FS19: Best Horse & Stable Mods To Try (All Free)

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Horses are a great addition to Farming Simulator 19, and they have potential for a great amount of profit too.

It takes time to train them, but that’s just another reason to spend even more time with your new friends.

So what if you want to dedicate your farm to managing horses? What kind of mods could help you build up your ranch?

Take a peek at this list featuring our top picks for the best horse-related FS19 mods that are definitely worth a try.


7. A Small Horse Stable

Small Horse Stable Mod for FS19

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The name says it all here, folks.

This is really just a small horse stable mod, and it’s the stable you never knew you needed.

There’s also a small shed with a lean to area that can be used for storage. And there’s a small running area with room for up to 5 horses.

It isn’t much, but for a small farm (or for someone just wanting to dabble in their spare time) this is perfect.

It also isn’t so large that it takes up tons of room, but it’s still big enough that it’ll allow you to train and care for horses without spending tons of money.


6. Active Horse Stable

Active Horse Stable Mod for FS19

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Now this is a stable specially designed to keep your horses active.

The food and water are placed far apart here, with a fenced-in area inbetween.

This urges your horses to walk around and to stay active, which helps them digest and stay in shape.

Plus you’ll see there’s a small shed for the horses to sleep in, and it has room for a total of 12 horses.

This makes it a fairly good sized stable with plenty of storage for feed and straw. It’s also complete with lighting and it has full seasons compatibility.


5. American Horse Ranch

American Horse Ranch Mod for FS19

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Looking to build your own horse ranch? Then take a gander at this little mod.

Here’s a larger custom barn with a big riding and exercise area. It’s designed as a traditional red American-style barn surrounded by white fencing.

The mod has the capacity to hold 6 horses, each with their own stall in the barn.

And each stall has working doors and gates that allow you to ride any horse to the exercise area.

I’d say this mod has a really nice look – and while it is large, it does not have a big capacity for animals.

This means you have to tend to them a bit more than other sheds of this size. Yet it seems right at home on any horse ranch.


4. Horse Breeding

Horse Breeding FS19 Modded Stable

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This mod allows you to breed horses in FS19 just like the other animals.

Simply bring in 2 horses, feed, and water, and after some time you get a new horse.

This system is not perfect, because there are no baby horses as 3D renders in the game.

So you basically just suddenly get a new horse by bringing them into this custom stable.

But the mod does come complete with a shed and a bedding area, plus a small area with a pasture for the horses, and a nice covered porch for you to relax on.

It’s not very big, but it is a cute little horse stable that adds new functionality into the game.


3. Modern Polish Stable

Modern Polish Stable Mod for FS19

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Here we have another smaller stable mod, this one having capacity for 4 horses.

With this you’ll get a small shed and a riding area that’s surrounded in white gate-style fencing.

This is actually a polish style shed, but the whole thing fits well with most maps in the game.

There’s also not a very big storage area either, and that is certainly one a down side to this particular stable.


2. First Person Horse Riding Camera

First Person Horse Riding Camera Mod for FS19

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Let me clarify that this mod is not a stable.

I know our list has been full of stables so far, but this mod is still a must-try for anyone getting into horses.

This allows you to maintain first person view while riding your horses in the game.

So it greatly adds to the realism of any horses you’re raising or racing – especially since you have to spend so much time training them.

This first-person POV works for all breeds of horses, along with any other rideable animals you may have modded into the game.


1. Open Horse Pasture

Open Horse Pasture Mod for FS19

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The number one mod on our list had to be Open Horse Pasture.

It’s number one because it gives you the chance to just let your horses roam free as the naturally should – but it also gives everyone the chance to build their own horse stable.

And I think almost every Farming Simulator fan enjoys more customization.

This mod allows you to build a fence any place you want, and build the horse paddock inside. You can then build sheds and other buildings inside of the fenced area for a fully customized experience.

But the most fun thing about this mod is letting them run free.

Watching your horses graze in your fields, or in your neighbor’s, can be a very satisfying experience.

This way you can see your horses interact with the world as you do your other farm work, like as planting or harvesting.

Open Horse Pasture might be the best thing that happened to horses in Farming Simulator 19. Definitely give it a try if you haven’t already.

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