Best Final Fantasy Waifus: The Ultimate Ranking

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Since its inception in 1987, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy has been at the forefront of the JRPG scene – with each release steering the genre in a new direction.

Throughout all the main titles and countless spin-offs, the series has produced a staggering number of appealing characters. You probably know the main ones like Aerith, Lightning, Yuna, and Tifa, who elicit a bit more than admiration on the part of gamers.

But we all have our video game crushes.

And Final Fantasy is rife with lovely ladies who’ve been carving themselves a cozy home in gamer’s hearts for decades.

Let’s meet some of the best waifus that the FF series has to offer.


15. Chocolatte – World of Final Fantasy

Chocolatte in World of Final Fantasy (Screenshot)

Also known as Chocolina in her FFXIII incarnation, Chocolatte is a quirky inter-dimensional merchant who travels the space-time continuum peddling her wares.

Originally a Chocobo chick who lived in Sazh’s afro in FFXIII, this strong-willed Chocobo was granted a human body by the goddess Etro in FFXIII-2.

I’m listing Chocolatte instead of Chocolina because of her adorable looks and hilarious Chocobo-themed catchphrases.

She’s choco-boco-lovely.


14. Celes Chere – Final Fantasy VI

Celes Chere – Final Fantasy VI screenshot

When we first meet Chere, she’s a prideful character whose honor as a Gestahlian soldier is her most valued possession.

The army is what’s she’s known all her life.

She received a magic infusion, became a Magitek Knight, and fought her way up until achieving the rank of General in the Gestahlian Empire.

That makes it all the more interesting to see her change into a fundamentally good character once she realizes her moral values stand in opposition to what the Empire has become.

She might not be the game’s main protagonist.

But Celes’ critical role in finally bringing down Kefka cannot be overlooked.


13. Lightning – Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII

If you like strong & independent female characters like Celes, you’re bound to love Lightning.

Although she is a divisive main character.

Some see her as just an attempt at creating a female counterpart to Cloud Strife, while others appreciate her unique character traits, including her sharp fashion sense.

I think the results speak for themselves.

She single-handedly carried the entire trilogy on her back, and even found time to model for Louis Vuitton in-between adventures.


12. Fran – Final Fantasy XII

Fran – Final Fantasy XII HD screenshot

Many people can’t separate their hearts from their eyes.

So good-looking characters will always make great waifus.

Fran is the only non-human playable character in Final Fantasy XII, making her stand out among the game’s female cast.

She belongs to the Viera, a race famous for resembling stereotypical bunny girls.

They have bunny ears, wear revealing clothing, and walk on stilettos because of their uniquely-shaped feet.

You can’t ask for a sexier waifu.

But she’s also much more than that. Fran is independent, smart, and graceful beyond belief. Definitely one of the more iconic ladies in the FF franchise.


11. Rydia – Final Fantasy IV

Rydia in Final Fantasy IV

Most Final Fantasy popularity polls tend to be skewed toward the more recent entries in the franchise.

After all, it’s what’s fresh in everyone’s mind.

But for the old bones among us, Rydia is the only sensible choice.

Throughout FFIV we get to see her grow from a traumatized child who had just lost her mother, into a strong but sensible hero willing to work with her mother’s killers for the sake of humanity.

Seeing her develop into such an admirable character is a fast-track way of becoming endeared with the character – which explains her massive popularity among old-school fans.


10. Quistis Trepe – Final Fantasy VIII

Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII

From a very young age, Quistis was recognized as a prodigy.

She became a Blue Mage in no time and got awarded the title of SeeD Instructor at Balamb Garden when she was only 17.

Students at the academy quickly noticed her beauty, grace, and intellect, going so far as to form a fan club.

Quistis is the perfect waifu for anyone with a tendency to be “hot for teacher.” The whip only adds fuel to her dominant image.


9. Rikku – Final Fantasy X

Rikku – Final Fantasy X HD screenshot

I’m all about bubbly and energetic girls.

So if you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate FFX’s Rikku.

Despite having lost her mother in an accident with machina when she was still a child, Rikku harbors an immense interest in machines – and she knows her way around them like the back of her hand.

This is reflective of her positive attitude toward life.

Even when fearful, she has the drive to overcome her inner demons for the sake of those around her.

Her appearance begets a free spirit, but Rikku is profoundly committed to her friends and those who depend on her.

If you wanted a stable yet fruitful relationship, you’d go for Rikku without thinking twice.


8. Terra Branford – Final Fantasy VI

Terra Branford in Final Fantasy VI

If you’ve ever struggled to accept something about yourself that you have no control over, you’ll find a kindred soul in Terra.

