The Best Single Target Assassins in Fate/Grand Order

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Skulking in the darkness of the night, Assassins excel at silently taking down opponents while never being noticed.

As you can imagine with such a class name, Assassins are great in one on one combat scenarios – and FGO’s Assassins are no different!

So for this ranking we’ll be taking a look at some of the best ST Assassins that FGO has in its roster.


5. Okada Izo

Okada Izo Fate/Grand Order sprite

This could be considered somewhat of an honorable mention, since even compared to some of the weaker SSR assassins, Okada’s three-star stats struggle to keep up.

That being said, there is a reason why Okada is one of very few limited three-star Servants.

And if you’re lucky enough to have him at NP5, he can still deal massive damage to Rider class enemies.

Okada’s NP can dish out a decent amount of damage – but with two skills that buff his critical strength, and a third that buffs his critical star absorption, his face cards are where the money truly lies.


4. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper Fate/Grand Order sprite

Jack, despite being a very old Servant, is still considered to be one of the best (if not the best) critical star generators in the entire game.

Jack’s skills don’t offer much, as she suffers from the early development and lack of creativity that blights older Servants.

That being said, her NP can still deal great damage with a bonus modifier against female enemies.

But Jack’s triple Quick deck is where she shines – as each card hits five times!

A Quick brave chain with Jack will often provide enough critical stars to fuel the entire party.


3. First Hassan

First Hassan Fate/Grand Order sprite

Hassan is a rare breed, being a Buster-based damage-dealing Assassin.

His triple Buster deck and Buster NP are all testaments to how this Servant was designed to hit hard and hit fast.

Add to this a chance to inflict instant death on opponents and you have a very powerful grandpa on your hands.


2. Mysterious Heroine X

Mysterious Heroine X Fate/Grand Order sprite

MHX is truly a Cinderella story of a Servant.

For a long time, MHX was outshined by her peers who could do everything she could, but more.

A buff to her damage when fighting Sabers did little to justify using her in-game, considering her Assassin class’ lack of class advantage.

However, MHX has been buffed countless times over the years. And now she stands proud as one of the strongest Assassins in the entire game due to the ability to positively destroy Saber-class enemies.


1. Kama

Kama Fate/Grand Order sprite

Was this ever really in contention?

Kama is not only the best single-target Assassin in FGO, but also hands-down the best Assassin in the game.

In most cases, it’s better to bring Kama to farming nodes (as opposed to an AOE Assassin) and bully multiple enemies with her face cards while waiting for her NP to charge.

With a 50% battery to charge her nuke of an NP that will also charm any enemy hit by it, Kama stands out as the most notable assassin to come out of FGO (so far…)

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