20 Coolest Final Fantasy Weapons: Ranking The Most Iconic Of All Time

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Fans love FF games for the absorbing universes, detailed worldbuilding, memorable characters, and of course the beastly weapons.

After all, what is Cloud without the Buster Sword? Or Squall without his Revolver Gunblade?

The exciting mixture of blades, magic, and sci-fi that permeates Final Fantasy has created some of the coolest weapons in gaming, as well as the most iconic.

If there’s something you’re sure to find in any FF release, it’s interesting weapons. From giant swords to underwater soccer balls, here are our top picks for the coolest weapons in the entire franchise.


20. Zantetsuken

Zantetsuken Sword

One of the most powerful and recognizable recurring summons in the Final Fantasy franchise is Odin, a diabolic armored warrior loosely based on the Norse god of the same name.

He’s always seen riding his steed, Sleipnir, and wielding Zantetsuken – which is both the name of his sword and his most powerful move.

The sword’s name translates to “iron-cutting sword”, implying the blade can slice through metal with ease.

In most games, this means having a serious chance of randomly killing enemies with only one slash regardless of their remaining health.

Maybe it’s not a weapon we can equip, but it’s still awesome.


19. Kain’s Lance

Kain’s Lance Weapon

Few classes are quite as cool as Dragoons, and Kain Highwind from FF4 is one of the most iconic examples of these skilled warriors.

To honor him, a lance bearing his name has made it to several other Final Fantasy titles. You can get it for Freya in the Memoria dungeon from FF9, and it’s one of Fang’s ultimate weapons in FF13.

It’s also a fantastic weapon in Final Fantasy Tactics.

In most portrayals, it looks just as it did on FFIV’s cover, with maybe some minor adjustments.


18. Magitek Armor

Magitek Armor Weapon

Swords and magic are certainly the most common means of combat in the Final Fantasy multiverse.

But they’re hardly the only ones – there’s also Magitek Armor.

Final Fantasy’s power armors were introduced in the opening sequence for FF6, where Terra Branford demonstrates their devastating power while brainwashed by the Slave Crown.

They’re also seen in FF14 as one of the Garlean Empire’s weapons of war (and a sweet mount) and in FF15 as one of Niflheim’s most powerful assets.

While not intended as a reference, Vanille’s Eidolon Hecatoncheir in FF13 can turn into a remarkably similar vehicle.


17. Excalipoor

Excalipoor Weapon

All great wonders in this world will eventually be copied or cloned.

The legendary sword Excalibur is no exception.

But replicas will never match the real thing, and Excalipoor couldn’t be further from it.

Despite looking just like Excalibur – even having the same stats according to in-game menus – this bootleg weapon can barely hurt a slime.

The weapon was first introduced in FF5, where Exdeath’s underling Gilgamesh mistakes it for the real thing and tries to use it to defeat your party in one of gaming’s most awkward battles.


16. Blitzball

Blitzball FF10 Weapon

Another cool item that probably shouldn’t be used as a weapon is the Blitzball – used for playing Spira’s favorite underwater football sport of the same name.

I mean sure, FFX’s Wakka is an expert Blitzball player. And he’s the pride of the Besaid Aurochs.

But bringing a ball to fight monsters doesn’t make any sense.

The game’s reality reflects this, as Wakka’s weapons consistently lag behind the rest of the group’s.

Still, it’s iconic.

And even if it’s not the best, it’s pretty amazing how much can be achieved with just a ball and some skill.


15. Death Penalty

Death Penalty Weapon

The Death Penalty is Vincent Valentine’s rifle in Final Fantasy VII, where it can be acquired in Lucrecia’s Cave along with Vincent’s fourth Limit Break.

This classic-looking weapon is based on the Colt Revolving Rifle, but it’s more than a pretty face.

The more kills Vincent gets with this weapon, the stronger it becomes. That makes it technically all-powerful as long as you keep grinding those kills.

The Death Penalty name has been on many firearms since, becoming synonym with “badass gun”.


14. Mage Masher

Mage Masher FF9 Weapon

There’s something about a down-to-earth rogue shutting up a haughty mage that’ll always make me smile.

And the Mage Masher is here to do just that.

First seen in FF4, the Mage Masher has the power to inflict Mute on wizards to stop them from casting spells.

Most knives in FF are weak, but not this one.

It has become a returning weapon throughout the series. And it was even added to the original Final Fantasy in some remakes.

Its most iconic incarnations are Zidane Tribal’s signature twin blades from FF9. A very similar design can be bought as DLC for FF15.


13. Tournesol

Tournesol Sword

Great stats and unique design come together in the Tournesol, the most powerful Greatsword you can get in FF13.

Its beautiful undulating blade has enigmatic inscriptions on the side. Which, coupled with the sun/moon motif on the handle, makes it feel like a mythical weapon.

It’s pretty hard to synthesize, but it’s worth it.

Vaan isn’t my favorite protagonist in the franchise, or even close. But with this weapon, even he looks truly badass.

You can also see the Tournesol as one of the fake weapons wielded by Gilgamesh in FF14, and it’s a great asset to have in FFT Advance 2.


12. Lightbringer

Lightbringer FF11 Sword

A holy sword is a must-have in any Paladin’s arsenal, and Lightbringer is the best there is.

It’s one of the most potent weapons ever seen in the series, surpassing even the Ultima Weapon in FF6.

Obtaining it was fittingly challenging, as you had to bet the already precious Ragnarok in the Dragon’s Neck Coliseum and win.

This weapon shares its name with the legendary flaming sword wielded by Azor Ahai in A Song of Ice and Fire, and it’s about as cool.

You’ll also find it in remakes of the original Final Fantasy and some ports of FF4, as well as many spin-off titles.


