Best Excavator Mods For Farming Simulator 19 (All Free)

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Excavators are fairly basic machines.

They have a digging arm that can move and load bulk materials in a way that a tractor or loader cannot.

And since the devs didn’t feel the need to include them for us (at least in FS19), we have to turn to modders for our excavation needs.

Here’s our picks for the best excavator mods worth checking out.


7. Trailed Loader

Trailed Loader Mod for FS19

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This little excavator is set up on a trailer.

So while it isn’t your standard excavator, it’s a great little machine for around the farm.

This mod comes with several detachable buckets and forks for loading and moving all sorts of bulk material and other equipment.

These attachments include a clam bucket and a great set of silage forks, too.

I’d say this mod is great for smaller farms, and for those who do not want a full sized excavator sitting around and getting in the way.

So if you’re looking for a good place to start, maybe with something simpler, this is it.


6. Yanmar ViO50

Yanmar ViO50 Mod for FS19

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And here we have a cute little Yanmar mini excavator.

Unlike the previous mod, this one comes with a fully working set of tracks.

Tracked machines are great, and it’s always nice to have another one in-game.

This little excavator has a 110 horsepower engine, which might seem small, but is actually quite impressive for the size of the machine.

And I should add that this machine also comes with removable buckets, and can load a trailer much faster than any tractor.


5. Hitachi ZX290LC

Hitachi ZX290LC Mod for FS19

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This excavator is the next size up, so we’ve moving away from the smaller designs into a more mid-size one.

This is a large enough machine to load even the biggest trailers, yet still small enough to fit into any of your typical storage garages.

This machine also comes with removable buckets for different applications.

But this Hitachi excavator sets itself apart with the forestry package included in the mod.

This means the machine has all the cosmetics of the forestry package, along with the attachments required to cut and load logs from trees.

So if you’re into logging in FS19 then this is one excavator worth grabbing.


4. Cat 325DL Excavator

Cat 325DL Excavator Mod for FS19

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Here’s the first Cat on our list, and the 325D excavator is also our first full-sized excavator.

This machine has an optional forestry package as well, for you loggers out there.

And it comes with detachable buckets.

I’ll make a point of saying that this is a big excavator.

And you’ll need a pretty large low loader trailer to carry it, since it’s too slow to drive around. Plus you’ll also need to keep the weight low to the ground on the trailer, or it’ll flip over easily.

If you check out the screenshots on the mod page you might think they’re not too large. But these pictures don’t do it justice, and the machines are bigger than they’d appear.

But considering all the options, it’s still just a regular sized excavator.

It’s not ideal for tight places, but is great to leave sitting in your pile of bulk to load trailers.


3. Excavator Liebherr 902 Pack

Excavator Liebherr 902 Modpack for FS19

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As a first on our list so far, this pack includes a wheeled excavator.

And this excavator has four-wheel steering so it can steer similar to the telehandlers.

This is not a large excavator. It would more be classified as a mini excavator.

Which makes it great for small places, such as in the logging woods, but it will not move full trees since they’re too heavy for it.

However, it does come with optional buckets for loading and moving bulk, as well as a grapple and a tree cutting head.

This head will also process the trees into logs.


2. Komatsu PC300

Komatsu PC300 Excavator Mod for FS19

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Bigger is almost always better when it comes to excavators.

And this mid-sized excavator mod proves that idea true, coming in heavier than most of the others on this list.

The Komatsu PC300 is a forestry excavator. And as such, it comes with a tree processing head.

Given its size, it’s capable of handling full sized trees and cutting them into full length pole logs.

This is a fairly rare trait in a tree processing machine, and unlike the ones in the game already, this custom machine can maintain control of the tree as it falls and processes the log.


1. LIEBHERR 9800

LIEBHERR 9800 Excavator for FS19

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The biggest and best excavator on this list, the Liebherr 9800, is a monster.

This custom excavator is so large that you have to climb up several ladders to even get to the cab.

Fair warning though: due to its size, it’s extremely slow to get around.

There’s no low loader trailer big enough for this (without another mod).

All that said, the shovel here has a whopping capacity of 42000 liters, which means it’ll fill any trailer in the game with two scoops.

Talk about a time saver.

Most wheel loaders will not hold this much bulk at one time. So if you grab this mod you’ll have yourself one powerful machine.

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