As magical powers stemming from Espers were used by the Gestahlian Empire to fuel their war machine, Terra struggled to come to terms with her nature as a human-Esper hybrid.

It wasn’t an easy process, but after protecting a group of children from lethal danger, she finally realizes her powers are only a tool – and what matters is her resolve to build a better future.

Did I mention she can shape-shift into a magical purple hottie?


7. Lulu – Final Fantasy X

Lulu – Final Fantasy X HD screenshot

Despite it being the most advanced and prosperous era in history, the darkness of our world is more evident than ever.

You’d better get a waifu that can help you navigate it.

After losing her beloved Chappu in the fight against Sin, Lulu struggled to rebuild her own life.

For a long time she locked up her emotions, becoming the realistic and pragmatical voice of reason we get to know in FFX.

Still, the kindness of her heart remains. Along with a drive to grow and surpass herself every day.

It’s that attitude that makes her such a good guardian – and a great waifu.

Well, that and the whole “goth gal with a daring cleavage” thing.

Way to appeal to gamers in the 2000s!


6. Freya Crescent – Final Fantasy IX

Freya Crescent from Final Fantasy IX

Here’s one for the furries among us.

I knew Freya way before I played FFIX, thanks to her attractive Dragon Knight design inspiring artists online.

There was plenty of fan-art of this rat-girl floating around in the Wild West that was the Internet back in the 2000s, and I’d saved a ton of wallpapers featuring Freya before I even knew she was from Final Fantasy.

Hers is a story of longing and unrequited love – painfully relatable to many of us.

Still, she also embodies the idea of moving on and living for the future.


5. Aerith Gainsborough – Final Fantasy VII Remake

Aerith Gainsborough – Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshot

You can’t talk about Final Fantasy waifus without mentioning Aerith.

This flower peddler was a major heartthrob for gamers back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

After all, she was Cloud’s love interest – and Cloud was every young RPG gamer’s idol at the time.

But there are many more reasons to love Aerith – and I’m not talking about her ability to speak with the planet. She’s also kind, compassionate, and graceful in a way that inspires devotion.

I’m picking her FFVII Remake incarnation over the original because it puts a more significant focus on her personality, making her more lovable and relatable.


4. Yuna – Final Fantasy X

Yuna in Final Fantasy X HD

One of the few characters who can compete with Aerith in kindness and compassion is Yuna, the real protagonist of Final Fantasy X – and a true hero if I’ve ever seen one.

FFX is all about (spoilers ahead!) Yuna’s pilgrimage to seal the world-ending monster Sin by sacrificing herself.

In a cruel twist of fate, she learns to love life and the world around her during her travels, making the journey all the more bittersweet.

Nowadays, we believe in helping ourselves before helping others.

Individualism is at the core of our society. So a character willing to sacrifice herself for the good of humanity makes a profound impact.

Seeing Yuna grow beyond her duty and self-sacrifice into a full-fledged hero in FFX-2 really seals the deal.

Character development will never stop being sexy.


3. Tifa – Final Fantasy VII Remake

Tifa – Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshot

I’ll be honest with you:

The only reason why Tifa isn’t at the top is that she’s the obvious choice, and my mission is to show you something new here.

Still, I can’t deny Tifa’s massive appeal – or the love that so many Final Fantasy fans have for the cutest eco-terrorist in gaming.

It’s also tough to find just one thing that defines her.

She’s the hot girl next door, the brave freedom fighter, and the kind and caring childhood friend – all in a single package.

She’s the definition of waifu material.


2. Cindy Aurum – Final Fantasy XV

Cindy Aurum from Final Fantasy XV

People are often dismissive of Cindy as a character because of her sculptural looks.

Indeed, Cindy is probably the hottest character ever made for a Final Fantasy game – but she’s much more than that.

This industrious gal worked herself to the bone expanding the Hammerhead body shop business all over Lucis – and she’s probably the most skilled mechanic in the world of Eos.

Cindy’s positive outlook, car-customization skills, and burning hot ‘bod all sound like excellent traits for any waifu.


1. Agrias Oaks – Final Fantasy Tactics

Agrias Oaks – Final Fantasy Tactics screenshot


I’d be surprised if you weren’t.

After all, Agrias isn’t such a well-known character. Final Fantasy Tactics is not really a game for everybody, and you definitely wouldn’t go there looking for a waifu.

But sometimes, the waifu finds you.

I just can’t get enough of Agrias’ no-nonsense attitude, her pride as part of the Lionsguard, and her sense of responsibility.

You guys can keep your flower merchants and well-endowed goth mages.

To dedicate my life to honor and duty next to my darling Agrias, that’s my personal final fantasy.

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