

Do you want a party-wide NP damage buff to help you make the most out of all your MLB Kaleidoscopes? (which you all most certainly have)

Yes, please!

How about an NP battery and a crit star bomb to clean up any remaining enemies with face cards?

Sure, why not?!

Finally, let’s throw in a max HP up to tank out the last few hits from that pesky boss.

Sign us up!


8. Tropical Summer

Tropical Summer Fate/Grand Order Mystic Code

This one’s a little niche, but Tropical Summer is great for Arts teams.

A combined Arts and NP damage buff on skill one are delectable in and of itself – but when combined with an Arts star magnet and a slight NP charge, this Mystic Code excels!

And this also increases buff removal resistance to help you stave off annoying enemies who seek to ruin your three-turn farming.


7. Mage’s Association Uniform

Mage's Association Uniform Fate/Grand Order Mystic Code

The Mage’s Associate Uniform is, more often than not, used for only one of its skills.

Sure, the party-wide HP recovery is nice. But the ability to reshuffle your face cards is gimmicky and unreliable.

No, the Mage’s Associate Uniform is used to top off your kaleidoscope servants with that oh-so-sweet 20% NP charge!

Servants like Skadi need to retain their 50% batteries for turns two and three. So those without a limit broking KScope will find themselves stranded at 80% NP charge.

Sure, you could use the plug suit to swap in a charger.

However, this defeats the entire purpose of efficient three-turn farming by tapping as few buttons as possible!


6. Anniversary Blonde

Anniversary Blonde Fate/Grand Order Mystic Code

Do you like Buster servants?

Do you like Buster servants that crit?

And instead of planning your next move accordingly, do you like to throw your face down onto your phone screen?

Then do we have a Mystic Code for you!

Anniversary Blonde is a Buster crit team’s match made in heaven. With a Buster up buff, a crit star bomb, and a one-turn Guts, Anniversary Blonde was made for your glass cannons to shine.

Pair this Mystic Code up with someone like Merlin and watch your enemies melt away.


5. Arctic Region Chaldea Uniform

Arctic Region Chaldea Uniform Fate/Grand Order Mystic Code

The Arctic Region Chaldea Uniform is packed with so many skills that we probably can’t even cover all of them here in detail…

Let’s go through them rapid-fire style!

Skill one recovers one select servant’s HP and also purges them of all debuffs.

This is a great support skill, and can help you out in some tricky situations.

Skill two is a one-turn attack up coupled with a one-turn NP damage up buff. This is perfect for laying down some heavy damage in a brave combo with your main DPS servant.

Finally, the third skill is a one-time evade that lasts for three turns.

As you can see, the Arctic Region Chalde Uniform is a well-rounded Mystic Code that provides a little bit of everything.

It doesn’t excel in damage dealing or support – and other Mystic Codes should be taken when requiring specifically these playstyles.

However, for those in the market for a little from column A and a little from column B, the Arctic Region Chaldea Uniform is perfect.


4. Atlas Academy Uniform

Atlas Academy Uniform Fate/Grand Order Mystic Code

The Atlas Academy Uniform is a great supportive Mystic Code – and it’s one that’s criminally underrated.

By providing a select servant with invincibility for one turn, as well as cleansing a servant’s debuffs, the Atlas Academy Uniform has great defensive capabilities.

It also has the unique skill of reducing a servant’s skill cooldown by two turns.

This is great for a servant like Merlin whose party-wide invincibility skill is indispensable.


3. Fragment of 2004

Fragment of 2004 Fate/Grand Order Mystic Code

Fragment of 2004 does what Nero Bride doesn’t!

Joking aside, Fragment of 2004 is a great alternative for anyone lacking in the elusive bridal Saber.

A targeted NP generation buff is pivotal for some servants in allowing them to three-turn loop.

Not only does Fragment of 2004 grant this buff, but it also increases NP damage for one turn as well!

It also has a crit absorption buff for Buster cards – but that’s a little too niche to be helpful in most situations.

Still, for those looking to farm but need an extra little something-something to push their damage and NP gen over the edge, Fragment of 2004 may be just what you’re looking for.


2. Mystic Code: Chaldea

Chaldea Fate/Grand Order Mystic Code

This is the starting Mystic Code given to all new masters who log in to FGO for the first time.

Usually, in gacha games, the starting supplies are lackluster at best. Mostly to incentivize players to roll for stronger equipment or units using their premium currency.

However, FGO is surprisingly generous with its starting handouts.

Not only is Mash one of the greatest support tanks in the entire game, but the starting Mystic Code also isn’t too shabby either.

With a targeted HP restore, an attack up, and a targetable evade for one servant, Mystic Code: Chaldea should help streamline the early leveling process.


1. Chaldea Combat Uniform

Chaldea Combat Uniform Fate/Grand Order Mystic Code

The Chaldea Combat Uniform, colloquially referred to as the “Plug Suit”, stands head and shoulders above the rest of FGO’s mystic codes for its signature ability.

And this suit offers some great buffs similar to its competitors.

Namely a 30% attack up for the party and a one-turn enemy stun – nothing to scoff at.

However, where the Plug Suit really shines is with its ability to swap a party member on the field for one in the backline.

This swapping mechanic allows for crazy amounts of buffs to go off – excellent for those looking to nuke down an enemy in a single turn.

And it also holds utility for newcomers without decent supports.

By equipping a 75% starting NP gauge CE, boosting up 20% with a support Merlin, then swapping into your Ozymandias for another 20%, you can reach that coveted 100% to use your NP.

I’d say the Plug Suit offers the most flexibility among the Mystic Codes – and it stands unrivaled as the absolute best Mystic Code in the entire game.

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