Top 5 Rarest Servants in Fate/Grand Order

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With a gacha drop rate of 0.7-0.8%, it’s needless to say that every servant (at least when discussing SSRs) is rare in FGO.

However, what we’re talking about in this list are dedicated rate-up banners for specific Servants.

When it comes to limited units, these are not added into the general pool after their campaign finishes. Meaning if you don’t summon them during their rate-up period, you may not get another chance for one or two years (if ever!)

So who are the rarest of the bunch? Let’s take a look at some of these FGO Servants with the fewest rate-up banners across the game’s history.


5. Miyamoto Musashi (Saber)

Miyamoto Musashi (Saber) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Musashi fans will know the pain of trying to summon this evasive Saber.

Musashi’s first rate-up was as the New Year’s servant way back in 2019.

Since then, she has appeared a total of two times on the NA server (JP having an additional rerun as a download campaign that NA may or may not receive in 2022).

Musashi could be acquired through the Shimosa release campaign due to her starring role in the story, and then again during the following New Year’s event when she appeared as a rotating daily pick-up servant.

Outside of this, Musashi has had zero solo rate-ups and can only be acquired through the Guaranteed SSR banner for paid Saint Quartz.


4. First Hassan (Assassin)

First Hassan (Assassin) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Hassan is generally a fan favorite servant because of his role in the Babylonia singularity.

Unfortunately, fans hoping to add him to their Chaldea may be in for a rude awakening.

Hassan’s first rate-up was in January of 2019 for NA users.

We then received a surprise return from Gramps during the 8 Million Downloads Campaign (which many players speculated we may not receive).

To this day, these are the only two dedicated rate-ups for Hassan outside of GSSR paid banners.

If you were hoping to add Hassan to your collection, you may have to wait a long time for his return.


3. Arjuna Alter (Berserker)

Arjuna Alter (Berserker) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Arjuna Alter is arguably the strongest Buster Berserker in the game – and his rarity makes him even more tempting to summon for.

Arjuna Alter’s first banner was during the Yugakshetra Lostbelt release alongside Karna.

Since then, he has had ZERO other rate-up banners outside of paid GSSRs.

The reason we’re placing Arjuna Alter slightly mid-to-lower on this list is due to the fact that he’s still a relatively new servant.

But regardless, if you want Arjuna Alter, pray your Berserker GSSR bears fruit!


2. Asagami Fujino

Asagami Fujino Fate/Grand Order sprite

Fujino is infamous for being difficult to obtain.

Until recently, Fujino was considered to be the rarest gacha servant of all time, having only ever had one rate-up over the course of the entire game!

Luckily, Fujino finally received a rerun during the 2021 JP Summer event, giving hope to those on the NA server who didn’t manage to summon her during The Garden of Sinners event.


1. Angra Mainyu

Angra Mainyu Fate/Grand Order sprite

Angra Mainyu is both one of the easiest servants to obtain, and one of the most difficult.

Angra is obtained not through the illustrious Saint Quartz gacha, but instead through the Friend Point summon.

This is where Angra could be considered relatively simple to obtain.

After all, FP is a free resource that accumulates over time. Surely after saving millions upon millions of FP, Angra will drop in the FP gacha eventually right?


While no official number or percentage has ever been given to Angra’s drop rate, fans have speculated it to be much lower than a typical five-star (and as FGO veterans will know, that’s already abysmally low).

You may go years never seeing Angra after dumping your whole FP supply, while a new player could grab him on the first multi.

Angra having the lowest drop rate in the game is what cements him as number one on this list.

But why not try one more FP summon just for good measure? You may just get a little lucky.

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