FS19 Mods: Best Custom Cars, SUVs, Jeeps & More

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When it comes to Farming Simulator 19, there seems to be a mod for everything.

This includes many types of cards and trucks, even down to the smaller ATV’s.

And for this list we’ve gathered some of our favorite mods related to all things cars.

This list includes many vehicles that may not be the most useful on a farm, but they’ll get you from point A to point B in style – or maybe even faster than you could ever hope for in a tractor.


13. Lizard Continental

Lizard Continental Car / FS19 Mod

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Here we have a highlight from the golden era of luxury cars.

This Lizard Continental is a mockup of a Lincoln, for those of you who might not be old enough to recognize it.

This boat of an automobile has a whole 200 horsepower, customizable interior, and an optional tow hitch for the rear bumper.

The tow hitch makes it a bit more useful than some other cards on this list, but I would not recommend putting a big load behind it if you want to get anywhere fast.

It also has a top speed of 80 kilometers an hour (about 50 miles an hour) and has no trouble getting right up to that speed while driving with an empty vehicle.


12. 2020 Jeep Gladiator

2020 Jeep Gladiator / FS19 Mod

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The all new Jeep Gladiator wasn’t even revealed when Farming Simulator 19 was first released.

But doesn’t mean you can’t put one in your game anyway.

This newer model Jeep comes with 2 engine options, plus your choice of color – and this includes many Mopar-only colors that have been added

Plus you’ll get optional hitch hook ups for pulling attachments and trailers.

This model also has a selectable body style. This means you can have the 2-door option with a longer bed, or the 4-door option with a shorter bed.

Probably the perfect jeep for around the farm, since you can actually carry something in it and still call it a Jeep.


11. Bigfoot 4x4x4

Bigfoot 4x4x4 Monster Truck / FS19 Mod

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Tired of the traffic blocking your way?

Or maybe you just want to see what’s on the other side of that river?

Well the Big Foot 4x4x4 is here to solve both of those problems (and plenty more).

It’s large enough to drive right over the top of the traffic cars, and it stands tall enough to wade through rivers.

Plus it’s still strong enough to pull trailers and attachments.

So we all know that 4×4 means (4 wheel drive) but what does 4x4x4 mean?

Basically that means the truck not only has 4 wheel drive, but it also has 4 wheel steering, similar to the telehandler in game.

This means it has crab steering as well, which allows you to drive though even the smallest gates.


10. Lizard Rumbler Van

Lizard Rumbler Van / FS19 Mod

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While it may not be the prettiest van, this is fantastic for those of us who can’t seem to keep the pick-up trucks with all four wheels on the ground.

This van has the ability to carry and move pallets and feed bags with ease.

Plus it also has the unique feature of being a mobile mechanic shop.

This allows you to customize your vehicles anywhere at any time, so long as you have the van around.

No more dragging that harvester into the dealership to get the bigger motor and wide tires you couldn’t afford when you bought it.


9. Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel TRX

Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel TRX / FS19 Mod

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The TRX is a special off-road truck made by Dodge to try and compete with the Ford Raptor.

It’s a 4×4 truck with air ride suspension, full time 4×4 with locking diffs, and it comes in a multitude of Mopar colors.

This is an awesome truck with way too many features to list (check the mod page for a super detailed breakdown).

But it does have more horses under the hood than any other pick up in the game.

So while it may not be a big one ton machine, it’s plenty enough to pull anything you can fit onto the pick-up trailers.


8. Lizard TRA Quadricycle

Lizard TRA Quadricycle / FS19 Mod

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If you’ve ever been around a real farm, you full well know they all have one of those old beat up four wheelers that’s used to ride around the farm and check up on things.

And now you can have one of your own on your FS19 farm.

This thing is 4 wheel drive fun mobile, and it comes with an optional canopy for those of you who choose to farm in warmer climates. Plus this mod offers multiple wheel and tire options.

Fully customizable colors are available here too, as well as options for the front and rear bumper.

Build it to your liking and go have some fun!


