FS19: Best Fertilizer Mods Worth Trying (All Free)

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Fertilization is an often overlooked part of Farming Simulator 19.

The base game fertilizers are good enough for most applications, but sometimes we need something a little different.

So if you’re looking for a little variety, or maybe a faster way to get the job done, or just a fertilizer by your favorite brand, well these mods are here to broaden your fertilizing horizons.


10. Lizard FS60/2 v1.1

Lizard FS60 rustic fertilizer mod

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This rustic-looking fertilizer is great if you’re into the aesthetic.

It isn’t anything extra special, but it does get the job done just as well, or even a bit better than the standard sprayers.

This specific modded fertilizer has a working width of twenty four meters, and a capacity of nine hundred and fifty liters. It’s made for solid fertilizer and won’t accept anything else.

It is different, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting something different if you’re tired of the same vanilla options.


9. Lizard Maximus 20000 TH v1.1

Lizard Maximus 20000TH fertilizer spreader

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Here’s one monster of a spreader that’s bigger than anything included in the base game.

It’s a dual wheeled trailer style fertilizer spreader. And this fertilizer has a working capacity of twenty thousand liters, which is more than enough for most any field.

It also has a working width of thirty two meters, and can spread at twenty kilometers an hour.

I’d say this fertilizer spreader would look great behind a big tractor, and the extra-large wheels really makes this thing feel tough.


8. Lizard HS 400L

Lizard HS 400L liquid fertilizer mod

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This smaller liquid fertilizer is an awesome addition to the game.

It isn’t huge, so it’s actually just the right size to put on the front of the tractor and pull a plow or a planter in the rear.

It has a capacity of four hundred liters, which doesn’t sound like much, but this style of spreading is low waste. So it actually turns out to be very efficient.

Another note about this spreader is that the frame is blue, so it matches the new Holland brand tractors color scheme.

So if you’ve been looking for a nice blue spreader for your blue tractor, here it is.


7. Lizard Sab DF

Lizard Sab DF sprayer mod

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Two sprayers are better than one! Or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

This little fertilizer has two bags on it for carrying fertilizer, instead of one large one like most options out there.

So this means it also has two spreaders, one to draw from each bag.

But one unique feature of this mod is the optional plow system. No other fertilizer offers this unless it’s a combined rig, which is a whole different thing than this mod.

So let’s just say this fertilizer can do two jobs at once, and it does ‘em well.


6. Lizard Marchesan DCA2MC 10500

Lizard Marchesan DCA2MC trailer-style fertilizer

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Another twin wheeled trailer style fertilizer spreader for our list – definitely take a peek at this large attachment.

It’s not so large that you can’t pull it with a regular tractor, but it is large enough to get the job done and not have to stop every five minutes to refill.

It comes in a nice blue shade with a capacity of fifteen thousand liters, and a working width of sixteen meters.

Big mud grips on both the front and rear axle to give it good flotation in soft fields.


5. Lizard N 015

Lizard N 015 spreader

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Up next we have an older style drag behind spreader.

Honestly, this thing looks like someone welded a fertilizer spreader to a trailer axle with a gear drive attached. Something you would see on a red neck farm.

It gives this little spreader character, and brings a little charm to your farm at the same time.

It has several color options too, and custom wheel and tire options, and even selectable designs. So you can really make this mod your own.

Working width of seven meters and a capacity of two hundred and eighty liters.


4. Rauch Axis-H EMC Trailed Spreader

Rauch Axis-H EMC Trailed Spreader mod

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Now this fertilizer is set much higher than most, but also has a wider wheel base, making it more stable.

It’s like your own portable mini silo on wheels.

Comes with selectable colors and an extra-large capacity of twenty thousand liters.

The working width of this thing is thirty six meters, so it can get even the largest fields done in just a few passes. Not to mention it looks great sitting around the farm as well.

Park it next to the silos for an extra effect.


3. John Deere DN 345 v2.0

John Deere DN 345 fertilizer spreading trailer mod

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This John Deere solid fertilizer spreading trailer is a rather over-grown trailer.

But that’s what you want when you have a lot of ground to spray.

Another good point: this trailer has super oversized wheels to make up for the weight it has to carry.

It has a capacity of thirty thousand liters too, so you won’t have to refill often. But watch out for the bill when you do!

This is probably one of the biggest trailers on this list, and can handle much more capacity than advertised by the mods creator.


2. Terragator 6203 & Implements v2.1

Terragator 6203 equipment fertilizer for FS19

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Here’s a mod pack with a lot to offer: it includes a machine and several attachments for it, including a sprayer for slurry and fertilizer.

This is an extremely large machine, with tanks and spreaders to show for it.

This will truly be one-of-a-kind equipment on your farm, as there’s nothing else like this in the game.

The capacity goes up to twenty five thousand liters, and the working width up to a giant thirty meters!

Plus you can switch attachments depending on which type of fertilizer you want to use.


1. Lizard Self Propelled Sprayer

Lizard Self Propelled Sprayer fertilizer for FS19

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This lizard fertilizer sprayer is a large self-propelled sprayer, and well worth grabbing.

This was a new addition for Farming Simulator 19, even if fertilizing crops wasn’t. And let’s say this machine doesn’t fail to deliver, either!

It has a huge working width of thirty three meters, and a tank capacity of fifty thousand liters. Now that’s a lot of juice!

Note: this machine requires no tractor to pull it and has a huge one thousand horse power motor to keep itself moving.

And watch out for the wings when they unfold, too!

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