FS19: Best US American Maps Worth Downloading

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Farming Simulator 19 is a dream for those of us who want the pastoral experience, without the hard work or mosquitoes.

While the game includes fantastic locations based on America and Europe, we want more than vanilla. That’s where mods come in.

If you’re on the hunt for some great USA-focused maps, well this list has you covered.

Put on your Komatsu Forestry cap and fire up your John Deere engine. It’s time for some American-style farming.


20. Westbridge Hills

Westbridge Hills mod FS19

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Westbridge Hills was one of the base maps offered with Farming Simulator 13. It has since been ported to almost every subsequent release by either Giants Software or the modding community.

This FS19 version is modernized and outfitted with all of the new features found in this recent game. It’s also ready to be used with the super-popular Seasons mod which will add some dynamism to the game by imitating real-life seasons.

Westbridge Hills is a fictional location.

But it’s supposed to look and feel like a small American mid-west farming town – which it certainly achieves.


19. Calvary Hill

Calvary Hill mod for FS19

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Another fictional map based on the great US of A is Calvary Hill.

Despite the somewhat ominous name, Calvary Hill is a dreamy map for any up-and-coming farmer looking for a scenic place to work the land. Its irregular terrain can be a bit of a challenge at times, but its visual appeal is worth the extra effort.

You’ll also find a greater variety of crops to grow on this map, including clover, alfalfa, tobacco, poppy, and even hemp.


18. Lost Valley Farm

Lost Valley Farm FS19 mod

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I’ve always loved the idyllic pastoral aesthetic you can find in games like Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, and the Lost Valley Farm brings a lot of that to FS19.

There are plenty of trees and scenic hills, and the traditional southern American church overlooking the lake is simply a work of art.

Back to farming-related features, the map is built in a way that’ll force you to upgrade to bigger, more powerful machines if you wish to expand from your starting farm and conquer the steep terrain.

It’s compatible with the most popular mods such as Seasons, Straw Harvest, and MaizePlus.


17. USA Legend

USA Legend Map Farming Simulator 19 mod

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One of the most visually striking maps out there is USA Legend, which isn’t based on a specific location in the US, but rather the whole concept of American farming.

Clear skies, expansive open fields, and a majestic railroad running through it all are what you’ll find when you drop into USA Legend. These large expanses include multi-sized lots ready to grow diverse crops.

After a hard day of farming, there’s nothing quite like looking back and taking it all in.

The map is Seasons-ready, and the train passing through it is 100% functional. It has a silo, and it’s connected to the BGA.


16. Farmersburg, Iowa

Farmersburg, Iowa FS19 mod

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The Farmersburg map is based on a real farmer’s town in the US state of Iowa, right in the heart of the American Midwest.

It’s a modern-looking massive map with lots of storage space, two beef barns, and a dairy barn. The farming fields are laid out realistically, too. So they’re likely to present a more significant challenge but will also look much more natural once they’re full of ripe crops.

While it’s nice to enjoy the green fields and clear blue skies above, the map is also Seasons compatible.


15. Goldcrest Valley

Goldcrest Valley for FS19

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Goldcrest Valley is a revived classic.

This mod was trendy back during the FS17 days. And this updated version brings back much of the same American charm.

Many debates have been had over where exactly Goldcrest Valley is supposed to be located. Some people believe it’s Vermont, as the town name of Maplefield could be a reference to the state’s great maple syrup. Others think the actual vegetation and geology are reminiscent of Oregon.

This map features 31 fields for you to acquire and work. There’s also a fully-functional train and custom traffic and pedestrians to make it feel alive.

You can either start out with the clothes on your back and a run-down truck or choose the New Farmer start, which gives you three fields and some nice starting equipment.


14. Bates Cass County USA

Bates Cass County USA mod FS19

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Our next featured map is a spacious farmland with endless green expanses, punctuated by modern farm structures and framed by some great-looking asphalt.

What makes Bate Cass County shine above its competitors is how realistic it looks.

The layout of the fields and human-made structures look natural.

There’s a total of 80 fields to work on this massive map, where you can grow corn, peanuts, clovers, onions, alfalfa, and even tobacco. There are also some cow pastures and enough place to keep horses, pigs, and sheep comfortably.

It’s most likely based on Bates County, Missouri.


13. Medicine Creek USA

Medicine Creek USA FS19 mod

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One of the most immersive maps on our list is Medicine Creek, a melancholic farmland full of dark green grass and surrounded by trees as far as the eye can see.

The terrain in this map is pretty uneven, and that includes the fields. The jagged angles make for more realistic – and challenging – fieldwork. There’s also dynamic mud in some areas that’ll change depending on the weather if you have Seasons installed.

Both Missouri and Nebraska have at least one waterway bearing the name Medicine Creek. So it’s up to you to determine where you’re shipping your products from.


12. Good Hope Ohio

Good Hope Ohio map mod

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Contrary to the previous entry, we know precisely where Good Hope Ohio’s inspiration comes from.

The author uses Google Maps imaging to re-create a real grain farm near Washington Courthouse, Ohio. They also made sure to make the price of crops on this map reflect what you’d find if you were selling your produce in real-life Ohio.

You’ll find much success growing grain in these parts, though it’s not suited for animal husbandry.

It’s a standard-size map, but it feels much larger due to the map’s open layout. It’s also compatible with the Seasons mod, and it has some interesting features if you have the Global Company script extension, such as a liquid storage silo.


11. Lakeland Vale V3

Lakeland Vale V3 FS19 mod

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Lakeland Vale is an updated and improved map based on Snetterton’s Farm from FS17.

It’s located in the fictional US Lakeland Area, known for its fantastic alfalfa.

The map features plenty of activities ranging from well-paying transport missions to progressively clearing up space around your farm and reclaiming it for more farming space.

