Top 5 Most Hated Servants in Fate/Grand Order

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With such a wide cast of characters on display in FGO, it isn’t surprising that at least one or two Servants may rub some people the wrong way.

This may be for a multitude of reasons.

Whether these characters are designed to be hated through their in-Universe lore, or whether they’ve been branded as villainous by the FGO community themselves, we’ll be ranking the most notorious Servants you can’t wait to burn after summoning.


5. Queen Medb (Saber)

Queen Medb (Saber) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Medb left very little impact during her brief screentime in the 5th Singularity before being promptly killed off and never spoken of again.

And Medb is also very irredeemable, being villainous to such an unheard-of extent that even the most compassionate person would struggle to like her.

This is canonical to her real-world counterpart as a dominator who takes what she wants regardless of the feelings of those around her – but that doesn’t mean we have to like that personality trait!

Additionally, this version of Medb has been written in such a way that most of her character writing boils down to “haha horny hot girl go brrr”.

You’re better than this FGO. A lot better…


4. Nero Claudius (Saber)

Nero Claudius (Saber) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Most people would not outwardly say they disliked Nero per se.

There are certainly people in both camps, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a level 100 Nero on our support list from time to time.

However, Nero has been somewhat over pushed onto the FGO community – and this has resulted in many growing tired of her usual schtick.

Nero currently has the same amount of costumes as best kohai Mash.

And for not being one of the poster girls of FGO, this is seen as unwarranted.

People are still clambering for more Artoria or Rin skins who have impacted Fate as a franchise a lot more than Nero has.

She’s not the most hated Servant of all time. But Nero has definitely become a character that people are getting sick of.


3. Edward Teach (Rider)

Edward Teach (Rider) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Edward Teach (also known as Blackbeard) rose to infamy due to his overt lolicon tendencies.

Naturally, we spared no time in promptly burning every copy we received for what little resources were available!

Edward Teach is branded as a degenerate inside and out – and has become a notoriously hated character in the FGO community.


2. Stheno (Assassin)

Stheno (Assassin) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Stheno is not necessarily hated for canonical reasons.

On the contrary, Stheno can prove very useful in certain fights throughout FGO’s Camelot singularity, due to her charm locking capabilities.

No, Stheno has gained infamy from gacha players across the globe due to her unequivocal desire to spook your rolls!

Stheno is notorious for spooking not only Assassin rolls, but all gacha summons in general (although the Assassin spooks definitely hurt the most!)

We’ve all been in the same situation before:

You’re summoning for Kama and your eyes light up as that silver Assassin card sparks into gold. Your happiness, however, is soon dashed as your fourteenth Rare Mana Prism *ahem* Stheno pops into view.

Truly, there is no one spookier than Stheno.


1. Columbus (Rider)

Columbus (Rider) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Columbus is probably the most-hated character canonically in FGO.

He’s villainous within the FGO storyline, but his treachery moves a step past your typical cartoon bad guy.

Columbus is just the most-hated servant in FGO – and that creepy smile of his only makes us want to punch him more!

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