The Best Single Target Sabers in Fate/Grand Order

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Pesky Lancer bosses got you down?

Looking to teach those single targets a lesson they won’t soon forget?

Well look no further FGO fans, as we’re ranking the best ST Sabers across every rarity Servant in the game.


5. Katsushika Hokusai

Katsushika Hokusai Fate/Grand Order sprite

Hokusai is a four-star welfare Servant.

And while this might make you wonder how powerful a free unit can really be, we would like to direct your attention to everyone’s favorite eggplant before speaking such blasphemy again!

Hokusai is one of the more powerful welfare Servants introduced into FGO. And she’s one who makes a name for herself thanks to a strong single-target Noble Phantasm.

With the ability to not only buff her own Arts effectiveness, but to also charge the said devastatingly powerful NP as well, Hokusai can take care of most Lancer bosses with ease.

While other Arts Sabers do exist (such as Beni-enma), the utility in having these lower rarity Servants at higher NP levels makes them much more viable.


4. Yagyuu Munenori

Yagyuu Munenori Fate/Grand Order sprite

Yagyuu is a four-star single-target Arts Saber – and one of the best at looping his NP without much assistance.

You see, Yagyuu can increase his own critical star absorption and Arts performance through the use of his skills – making it easy to charge his NP with only a few face cards.

His NP does heavy damage, and thanks to his third skill giving increased NP generation and reducing the enemy’s attack, Yagyuu can quickly charge his NP again and fire off another nuke.


3. Sigurd

Sigurd Fate/Grand Order sprite

If you’re in need of a Buster crit monster, look no further than Sigurd.

He excels at both dealing heavy damage to a single enemy, while also helping his team buff him even further.

More specifically, he can increase the critical star generation of a single ally for one turn. This allows that party member to create a ton of stars that Sigurd can then absorb.

Sigurd’s first skill buffs his own critical damage, while his second skill increases his Buster performance.

If everything goes to plan then Sigard should destroy any Lancer with a full NP, max critical strike, Buster brave chain.


2. Okita Souji

Okita Souji Fate/Grand Order sprite

Okita is a great single-target Quick-based Saber, capable of landing devastating critical strikes after a Quick chain – or nuking an enemy with her powerful NP.

As an older Servant, she suffers from the development of similar Servants at the time – as her skills lack the reams of text we’ve come to know from modern-day FGO Servants.

It would be nice if her damage steroid wasn’t linked to her defensive evade, but if you plan on taking out your enemy in one hit anyway, what does it matter?!

Okita does excel in extended fights as well, being able to generate stars for herself and charge her NP relatively easily.


1. Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi Fate/Grand Order sprite

While Okita is perhaps more versatile in an extended fight due to her NP gain and strong critical hit potential, Musashi’s damage is still unmatched when it comes to single-target Sabers.

Musashi possesses a unique skill in which she can double the hits on all her face cards.

This makes charging her NP with a single Arts card fairly reliable when necessary.

That said, Musashi’s main claim to fame is her triple Buster deck and Buster NP, which strips the buffs off of any enemy it hits.

You can then couple her burst damage with an invincibility buff for herself, and an invincibility pierce for her enemy – and not much will be left standing after Musashi is through with them.

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