The Best Single Target Lancers in Fate/Grand Order

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Single-target Lancers are not as common as you may think.

While there are certainly some powerful ST Lancers to choose from, Lancers as a breed are few and far between (at least in NA).

And that’ll be our focus for this ranking – so let’s dig into the most powerful ST Lancers you might want to check out.


5. Cú Chulainn

Cú Chulainn Fate/Grand Order sprite

Cú is a three-star Lancer, but one who far surpasses the other Servants who share his rarity.

Cú’s claim to fame is his insane defensive capabilities.

He has an evade which blocks three attacks (as opposed to being turn-based).

Plus he also has a Guts which will revive him with low health when taking fatal damage.

If you juggle these skills well enough, Cú becomes an unstoppable monster that’s annoyingly difficult to take down.

All of this gives you ample time to charge up his single-target Quick NP and hope for the instant death chance to proc.


4. Brynhildr

Brynhildr Fate/Grand Order sprite

Bryn is a great damage dealer who can buff her own power while also crippling her enemies.

Let’s quickly go over what she offers:

Her first skill increases her own Buster and NP damage for one turn.

Then her second skill reduces an enemy’s critical attack and NP damage.

And her third skill rounds up her versatile kit, with a targeted buff to an ally’s critical star absorption coupled with a minor heal.

Bryn’s NP is your typical single-target nuke capable of dishing out massive damage to one unfortunate enemy.

Overall, while she may not be the strongest ST Lancer out there, Bryn is still a great pick up for any Master in need of a powerful Lancer.

Because ultimately, Bryn is a great damage dealer who can also support your team decently well.


3. Tamamo-no-Mae Summer

Tamamo-no-Mae Summer Fate/Grand Order sprite

I know Tamamo also may not be the strongest choice from this list.

But what she lacks in overall damage, she makes up for in… fluffiness?

Tamamo makes for a decent support Servant in FGO, since she can increase her party’s damage while also charming enemies and reducing their defense.

Her third skill is also a great self-buff, which she can use to capitalize on her own brave chains when used in conjunction with her powerful NP.


2. Enkidu

Enkidu Fate/Grand Order sprite

Enkidu is the master of soloing content.

His skills help him to stay alive for a long time, since he can both cleanse his debuffs and recover his own HP.

Enkidu’s NP will also stun the target – immobilizing them for one turn and allowing you another free brave chain.

By stun locking your opponent and keeping your health topped up, Enkidu excels in extended fights like these.


1. Scáthach

Scáthach Fate/Grand Order sprite

Scáthach is a fairly rare servant who has only received a few dedicated rate-ups throughout FGO’s entire history.

This means that, if you don’t plan to gamble for her on a Guaranteed SSR banner, you should try and pick her up when you can.

So why is she topping the list?

Scáthach is great for dealing massive damage with her NP, which also stuns the target for one turn.

Her face cards and skills are also great at supporting her quick archetype.

And now, we wait patiently for the bunny skin…

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