Top 5 Most Evil Servants in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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The world of FGO is no stranger to villains.

Several enemies you fight along your journey through FGO’s storyline can also be summoned as playable characters at some time or another.

And we’re taking a look at some of the most evil Servants in the game, based on their role in the story, or their role in other Fate franchise as a whole.

We won’t be talking about hated Servants or NPCs here (we have another list for that!)

So if you were hoping to see entries discussing Medb, Kirei, or, even worse, Mapo Tofu, prepare to be disappointed.

But if you’re ready to delve into the dark side then let’s get started!


5. Moriarty

Moriarty Fate/Grand Order sprite

Moriarty is initially presented as an ally to the players during the Shinjuku Singularity.

However, as we later discover, Moriarty has been split into both a good and evil side.

As you can imagine, someone devoid of any good and filled with pure hatred has to make this list.

And the multiple times he attempts to defeat Ritsuka certainly earns him a spot.


4. Kiara Sessyoin

Kiara Sessyoin Fate/Grand Order sprite

After being summoned, Kiara dials back a lot of her more evil qualities.

However, her role in CCC is what cements her on this list.

Kiara was a Buddhist prophet – but specifically one who was used for her body by a misinformed cult trying to achieve enlightenment.

She grew to hate humans, thinking they were merely controlled by their animalistic urges.

So Kiara attempts to become a god and reduce everyone’s soul to pure bliss. She believes herself to be the only human, and wants to eradicate the world in as “loving” a way as possible.

Never has death by snoo snoo sounded so sweet.


3. Columbus

Columbus Fate/Grand Order sprite

Columbus’ dream was to become rich through slave trading.

He wanted to conquer the female population of Agartha and sell them to the highest bidder.

Columbus has no problem murdering innocents to attain his goal, whether he’s taking out men, women, or children.

After allying with a seemingly good Columbus in FGO, he eventually betrays your group and attempts to kill you using Megalos.

What a nice guy…


2. Gilgamesh (Archer)

Gilgamesh (Archer) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Not to be confused with the more mature and worldly “Caster Gil”, Gilgamesh in his Archer form (and most predominantly, during Fate/Stay Night) is some piece of work.

Gil leans more into his arrogance and bravado in FGO – and is even redeemed by the time you reach Babylonia.

However, for his actions in Fate/Stay Night, we have to place him on this list.

Without getting into spoilers, Gil is a man who has sampled everything the world has to offer.

Now he seeks to find something to keep him entertained. And in this case, it’s the mad ramblings of Kotomine Kirei (another evil character who will likely become a Servant in the future).


1. Gilles de Rais (Caster)

Gilles de Rais (Caster) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Caster Gilles is one of the most evil creations in all of Fate.

He’s described as having lost his morality, and is devoid of any form of sympathy.

Gilles does terrible things to men, women, and children. Stuff that we won’t delve into here (for our sanity).

But trust us when we say that his position in heaven is all but lost at this point.

He enjoys giving his victims a final ray of hope before gruesomely executing them.

Truly, he is a man that’s not simply evil out of a misguided goal, but because he simply enjoys killing.

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