Top 5 Best Offensive Caster Servants in FGO

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In FGO, casters are usually relegated to the supportive role.

The “Caster-ball” meme is there for a reason, as the offensive capabilities for most of these servants feels lackluster at best.

But there does exist a small subset of casters that don’t conform to all the preconceived notions players have for them.

And in this ranking, we’ll discuss some of the best damage-dealing Casters that you wouldn’t want to pester for a heal!


5. Nitocris

Fate/Grand Order Nitocris screenshot

Nitocris is a great four-star pickup for those looking to make a little QP on the side.

Where “Death” as an ability (the skill allowing for a small chance to instantly kill the opponent) is usually too risky to rely on, Nitocris shines as an AOE Death abuser for both QP doors and EXP hands.

You may need to bring along a backup to clear the silver and gold enemies.

But Nito has got you covered for any bronze trash you encounter until that point!


4. Cú Chulainn

Fate/Grand Order Cú Chulainn screenshot

The story of Cú Caster is a depressing one.

We all received this character after first booting up FGO and reaching that first milestone.

Unaware of what a servant was, we looked him over before leaving him unlocked in our Chaldea. Then, on one fateful night trying to max our newly acquired Heracles, we fed this story-locked servant for nothing more than EXP.

Yes, so many Masters have accidentally foddered their Cú Caster with no means to retrieve him, other than summoning on the forbidden Story banner.

If you’re one of the lucky few to still retain your Cú, he’s going to be incredibly strong!

In about two years…

Yes, with the advent of Buster looping brought about by supportive servants like Koyanskaya (Tamamo Vitch) and Oberon (FGO’s first “Pretender” class), the “Wicker Man!” shall rise again.


3. Anastasia

Fate/Grand Order Anastasia screenshot

Once Castoria releases and Quick Looping becomes a thing of the past, make sure your cobweb-ridden Anastasia hasn’t been too neglected.

She might just hold a grudge.

Anastasia’s Arts-centric kit makes her a powerful farming option for those looking to farm Assassin waves.

Sieg is another potential looper similar to Anastasia, but no one can top the ice queen herself.


2. Summer Nero

Fate/Grand Order Summer Nero screenshot

Summer Nero is your premier “Unga Bunga” Buster nuke, capable of dishing out hefty damage with very little support.

Her skills complement her kit well enough, providing adequate damage buffs as well as a decent NP battery.

Caster Nero also shines against Rulers, funnily enough, with a third skill that increases her damage output against the niche class.


1. Illyasviel von Einzbern

Fate/Grand Order Illyasviel von Einzbern screenshot

Illya is the epitome of damage-dealing Casters – and should be picked up by anyone looking for a Caster that can dish out a powerful punch.

Illya’s self-buff on her skills, and on her NP overcharge as well, makes her an incredibly imposing threat.

Don’t think that just because Illya is a child that she can’t compete with the likes of the rest of the FGO cast.

When she has 100% NP charge, you’d better start running!

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