The Best Quick Servants in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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The Quick Meta is still in its heyday as of this writing. And thanks to Skadi, it’s considered to be the most optimal farming type in the entire game.

Before Skadi, three-turn NP looping was a thing of dreams.

Now that dream has become a reality. Several Servants that were once considered weak due to their reliance on a dying card type, have since catapulted up the tier list.

So let’s take a look at a handful of the best Quick Servants that FGO offers.

We won’t be delving too deep into specific niches, but will instead be focusing on how well each Servant performs in their optimal role.


5. Meltryllis

Meltryllis Fate/Grand Order sprite

Melt is best suited for taking down bosses using the Double Skadi System.

As an Alter Ego, Melt’s claim to fame is being able to have a class advantage against the three Cavalry Servant types.

Melt can take down one stubborn Rider Servant or tackle three tricky Cavalry Servants all on her own!

Definitely pick up Melt to add a little versatility to your boss-killing potential.


4. Mysterious Heroine X Alter (Berserker)

Mysterious Heroine X Alter (Berserker) Fate/Grand Order sprite

MHXA is a boss killer, plain and simple.

She excels in the Double Skadi System. And thanks to her Berserker class damage modifier, she tears through almost any class of enemies.

And MHXA can buff her Quick cards, plus also generate critical stars for the team.

You may wonder why a Berserker (the class with the lowest critical star absorption rate) would have such a skill. Luckily, MHXA also has the skill to lower the star weight of another ally to ensure she gets… at least some of the stars…

MHXA is great for taking on bosses with multiple break bars – since she can fire off several powerful NPs while recharging with critical face cards and support NP batteries.

Plus, she’s a Sith Lord! Need we say more?


3. Jack The Ripper (Assassin)

Jack The Ripper (Assassin) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Jack is not the best farmer, nor the best damage dealer.

With that said, what Jack does well (and was arguably designed for) is generating crit stars.

Her triple quick deck and multiple hits on each of her face cards make maxing out your critical stars a cakewalk.

So Jack is great in any Quick team focusing on critical hits, as she provides necessary support, while also being able to dish out damage as well.


2. Kama (Assassin)

Kama (Assassin) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Kama is arguably the best Assassin in the game.

She excels as a single-target damage dealer, and with the ability to charge her own NP by 50%, she can opt for more of a damage-focused CE as opposed to starting gauge.

Kama can loop her NP very effectively in the Double Skadi System – but relies on getting lucky with her face cards after the first nuke.

Still, for dealing as much damage as she does, we can forgive her for any shortcomings!


1. Edmond Dantes (Avenger)

Edmond Dantes (Avenger) Fate/Grand Order sprite

While other Servants can three-turn loop against the respective class advantages (Achilles, Valkyrie, etc), Dantes’ versatility is what makes him the optimal Quick farming Servant.

As an Avenger, Dantes already has a massive attack stat.

But the ability to buff this even higher with his skills is much appreciated.

He also gains 3% NP charge per turn, meaning that even against low NP gain enemies such as Berserkers and Assassins, he can usually hit that 50% benchmark necessary for looping.

Dantes is the premier farming Servant until Castoria rolls around – so make sure you enjoy him while you can.

He will forever be FGO’s farming king until he is dethroned by the farming Queen.

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