11. Blazefire Saber

Blazefire Saber Weapon

Lightning is one of the coolest protagonists in the Final Fantasy franchise, and definitely one of the coolest girls in all the Final Fantasy games.

And her weapon doesn’t stay behind.

The Blazefire Saber is a custom-made gunblade that changes forms depending on the wielder’s intent. This is ideal for a one-man-army like Lightning, and it allows her to fight from a distance and at close range with just one tool.

This gunblade even made it to FF14, and you can get two of them for Noctis as FF15 DLC.


10. Lulu’s Dolls

Lulu’s Dolls Weapon in FF10

Few things are as fun as watching an adorable, cuddly doll crush a foe several times its size, like a Behemoth or a Great Marlboro.

Lulu’s Dolls from FF10 come in many shapes, including Moogles, Cactuars, and even an Onion Knight.

The Onion Knight is considered a Celestial Weapon and one of Lulu’s best weapons.

Among other things, it can break the game’s damage cap after a couple of upgrades.


9. Save the Queen

Save the Queen Sword

Save the Queen is the name of an elegant, somewhat feminine blade that’ll bring down the heavens’ fury to protect its wielder.

It was first featured in FF4 as Celes’ most powerful weapon. And it has returned several times since in the hands of resilient warriors, like FF13’s Snow and the beastly General Beatrix from FF9.

Considering Beatrix is the general of an all-female army serving under a queen, this sword couldn’t have been more appropriate.


8. Masamune

Masamune FFXII HD Weapon

Few names are as famous in the world of smithing as the fabled Japanese swordsmith Masamune Okazaki, credited with forging the best Katanas the island nation had ever seen.

With time, his name has become synonym with powerful swords.

Including the Masamune in Final Fantasy – and more specifically, Sephiroth’s blade in FF7.

This sword is colossal, measuring in at about 10 feet.

Somehow, the white-haired swordsman wields it like it’s nothing. It’s absurd, and that makes it really cool.


7. Revolver (Gunblade)

Revolver (Gunblade) Weapon

We’ve already covered Lightning’s Blazefire Saber. But the franchise’s original gunblade was Squall’s Revolver in FF8.

It’s is the prime example of a gun designed for looks over functionality.

It’d be hard to wield as a sword and impossible to aim with so much weight, but who cares? Squall seems OK with it. And it’s super cool.

The Revolver has since become the poster boy of ridiculous weapons in gaming.

It has also been featured in other franchises such as Kingdom Hearts and, oddly enough, Parasite Eve.


6. Lion Heart

Lion Heart Weapon in FF8

If you didn’t mind the absurdity and thought the Revolver was cool, wait until you see the Lion Heart.

The Revolver is the first weapon Squall gets, but it’s hardly the last.

Lion Heart is his ultimate weapon. And it looks the part.

Its gigantic, bright blue blade is eye-catching, and the addition of several alternate grips shows designers put some thought into functionality – at least at first glance.

And acquiring this weapon will unlock Squall’s ultimate Limit Break – fittingly named Lion Heart.


5. Ragnarok

Ragnarok Weapon in FFVII

Ragnarok, the Norse gods’ apocalyptic war, is given the form of a mighty sword in Final Fantasy.

First seen in FF3, the Ragnarok – also known as the Crystal Sword – is always one of the most potent arms in games where it appears.

This includes classics like FF4 and FF7, and newer entries in the franchise like FF14 (where it’s an axe).

Its most recent appearance is in FF15 as one of Noctis’ one-handed weapons.

It’s designed to fit the character’s modern clothing, and it has a reddish glow that looks quite futuristic.


4. Brotherhood

Brotherhood Weapon

Many weapons on this list have built their fame throughout several games released throughout the years.

But Brotherhood is different.

This weapon is synonymous with FFX, and the invaluable memories fans made while playing this fantastic game.

Not only that, but the actual blade is gorgeous.

The crystalline material is reminiscent of clear seawater, and the hook at the end of the edge is something you’d love to have at sea.

It’s easily one of the most recognizable swords in the franchise. You’ll see it on promotional material, keychains, tattoos, and the actual box cover art for the game itself.


3. Excalibur

Excalibur Sword

Anyone familiar with King Arthur’s legend and the Knights of the Round Table will know Excalibur – the Knight King’s magic sword granted to him by the Lady of the Lake so he may defend his realm.

There’s no Britain to defend in the Final Fantasy universe.

But the sword keeps popping up in most games.

It’s a blade fit for a knight, and any such character will benefit greatly from seeking it out – especially in the original Final Fantasy, where it’s the strongest weapon.

The antagonist Gilgamesh is often shown to be obsessed with Excalibur, so you’ll probably have to deal with him before you get your hands on this.


2. Buster Sword

Buster Sword in FFVIIR

Everyone knows the Buster Sword.

The image of this gigantic butcher knife of a sword was synonym with RPGs and gaming for the better part of the 2000s, and it recently popped back into public attention with the release of the FFVII Remake.

It’s not Cloud’s strongest sword. But it’s with him in promotional material, concept art, and the game’s cover art to boot.

You’ll also find it hanging from the necks or keys of many enthusiastic fans of that particular entry in the series.


1. Ultima Weapon

Ultima Weapon in FFVIII

The single strongest, coolest, and most long-lived super-weapon of the Final Fantasy franchise has to be the Ultima Weapon, also known as Atma Weapon in FF6.

This destructive force makes it into almost every game as either an optional super-boss, a weapon, or both.

As a weapon, it can also take different forms.

In FF7, it’s a sword, while in Dirge of Cerberus, Vincent’s best handgun bears the Ultima name.

The only thing in common between all of them from all the FF games is that they’re all incredibly powerful.

The Ultima Weapon’s combined appeal as a boss and as equipment makes it easily the coolest weapon in Final Fantasy history.

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