7. Road Rage

Road Rage Mustang Vechile / FS19 Mod

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When you first started skimming this article, was your first thought “I wanna go fast”?

Then this may well be the mod for you.

It’s an unofficial copy of the Mustang Cobra. And it is by far faster than any vehicle in game, with options up to 240 kilometers per hour.

That’s almost 10 times what the tractors will do.

But if being fast isn’t enough to encourage you to try this beast of a car out, then here’s a little more:

It’s quite a bit flashier than the standard pick-ups they give you by default in Farming Simulator 19. So looks are key here.

And this has options for custom wheels, as well as paint schemes too.

Bring your need for speed onto your farm and download this mod.


6. Lizard F350 Super Duty

Lizard F350 Super Duty Truck / FS19 Mod

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Here we have a built Ford tough F350.

And while this may not impress some of you, it will pull circles around the vanilla trucks you get in the base game.

This is a single cab, short bed, dual wheel one ton pick-up.

It comes with the standard pick up bed, but has two different options for flat beds, and a utility bed for carrying fuel to tractors in the field.


5. 2018 BMW X3 Special

2018 BMW X3 Police Car / FS19 Mod

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Who hates those annoying traffic cars always pulling out in front of you?

Or maybe you simply hate them parking in your way and becoming an annoying road block.

Maybe you just want to play a little bit of Police simulator while waiting for the crops to grow…

Well this mod allows you to do all of these things.

It’s a special BMW X3 police edition sedan.

It’s fully capable of speeding past all traffic cars, even if it won’t allow you to ticket the driver.

All lights and actions work just like a regular police vehicle, and the cars do get out of the way when they’re active.

Now all you need is the uniform.


4. John Deere Gator 6×4

John Deere Gator 6x4 / FS19 Mod

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Here’s another little side by side to add to your game, alongside the pre-order bonus if you were lucky enough to get it.

This John Deere Gator sets itself apart with 2 sets of powered axles in the rear.

This makes for lower ground pressure when loaded, which adds to the total weight capacity.

Plus this machine comes in a John Deere Green (of course) with yellow stickers.

There are optional wheels and tires for it as well.

It’s a cute little toy to ride around the farm with. And it also makes a great machine for refilling planters and sprayers in the field.

Not to mention it’s light enough that it won’t destroy crops, and quick enough to not hold you up waiting for the tractor to drive and fill up.


3. Lizard Tricyle King

Lizard Tricyle King / FS19 Mod

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Do you want a four wheeler, but maybe think they’re too much work? Or maybe even too safe?

Well have no fear, the Tricycle King is here.

This little thing is so unsafe that some governments have banned them in real life.

But that’s no problem in FS19, as the police don’t exist on your farm.

This little tricycle can go just about anywhere, and looks great while doing it. I understand that maybe the safety thing is a problem, and that you might think this would be totally safe.

So just to be sure your farmer might not survive (or maybe just be seriously injured), this mod developer added an additional fuel tank for moving fuel into the field.

That’s right, full on danger mode.


2. AWM Beetle

AWM Beetle Car / FS19 Mod

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This is the best beetle you will ever drive.

No longer is it a wimpy little fuel squeezer. This thing is a full time 4×4 beast.

And just to prove it, there’s a tow hitch added to the rear of this thing for the ultimate off-road pulling machine.

But for those of you who still liked the original beetles, this mod includes those as well. The pack includes a 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s version of the beetle, as well as the off road version.

The engine has been upgraded as well as the suspension here too.

Lots of stuff to play around with.


1. Mercedes G4 W31

Mercedes G4 W31 Car / FS19 Mod

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Here’s one more 4×6 to add to your mod list, and this one’s a lot of fun:

It’s the Mercedes G4. It isn’t as new as the G6 we’re all familiar with, but it’s also a very well-built mod.

This G4 was made back when cars were built for the luxury and the wealthy.

The flags on the front here are changeable, as well as the wheels and paint color.

It really is a fancy car – and you’d look great riding in this around the farm.

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