You’ll find plenty of unique facilities in Lakeland Vale if you have the Global Company mod installed. These will let you make compost out of fruit, make washed and steamed potatoes, and more.

It’s also compatible with Seasons, the Straw Harvest add-on, and MaizePlus.


10. Upper Mississippi River Valley

Upper Mississippi River Valley mod

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Another superb port of a popular FS17 map is the Upper Mississippi River Valley, where you can farm healthy, robust produce in the lands nourished by the great Mississippi River.

The area is well-known for its vineyards in real life, but in FS19, you can fill it up with whatever grain you like the most.

It also has all the facilities you’ll need for successfully raising cows, pigs, sheep, and hen.

Rather than its technical achievements or size, this map really shines for its beautiful vistas. Tom Sawyer would feel right at home in your riverside farm.


9. Westby Wisconsin Revised

Westby Wisconsin Revised mod FS19

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If you’re into traditional American farming, Westby Wisconsin Revised is a no-brainer.

It’s based on real farmland located in Westby, Wisconsin. Simple, classic, and relatively small in scale, this beautiful map is ideal for those of us who like a challenge but would rather focus on a few crops rather than feeding the entire US with over 9000 fields.

These varied, naturally-flowing fields are crowned by a stereotypical bright red barn that screams “rural America”.


8. Nevada ZA Seasons

Nevada ZA Seasons FS19 mod

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For those farmers out there who can’t stand doing just one thing comes Nevada ZA Seasons, a detailed map based on the author’s family farm where they grew up.

Here you’ll find a lime quarry, four forests with thousands of pines and spruces for logging, and 22 fields able to sustain sorghum, rice, hemp, coffee, hops, rye, and much more.

You can also raise all standard FS19 animals to great success.

What I love the most about this map is the ambient sound. It includes lots of custom birds and other critters, which you’ll hear at different times of the day depending on these animals’ real-life schedules.


7. Farms of Madison County 4X

Farms of Madison County 4X map mod

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Some miles north of Edwardsville – a small city in Madison County, Illinois – you’ll find a collection of beautiful grain farms anyone would love to visit. On this map, you can even work them.

Farms of Madison County is a 4X map consisting of 119 fields – each one with at least one mission to complete. Most are clumped together, much like they are in Madison County’s real terrain. This gives the map a remarkably realistic look.

This massive map houses seven main farms, and it’s perfect for multiplayer.


6. Emerald Coast USA

Emerald Coast USA mod FS19

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Deep in the Southwestern USA lies the Emerald Coast, an idyllic farming region that’s green all-year-round – even with Seasons installed!

On the other hand, you’ll find dynamic mud scattered all over the map, giving the weather a bit more of an impact and making it feel realistic.

The lake will also freeze over if the temperatures get low enough during the winter.

Much of the land can be acquired, including forests for logging and fields for more crops. If you’re still lacking in space for your farming enterprise, you’ll find some overgrown lots waiting to be reclaimed all over town.


5. Hazzard County Georgia

Hazzard County Georgia FS19 mod

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Hazzard County Georgia is a massive 4X map housing something from every type of farmer.

There are small and large fields, flat terrain and rolling hills – and even a large logging area you’ll have fun deforesting.

The mod’s author put a lot of work into making the map look natural by littering it with little details such as downed trees and water crossings. There’s also a fully functional train that’ll be a vital part of your enterprise.

It’s fantastic for multiplayer, but you’ll find exploring and conquering this stretch of land in Georgia by yourself is also quite fulfilling.


4. Georgetown NY

Georgetown NY FS19 mod

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Most people from outside the US wouldn’t put the state of New York and farming in the same sentence. But it’s actually a significant part of its economy.

This map is modeled after the real-life city of Georgetown, which belongs to Madison County, NY.

It used to be known for its dairy and hardwood logging, but that’s in the past. Now, it’s up to you to bring the region back to life by taking over its six farms and making them productive.

With deep valleys, crystalline rivers, and trees for miles, it’s a farmer’s dream.


3. Nowhere Kansas USA 16X

Nowhere Kansas USA 16X mod

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Sometimes you just want a nice blank canvas to bring about your agricultural paradise.

Nowhere, Kansas USA is the perfect map for that.

This huge FS19 map features hundreds of fields, all in a completely flat terrain fit for the most ambitious crop production schemes. You’ll be able to use the most powerful farming equipment as intended.

There’s also an ACME Sell-it-All special dealer that’ll get you whatever you need for dirt-cheap.

It’s basically Farming Simulator 2019 on Creative Mode.


2. Nebraska Lands USA 4X

Nebraska Lands USA 4X mod FS19

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Nebraska Lands USA was the first map to feature the dynamic mud that gives so many other maps in our list an extra bit of realism, but that’s not its only feature.

This rich map based on the American Midwest is designed to make the most out of FS19 and some strategic mods. Everything from the Biomass Plant to the Garden Center is available for your use, and the harvester and cement silos can ferment your alfalfa, grass, or chaff into silage.

You’ll start out with just an old truck and work your way up from there. You’ll find a new challenge in each new parcel of land you acquire.


1. Midtown USA 4X

Midtown USA 4X FS19 mod

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We’ve covered plenty of excellent maps so far. And I’m sure everyone has their favorites.

But I just can’t get enough of Midtown USA.

It’s based on the US’s lower Missouri area, with lush green grass and staple structures of American farms scattered throughout the map. While the land is mostly flat, it’s not entirely regular, giving the terrain a very natural look.

Of course, it’s also fully Seasons-friendly. And it features custom ground and crop textures along with custom lighting to make it more immersive and visually appealing.

If you want quality and American charm in the same package, you can’t go wrong with this custom map.

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