Top 10 Cutest Servants in Fate/Grand Order

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“Cute” can mean a lot of different things.

“Cute” can refer to adults who are attractive – but can also refer to adorable things to look at such as animals, babies, plushies, and well… anything else that’s cute!

In this ranking we’ll be trying to find a nice mixture of these ideas as we take a look into some of the cutest servants that FGO has to offer.


10. Artoria Pendragon (Saber)

Artoria Pendragon (Saber) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Saber had to make this list in some capacity.

But we decided to relegate her to the bottom spot in favor of including more variety.

That being said, Artoria has plenty of cute moments throughout FGO – and the Fate series in general.

Although less cute on the battlefield, Saber is given time to show her cute side in various Fate spinoffs such as Fate/Grand Carnival and the Emiya Family Menu.

Saber has always been a glutton too.

And watching her face light up when presented with even a simple meal will never get old!


9. Mysterious Heroine X Alter (Berserker)

Mysterious Heroine X Alter (Berserker) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

MHXA tries to strike fear in the hearts of those around her, be it through her persona as a Sith Lord, or her kuudere attitude.

However, we all know that deep down, all she wants is a nice hearty meal.

Yes, it may be uncalled for to include two Artorias here – especially back to back.

But MHXA’s hidden personality, revealed only to the Master, cements her on this list.


8. Okita Souji (Saber)

Okita Souji (Saber) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Okita’s cuteness comes from her otherworldly perky and upbeat attitude (despite suffering from a fatal illness).

Okita has the potential to be very scary with those who threaten the ones she cares about.

However, for our Master, she’s nothing more than a bundle of energy looking to be pampered.

Okita-san Daishouri!


7. Ushiwakamaru (Rider)

Ushiwakamaru (Rider) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Ushi played a vital role in the Babylonia singularity.

But she never really had a chance to showcase her cute side.

This all changed when she was animated throughout various Fate anime series, namely the Babylonia adaptation.

There, Ushi made a name for herself as both a ruthless killer (during her battle against Gorgon, for example) and as a cute girl next door (during her nightly conversation with Fujimaru).


6. Altera the San(ta) (Archer)

Altera the San(ta) (Archer) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Altera doesn’t have much to do in the early segments of the FGO storyline.

She suffers from poor writing as most of the characters and scenarios do in the first few FGO Singularities.

However, Altera found fame from her role in the chibi learning with FGO spinoff series where her emotionless recounting of what constitutes as “Bad Civilization” won fans’ hearts.

We settled on the Santa version simply due to that glorious “MEH MEH MEHHH” NP of hers.

Calling on an army of flying sheep to nuke an enemy to pieces has never been so adorable.


5. Frankenstein Summer (Saber)

Frankenstein Summer (Saber) Voice Lines Cutscene in Fate/Grand Order

Summer Fran is a Servant who must be protected at all costs.

Speaking very similarly to a child, she often converses with the Master using very basic English.

This carries over into her JP dialogue as well, which is written primarily in Hiragana – as opposed to more complex Kanji which she (presumably) would not be able to read.

Summer Fran is very naïve. And it gives the Master a chance to tease her every now and again.

After announcing that she has a Valentine’s present for you, Fran concludes that you must be an Esper for knowing her plan all along.

We repeat: Must protect!


4. Jeanne D’Arc Alter Lily (Lancer)

Jeanne D'Arc Alter Lily (Lancer) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Santa Lily is yet another cute little sister character that must be protected at all costs.

She has a habit of referring to the Master as a reindeer (“Tonakai-san”) and has dubbed you her faithful ally in the creation of a magical Christmas.

Santa Lily is also a lot friendlier than her adult counterpart, who’s just as likely to reprimand you for complimenting her as she is to burn down your house for insubordination.


3. Abigail Williams Summer (Foreigner)

Abigail Williams Summer (Foreigner) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Abigail as a servant is one who has a rough ride in the storyline.

Nevertheless, Fujimaru and co are ready and waiting to take down this Cthulu-Esque Lovecraftian monster!

Abigail falls into the “must protect” category of cute, and is almost like a little sister to the Master.

Also, the reason we’ve selected the Summer version here is due to that adorable pancake song!


2. Da Vinci Lily (Rider)

Da Vinci Lily (Rider) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

After suffering a fatal injury, adult Da Vinci is forced into the afterlife, leaving a backup child-version of herself to take the reigns.

This version of Da Vinci is a lot more jovial and energetic than her adult counterpart.

I mean, Adult Da Vinci was confident in her abilities. And although she may tease the Master at times, she always knew what to do and say.

Her childhood form retains this confidence – but is more braggadocious and playful in her expression of that confidence.

All in all, Da Vinci Lily is almost like having a genius little sister joining you on your perilous journey.

She may technically be superior to you in every way, but you still feel as though you need to protect her.


1. Ereshkigal (Lancer)

Ereshkigal (Lancer) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

When it comes time to discuss Rin-faces, the war is long and paved with blood.

Ishtar vs. Ereshkigal, which side do you rest on?

One thing we can say for certain is that when it comes time to ask “who is cuter?”, Ereshkigal almost always wins the fan vote.

Ishtar is confident, and although she has some sentimental moments, she’s more cool than cute.

Eresh, on the other hand, is a ball of embarrassment. She blushes at a simple compliment.

Her shyness is very endearing – and it’s what made people fall in love with her, despite her having much less screentime than Ishtar throughout the Babylonia story.

Eresh is a very popular grail candidate for a reason. And that’s why she tops this list!

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