The Best Single Target Casters in Fate/Grand Order

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Ooh boy, damage-dealing Casters are a rare breed.

Even within the small subset of Caster Servants known for their ability to deal out a strong hit or two, most of these fall into the AOE category.

However, there’s an even smaller group of single-target Casters out there – and if you really love the class, these will satisfy your need to take out lots of enemies.

So let’s check out some of the better ST Caster Servants you can run with.


5. Shuten-Douji

Shuten-Douji Fate/Grand Order sprite

Shuten, despite being a welfare Servant, is still very powerful.

Her skills revolve around buffing her own Arts and Buster damage, while also crippling the enemy with debuffs.

This allows you to fire off a powerful NP that can also ignore evasion and inflict poison on overcharge!


4. Circe

Circe Fate/Grand Order sprite

Circe is great for taking down low-level enemy bosses, due to her ability to effectively fire off multiple NPs.

Her skills come with a myriad of effects: from inflicting poison to reducing defense.

But her first skill, however, charges her NP by 120%. And this is definitely the one you want to level first.

Her NP also inflicts Pigify, which has a similar effect to Stun on certain enemies.


3. Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba Fate/Grand Order sprite

Queen of Sheba is a hybrid support Servant and damage dealer.

She can buff the party’s Arts and Buster performance, while also providing 10 critical stars to the team.

Round this off with an NP that can debuff opponents on overcharge and you have a great single-target Caster on your hands.

Give her a try and you might be surprised what you think.


2. Xuanzang Sanzang

Xuanzang Sanzang Fate/Grand Order sprite

One of the earlier GSSR banners in FGO was heralded to be the best option, as it guaranteed you either Waver, Tamamo, or Xuanzang.

But this banner was considered so great mostly due to the inclusion of the first two Servants, and the 66% chance to get either of them.

With that said, Xuanzang is by no means useless.

And what she lacks in the supportive capabilities of a Tamamo or a Waver, she makes up for in hard-hitting damage!

Xuanzang’s skills buff her own damage and NP, while also taunting enemies to draw attention away from your more fragile Servants.

She makes for a great tanky support Servant who can also dish out huge damage with her Buster NP.


1. Illyasviel von Einzbern

Illyasviel von Einzbern Fate/Grand Order sprite

While discussing the topic of single-target Casters in FGO, a lot of reaching needs to be done to justify using one over another Servant.

In most cases, even when farming Assassin nodes, a Berserker or Alter Ego Servant will satisfy your need to deal damage much more efficiently.

However there’s one exception to this rule: Illya.

Illya can use her skills to buff her Buster damage and NP generation.

She also has an invincibility buff to keep herself alive, and a targetable Guts for one party member.

But her NP is where she really kicks into gear – as this deals massive damage to a single target, with the chance to reduce both the enemy’s attack and defense.

If you really want to include an ST Caster on your team for whatever reason, Illya is pretty much the only option you have!

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