10 Best Baler & Baling Mods For Farming Simulator 19

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Baling is fun…said no one ever!

It doesn’t matter if you’re veteran or new to the Farming Simulator 19. One of the first things you’ll encounter in this game is baling.

Bales come in different shapes and forms, and there are several reasons why you’d make them.

One is that they’re easier to store and take up less space than loose product. You can wrap your grass bails to make silage for extra profit, or to feed your animals during harsh winters. And some will tell you that stacking bales manually is just plain therapeutic.

But baling can be (even more) fun with some mods.


10. Bale Storage Sheds

Bale Storage Sheds Mod for FS19

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If you’ve made a lot of bales and don’t have the time or patience to stack them all manually, this is the mod for you.

You’ll get four different shed types (straw, silage, hay and grass) that can hold 410 round or 420 square bales.

The mod is also Seasons-ready, which means you’ll get snow on the rooftop during winter.

But more importantly, your silage bales will continue to ferment while inside the shed, and your grass bales will be protected from rotting.

Also, you can check the current state and remaining time for fermentation on the “Fermentation screen”.


9. Bale Storage Barns

Bale Storage Barns FS19 Mod

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This mod will also automatically store your bales, but this one is more visually attractive.

And you don’t have to place separate shed for every type of bale you have. Very convenient.

You can fit up to 124 bales of straw, silage, and hay into the barn. So that’s a total of 372 bales per barn.

Need to take out some bales? No problem! Up to 18 bales will be at your disposal, all nicely stacked at the side of the barn.

And just like the previous mod, this one is Seasons ready, and silage bales continue to ferment while inside.


8. Baler Addon

Baler Addon Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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In real life, most balers use net wrap or twine to make bales.

And this mod adds that little bit of realism into your game.

With this mod installed, you’ll need to fill the round baler with the net wrap using the pallet with 12 rolls.

The square baler will require twine, and you can find the pallets with 48 rolls of twine in the shop.


7. Hesston Big Balers

Hesston Big Balers Mod for FS19

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Feel like making bigger bales?

Look no further!

With the Hesston Big Balers mod you can produce 120 x 130 cm full sized bales.

Its capacity of 6000 L also means that the job will be done quicker, and you’ll have fewer bales to stack. That’s always a plus.

This mod includes three brands: Massey Ferguson 2190, New Holland BB9090, and Fendt 12130N.


6. Kuhn SW4014 Color High Speed Wrapper

Kuhn SW4014 Color High Speed Wrapper FS19 Mod

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With this high speed wrapper mod, you’ll be able to prepare the silage bales in practically no time.

This only takes 5 seconds to wrap a bale, so it’s absolutely the fastest wrapper on the market.

But it’s not really customizable too much, except for the large choice of colors for the wrapper itself, the rims, and foil.


5. Claas Rollant 455 Uniwrap RC Round Baler

Claas Rollant 455 Uniwrap RC Round Baler Mod for FS19

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Class Rollant 455 is a 2-in-1 machine.

It’ll make grass bales, and automatically wrap them.

You can also make hay and straw bales, but then the wrapping option doesn’t work. Maybe in a future update.

And with your mouse you can control the side flaps and the tilt of the bailer, and this doesn’t affect the gameplay.

With a working speed of 12 kilometers per hour (7 miles per hour), I’ll admit that it’s slower than most balers.

But this will save you a lot of time with its double action feature.


4. New Holland BB1290 Nadal R90 Telescopic

New Holland BB1290 Nadal R90 Telescopic FS19 Mod

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Inspiration for this 2-in-1 mod actually came from a real-life product.

It’ll windrow and make square bales at the same time.

It has an impressive working width of 24 meters, and a working speed of 20 kilometers per hour (12 miles per hour). Not too shabby.

And with its base price of $188,000 I think it can be considered a bargain. But on the downside, it will need a tractor with at least 350 hp. So definitely consider some tractor options too.


3. Agco High Density Baler

Agco High Density Baler FS19 Mod screenshot

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If you think this is just another average baler, you couldn’t be more wrong.

This is easily one of the best balers that you can mod into the game, and here’s why:

With a working speed of 28 kilometers per hour (17 miles per hour), this Agco High Density Baler is one of the fastest in the game.

But speed isn’t everything right? So that’s not all it offers.

The “High Density” in the name means that it has a capacity of 6000 L, and the bales even stay the same size as usual bales, so you won’t have to change any of your transportation equipment.

But all this power comes at the cost… like with the New Holland mod I mentioned earlier, you’ll also need a tractor here with at least 350 hp to move it around.


2. Fliegl DPW 180/210 Bales-Autoload

Fliegl DPW 180/210 Bales-Autoload FS19 Mod

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For easy transport of large quantities of bales, these Fliegel autoload trailers are a must-have.

They can carry (depending on a type and bale size) anywhere from 16 bales, up to 30 bales.

Also there are 4 trailers for cotton transport here, with capacity for 2 or 4 cotton modules.

The DPW 180/210 have different frames for you to choose as well. And once you do that, there are a lot of customization options for the trailers.

In fact, there are a total of 48 frame colors and 40 rim colors you can choose from, plus two wheel brands with 3 tire types, if you decide to put on Trelleborg wheels.

Also, if you feel comfortable backing up those steerable front axle trailers, you might want to opt for a trailer hitch and connect two (or more) trailers together.

This can just make your life easier hauling bales from that field in the corner of your 16x map.

And here’s an added bonus: this Fliegl mod works well with Hesston Big Balers mod (mentioned at #7 on this list).


1. Addon Straw Harvest

Addon Straw Harvest Mod for FS19

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Let me guess: you’re sitting around thinking about what you could possibly do with all this extra straw after a plentiful harvest.

Well I suggest you make a bunch of money, and here’s one awesome mod that’ll help you do that.

Addon Straw Harvest will expand your farming operation with a pellet industry.

With the KRONE Premos 500, you can directly collect straw from the ground and turn it to pellets. Or it can be operated stationary with an additional bale shredder (also included with this mod).

You can then bring your pellets to the industry hall, feed them to the machine, pack them, put them on the pallets, and sell them.

More money is always nice in FS19.

And with this mod also comes two balers with manual or automatic feed, also with net wrap or twine.

And the KRONE BiG Pack 1290 in this mod is also quite fast, with working speed of 25 kilometers per hour (15 miles per hour).

You’ll also get a bale collector that’s attachable to the baler, which then collects 3 bales at a time and puts them side-by-side on field.

There’s also grabbers included here, which can (conveniently) grab up to 3 bales at the time.

Although the selling price for pellets is good, the down side of this mod (if you like to play realistically) is the pretty crazy price of the industry halls and equipment (just the basic set-up will cost you around $800,000).

Also, if you decide to pick-up straw directly from your field with the KRONE Premos 5000, you’ll need a tractor with 350 hp.

So there’s a lot of setup here, but wow does this mod pack a punch.

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