The Best Single Target Berserkers in Fate/Grand Order

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Berserkers are often the muscle-bound gorillas of FGO who use their simple but effective kits to dish out as much damage as possible.

Focusing all of one’s power on a single enemy will only deal even more damage – and that’s what these Servants in our ranking excel at.

Whether you’re in need of an ST nuker capable of killing an enemy in one swift blow, or a sustainable damage-dealer who can stick around in extended fights while inflicting a steady stream of damage, we’ve got you covered.


5. Vlad III

Vlad III Fate/Grand Order sprite

Vlad is yet another king of spooks, who most players would be fairly upset to see ruining their rolls.

His damage pales in comparison to other Berserkers – and his skills do not make up for this.

But once Castoria rolls around, Vlad becomes your go-to NP spammer who can loop multiple NPs in a single battle.


4. Sakata Kintoki

Sakata Kintoki Fate/Grand Order sprite

Kintoki’s skills are quite simple. But these skills pair very well with how you should be using him.

Namely as a self-proclaimed beat-stick!

Kintoki can buff his attack and charge his NP by 50%, while also increasing his own debuff resistance for three turns.

Once charged, his NP will deal huge damage to a single enemy that ignore defense buffs, and can stun on overcharge!


3. Heracles

Heracles Fate/Grand Order sprite

When starting up FGO for the first time, you’ll be instructed to perform a tutorial summon.

While you can summon SSRs during this multi-roll, Lord knows how long this will take!

What you may want to consider, however, is resetting the guaranteed four-star you’ll acquire and rerolling to pick up Herc.

Herc is such a strong Servant because of his defensive skills and massive damage.

And he becomes even stronger when you use him with his bond CE – which means you want to start playing with him in your party as early as possible!


2. Cú Chulainn Alter

Cú Chulainn Alter Fate/Grand Order sprite

Cú is such a strong Berserker and definitely a Servant worth adding into this ranking – mostly thanks to his triple Buster deck and Buster NP.

When starting out FGO, with no Servants in your possession to speak of, a support Cú Alter will likely carry you through the early game pretty well.

Before fights start becoming a little more difficult (basically requiring some level of strategy), Cú absolutely steamrolls everything that stands in his way!

His massive damage and defensive abilities including an Evade and a Guts that make him incredibly strong, and near impossible to take down.


1. Mysterious Heroine X Alter

Mysterious Heroine X Alter Fate/Grand Order sprite

While Cú Alter provides better base damage than MHXA in almost every regard, there is something MHXA can do that Cú can’t…


When placed into the double Skadi system, MHXA becomes a boss-killing nuke capable of firing off multiple NPS in a fight.

Plus MHXA provides decent star generation, and a star bomb as well, making her fully-charged critical Quick cards helpful to recharge her depleted NP in no time.

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