Top 5 Best Tanks/Taunters in FGO (Ranked)

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Tanks and taunters are quite a rare breed.

The meta of Fate/Grand Order is heavily focused on finishing fights as quickly as possible – be it through looping a Servant’s NP or finishing a battle in a single turn.

However, for certain boss fights and challenge quests, having a strong tank or taunter will prove essential!

So we’re taking a look at some of the best Servants that fit into this role. Let’s dive in!


5. GUDAGUDA Poster Girl (Honorable Mention)

GUDAGUDA Poster Girl Fate/Grand Order CE

This may seem like somewhat of a cop-out. But if you look at the title of this list very closely, you’ll notice that the word “Servant” does not appear.

GUDAGUDA Poster Girl is a CE that draws attention to the equipped Servant for 3 whole turns while also increasing their attack.

The great thing about GUDAGUDA Poster Girl is that this CE allows anyone to be a tank!

A three-turn taunt is absolutely incredible for certain fights.

And if equipped onto a Servant with great defensive capabilities or invincibility (but one who lacks a taunt of their own), this CE becomes one of the most highly sought after in the entire game!


4. Passionlip

Passionlip Fate/Grand Order sprite

Despite being only a four-star Servant, Passionlip’s skills make her a great tank and taunter.

She can reduce her own damage taken, increase her defense, and taunt all enemies with her skills (alongside a myriad of other bonus effects).

Her NP also deals considerable damage making her great as both a defensive and offensive option.


3. Mash

Mash Fate/Grand Order sprite

Just because Mash is a free unit doesn’t mean she deserves being ignored.

In fact, Mash is one of the most powerful units in the entire game when it comes to defensive capabilities.

Bound to protect her senpai at all costs, it’s only natural that she would act as a barrier between the Master and harm’s way.

Mash’s skills are all about keeping herself and the party alive. With a team-wide damage cut, a targetable invincibility buff, and a taunt for herself, Mash ensures that no harm will come to her team members.

Mash’s NP, Lord Camelot, also buffs the party’s defense even further!

She truly earns her title as everyone’s favorite kohai.

Sorry, BB…


2. Jeanne D’arc

Jeanne D'arc Fate/Grand Order sprite

As a ruler class Servant, Jeanne already has a huge resistance to most other classes of Servant.

While Jeanne’s skills are great at crippling the enemy, her true potential as a tank is found with her NP.

This grants the entire party invincibility, increases the party’s defense, and removes all the party’s debuffs!


1. Shi Huang Di

Shi Huang Di Fate/Grand Order sprite

This moth man is undoubtedly one of the strongest tanks AND taunters you can get.

Firstly, Shi Huang Di is a Ruler Servant meaning that he takes reduced damage from almost every other Servant class.

Shi Huang Di’s skills are also all designed to keep him alive and reduce incoming damage.

  • His first skill reduces enemy NP charge
  • His second skill stuns all enemies
  • And his third skill charges his own NP by 50% (while also cleansing all debuffs and restoring his own health).

If these amazing skills weren’t enough, Shi Huang Di’s NP applies taunt to himself, allowing him to soak up enemy damage with that tanky Ruler body of his.

However, the cherry cinderblock on top of the brick wall sundae that is Shi Huang Di is that his NP also grants him invincibility for one turn!

This means that moth man can taunt all enemies towards himself and take zero damage from any of their attacks.

Shi Huang Di is not simply the best tank in FGO, and he’s also not just the best taunter in FGO…

He’s the best at doing both of these things simultaneously!

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