The Best Single Target Archers in Fate/Grand Order

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Archers in FGO typically excel when it comes to dishing out heavy AOE damage.

But there are plenty of single-target damage-dealers out there. And we want to show some love to them as well.

So here’s our picks for the best ST snipers in all of FGO!


5. Chloe Von Einzbern

Chloe Von Einzbern Fate/Grand Order sprite

Chloe is not only a four-star rarity Servant, but also a welfare unit as well – specifically one that’s given to all players who completed her event.

It should go without saying that her inclusion on this list is evidence of her power.

Because for a long time she was considered to be the best welfare Servant in the game.

Chloe’s rainbow buff, coupled with a buff to her critical star generation rate and damage, makes her a heavy-hitting powerhouse who’s also difficult to take down thanks to her evade.

Round off her versatile kit with a single-target nuke of an NP that ignores evasion (and also be NP5 if you fully cleared the event), and Chloe is one Archer you do not want to mess with.


4. Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane Fate/Grand Order sprite

Calamity Jane is a Servant that’s seldom talked about.

And she’s a Servant has a lot more to offer than what you’d think at first glance.

Jane’s kit has a lot of utility attached to it, as she can cripple her enemies with debuffs, and buff herself and the party as well.

Jane’s NP can also be looped when used in conjunction with a few critically stacked face cards and a Skadi buff – so try it out if you get the chance!


3. James Moriarty

James Moriarty Fate/Grand Order sprite

Moriarty is a single-target buster crit machine who uses his skills to buff his attack and critical hit damage.

Firing off a Buster brave chain including Mortiarty’s NP will leave very little standing afterwards.

The only downside to Moriarty is that his kit is intrinsically critical star-heavy.

Not only does he need critical stars to deal damage, but he needs them to activate his second skill as well.

That being said, if you have a team centered around generating critical stars for your Moriarty, he can reach his full potential.


2. Artoria Pendragon Summer

Artoria Pendragon Summer Fate/Grand Order sprite

Squirtoria is your go-to ST Arts looper.

While Squirtoria’s skills provide decent buffs for herself and the party, her claim to fame is her single-target nuke of an NP.

You see, Squirtoria is to Castoria as MHXA is to Scathach Skadi.

FGO veterans should know what this means. But essentially, MHXA is a very powerful boss killer in the Quick meta – while Squirtoria excels in the Arts meta.

You’ll need Arts supports to make Squirtoria reach her full potential.

But if your gacha rolls are blessed and you manage to pull both her and a Castoria, not much will be able to stand in your way.


1. Super Orion

Super Orion Fate/Grand Order sprite

While he may not be able to loop as well as someone like Squirtoria, Super Orion provides a whole lot.

Specifically he can provide the most damage among ST Archers, along with some of the most powerful critical hits in the entire game!

Super Orion’s skills are all about gaining critical stars, absorbing them, and then buffing his Buster performance.

While other Servants have similar skillsets, Super Orion makes a name for himself with his NP.

You see, Super Orion’s NP increases his own attack, and gains critical stars every turn for three turns.

Couple this with a strong Buster support Servant like Merlin and Super Orion’s Buster crits will produce numbers so large that they won’t even fit on your phone screen!

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