Top 10 Coolest Servants in Fate/Grand Order

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The term “cool” is incredibly subjective. And while your argument for why Paul Bunyan should take the number one spot on this list may be compelling, some characters are just, unfortunately, cooler than others.

When we try to define the term, it can relate to servants who are confident in themselves & have animations and personalities to back that up.

So which ones stand out the most in FGO?

Let’s take a look at those Servants who are too coolio for schoolio!


10. Iskandar (Rider)

Iskandar (Rider) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Iskandar, colloquially referred to as “Broskander”, made waves in the FGO community due to his impact on the storyline of Fate/Zero.

Iskandar, to his very last breath, even when up against the unstoppable force that is Gilgamesh, kept pushing forward (protecting Waver all the while).

So he isn’t the best Servant in FGO.

Nor is he even the best Rider.

However, he is the Servant most people would like to grab a beer with if given the opportunity. He’s just that cool.


9. Li Shuwen (Assassin)

Li Shuwen (Assassin) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Old man Li is cool in the same way Master Miyagi from the Karate Kid was cool.

He’s a wise old man with a lot to teach the youth – but is still able to throw down if necessary.

His role in the Lostbelt storyline was brief, but his animations more than make up for his lack of screentime.

There’s just something about an elderly person beating up cocky youths that’s just, dare we say it… Cool!


8. Ozymandias

Ozymandias in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

That’s where it all began… that laugh… that damn laugh!

Ozy is a king – and boy is he going to let you know it.

His boastful taunting will even impact you in the real world, as his voice lines tend to spill over into menus and subsequent battles due to their length.

His attacks are also rather loud. And it seems like Ozy wants to let you know that while you may be his Master, he’s the one in charge around here.



7. Ushiwakamaru (Rider)

Ushiwakamaru (Rider) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

This one may be a surprise, so consider this the wild card of the list.

Ushi is presented as very kind and thoughtful.

She also comes across as a little ditzy and shy at times as well.

However, what cements Ushi as the coolest of the cool is her unyielding moral compass.

As seen in the Babylonia anime, she’s not afraid to charge in to fight a monster (Gorgon) more than twice her size.

Ushi is someone you’re thankful to have around in a pinch – but she can just as easily hang out with you once the battle finishes.

What could be cooler than that?


6. Miyamoto Musashi (Saber)

Miyamoto Musashi (Saber) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Musashi takes this spot (where she otherwise might not have) due to her role in the Shimosa storyline.

Up until Shimosa, Musashi is kind of a nuisance, dropping in unannounced before demanding udon and leaving without a second thought.

However, we eventually get to see the extent of Musashi’s power during her fights with the swordsman.

And seeing her get serious is breathtaking to behold.


5. Artoria Pendragon (Rider)

Artoria Pendragon (Rider) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Naturally, an Artoria had to make this list.

But the difficulty was choosing which Artoria.

Saber is cool at times, but can also be very cute and endearing – especially when it comes time to eat.

Similarly, Artoria Lancer may have matured, but still retains the same Artoria energy we know and love.

Artoria Alter seems like the obvious pick for this list, but we decided to take it a step further.

Artoria Rider Alter is taking this spot due to her personality, design, and that sweet NP!

Leaping atop a motorcycle across the sea before pulling out your rifle and laying waste to some enemies. All while eating a popsicle, might we add!


4. Okita Alter (Alter Ego)

Okita Alter (Alter Ego) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Funnily enough, the only thing that could possibly be considered uncool about Okita Alter is her personality.

Okita Alter is known to doze off (in contrast to her Saber counterpart “Okita” which means “woke up” in Japanese) and often forgets her NP name, instead shouting “something, something Majin-san beam!”

However, from head to toe, Okita Alter has one of the coolest designs in all of FGO.

Couple her design along with her quick and flashy attack animations, and it all makes her one of the coolest Servants that definitely deserves a mention.


3. First Hassan (Assassin)

First Hassan (Assassin) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

In a “strong silent type” kind of way, King Hassan had to take a spot on this ranking.

His role in Babylonia is what cemented him as a fan favorite. And due to his rarity, the desire from Masters to summon him has only increased over time.

Gramps is cool in the same way that your father is cool.

He may not be the most “hip” – but you always feel safe in his company.


2. Edmond Dantes (Avenger)

Edmond Dantes (Avenger) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Dantes is cool in the same way that it’s cool watching your older cousin don his fedora and trenchcoat before heading out to play pretend.

Dantes appeals to the inner edge-lord within all of us, and will forever be cool to the younger generation of FGO players for his dark and mysterious backstory.

Wallowing in moody angst, Dantes is one pack of cigarettes and a katana away from starring in a teenage coming-of-age fantasy novel.

Still, when all is said and done, Dantes’ design (especially in his Monte Cristo Selection outfit) really is pretty darn cool.


1. Gilgamesh (Archer/Caster)

Gilgamesh (Archer/Caster) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Was this ever in contention for being anyone else?

Gil has always been a walking mass of style and grace. And this stays with him throughout his life.

Gil, in his Archer form, is young. And while you can make an argument for his immaturity, this doesn’t change the fact that he’s still ungodly powerful and not afraid to show it!

However, as Gil matures into his Caster form, he transcends to a whole new plane of cool – as he grows into a kind and supportive leader to the people of Babylonia.

Gil, as if epitomizing the journey from “boys have swag” to “men have class”, will forever be the coolest Servant we’ll find in FGO.

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