Farming Simulator 19: Best Harvester Mods (All Free)

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Harvesting your crops can be a time consuming process.

It’s always work, but some crops are much slower than others. Yes potatoes, we’re looking at you.

Well this list of mods aims to help you out with this process by giving you more options, even if they aren’t all totally fair to the in game economy.

So rake in more crops than ever before with these awesome harvester mods.


10. Claas Tucano 500 Mod

Claas Tucano 500 Mod - FS19

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The Class Tucano 500 is a large corn harvester.

And a good corn harvest is actually fairly slow. The main reasons being that the corn heads just aren’t that wide, and even if you have a wide head to cut it, the corn produces so much more volume that you constantly have to stop and empty the harvester.

This mod takes a shot at fixing this issue.

It comes with its own corn head, which is wider than the standard.

It also has a capacity of 9000 liters, which means less stops per field to empty the grain tank. Fully compatible with other header attachments.


9. FMZ Bizon Z056

FMZ Bizon Z056 - FS19 Mod

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This little harvester is by no means a speed demon. But that doesn’t stop it from being an awesome mod.

The Bizon Z056 is an antique harvester, and it shows.

This antique harvester has an open cab, too, which you won’t find often in this game.

It has a working width of 4.3 meters which means it’s still bigger than the machine you start the game with. Plus it’s much cheaper than any of the other harvesters in the base game already.


8. Don 1500B KP

Don 1500B KP Mod for FS19

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The Don 1500B KP would make a great addition to your farm.

This smaller harvester runs on a single set of tracks, much like the skid steer loader in vanilla.

While some of the bigger harvesters have tracks in the front or rear, none of them run on a single set (or without tires).

This makes for a very unique harvester that will look great running through your crops.

It’s larger than the start harvester, and has a capacity of 6000 liters.

This also comes with its own heads, one of each style, and a small trailer for carrying the heads.


7. John Deere 8000i-series

John Deere 8000i - FS19 Mod

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Now this John Deere 8000i series harvester can make a great addition to any cattle farm.

This harvester is for cutting and processing crops into chaff. Which you can turn into silage, a required ingredient in that perfect mix of cow feed called Total Mixed Rations.

This harvester comes with an extra wide cutting head that’s wider than any in the base game. It also has a trailer connector which eliminates the need to follow along with another truck or tractor.

Personally though, the main reason this mod makes into this list, is because of the sweet paint job.

Good luck finding this color on any base game harvester, let alone a chaff harvester.


6. New Holland CR1090 MultiColor Pack

New Holland CR1090 Colors Pack - FS19

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Speaking of a sweet paint job, maybe you just want to make your own?

Well then this is the mod for you.

With completely customizable paint, from the wheels to the track motors, to the main body itself, you can paint this bad boy right up just the way you want it.

Of course, with full customization in the paint department comes more custom options in the practical settings too.

This machine has a crazy wide head that comes with it. Along with a raised working capacity of a whopping 43,000 liters for less stops.


5. Holmer Terra Dos T4-40

Holmer Terra Dos Mod for FS19

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Now this huge root harvester is capable of harvesting potatoes and other root crops.

The base game harvesters for these crops are slow!

But not this beast.

Speed your production along with a super wide head of up to 17 meters.

This thing also trucks along at 20-25 mph, which is much much faster than the 3-6 for the base models.


4. Krone BiG M 450 Mod

Krone BiG M 450 for FS19

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This mod is strictly a grass cutter. Which I felt I should include at least one in this list, because grass can be a big part of the game with sheep, horses, and cows.

This cutter has three separate cutting heads, similar to a golf course style lawn mower, but on a much bigger scale.

Plus with a much wider cutting width of 9.9 meters, and a working speed of 33 mph, this will have you piling up grass in no time.


3. Sugarcane Harvester 50 Meter

Sugarcane Harvester 50-Meter Mod - FS19

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Finally a sugarcane harvester!

Sugarcane is a recent addition to the game, so the official machines for it a very limited.

But this hasn’t stopped awesome modders from making it super quick and easy to get those crops harvested.

This cutter has a 50 meter wide head, which is absolutely ridiculous, but totally time effective!

And don’t worry, it folds up for easier transport. Also it has a trailer hitch for attaching a dump trailer too.

This harvester could easily be number one, but trust me it’s getting better!


2. Tectron 50 Meters

Tectron 50 Meters Mod for FS19

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Another root crop harvester, and similar to the last mod, this Tectron harvester is 50 meters wide.

Huge. Fast. Not so pretty because it’s way bigger than the base game machines for these crops.

Maximum speed of 50 mph too, so be careful not to get any speeding tickets out there roughing those potatoes up!


1. Agco Crazy Harvester

Agco Crazy Harvester Mod for FS19

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The title of this mod says it all.

Optional heads from 7 to 100 meters.

Maximum working speed of 26 mph.

An optional draw bar in the back for pulling balers for straw removal.

This harvester is not your average run-of-the-mill machine.

The 100 meter head is just about the biggest cutter you’ll ever need. Plus extended capacity to accommodate the larger head, or just for less stops with the normal size ones.

And while this machine may be included in the base game, the heads and attachments for the rear are not.

Probably the fastest way to harvest your crops you’ll ever find.

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