FS19’s Best John Deere Mods: Tractors, Planters & More

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The introduction of John Deere machinery to the Farming Simulator 2019 roster was some of the most exciting news leading up to the game’s release.

It’s not a surprise, as the brand is synonymous with farming worldwide. Despite originating in the USA back in the 19th century, the JD name has made it to Brazil, Argentina, India, and many countries in Europe.

That said, once you’ve played FS19 and enjoyed all the vanilla John Deere equipment, you’ll inevitably start craving more. It’s only natural.

And to satisfy these cravings, I’ve put together a list of some favorite John Deere mods for FS19. Everything from top-of-the-line harvesters to powerful tractors to keep you busy.


10. John Deere 40 Series Pack

John Deere 40 Series Modpack for FS19

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If you’re just getting started in the world of farming, the classic JD 40 Series has everything you need to ease yourself into the agrarian life.

These medium-sized tractors were all the rage across the US from 1978 to 1982, then began spreading worldwide. You’ll see them in Brazil, Argentina, India – and the list goes on.

You’ll find tractors for every situation, ranging from 112hp to 203hp. This pack also includes several add-ons, such as protective forestry configurations and customizable rims.

The best part about this pack is probably the exquisite engine sounds that are nigh-indistinguishable from the real deal.


9. John Deere 915 V-Rippers Pack

John Deere 915 V-Rippers for FS19

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Once you’ve got some dependable John Deere tractors, you’ll want the rest of your tools to stay in-brand.

The John Deere 915 ripper series is fantastic for opening planting lines that’ll make crop establishment easier. Its low-input tillage system conserves soil moisture, reduces erosion, and generally gives the ground a better structure.

The V shape also makes it easier to break up soil compaction near root-depth.

This pack includes a seven shank version, a nine shank one, and a larger 11 shank configuration with working widths of 4.2m, 5.5m, and 6.6m. They all work at 15km/h.


8. John Deere Seeders Pack

John Deere Seeders Pack for FS19

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After you’ve tilled or plowed the soil, it’s time for seeding – and you can’t go wrong with this John Deere Seeders Pack.

This collection features several models to meet your every need. These include the DB60, DB120, CCS2117, and three more.

Most of them have multiple tire options, as well as liquid fertilizer and herbicide sprayer functionality.

This highly precise pack is fantastic for when time is short and you need to cover expansive fields. Let John Deere super-seed your expectations.


7. John Deere Planters Pack

John Deere Planters Pack FS19 Mod

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Another fantastic tool pack for the John Deere enthusiast is the JD Planters Pack, featuring innovative planters with outstanding speed and accuracy.

It includes the John Deere 494A, the 694A, and the 894A, boasting a capacity of 1100lt, 1700lt, and 2000lt respectively. All of them have an operating speed of 13km/h.

These planters are guaranteed to increase your yields by providing precise planting depth control and superior germination than your average no-name machine.


6. John Deere CH 760

John Deere CH 760 Mod

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Something farmers up in the northmost regions of the world don’t see a lot of is the John Deere CH760 – an agrarian tool specialized in harvesting sugar cane, which only grows in hot and humid climates.

For this reason, the imposing JD CH760 is very popular in India, South America, and even China.

The front drills may give it the look of a Mad Max vehicle, but its efficient front-end design guarantees a smooth, uniform feed that translates to less wasted juice and soil content in the resulting sugary nectar.

It has 380hp and a 2m working width that’ll help you make short work of your sugarcane fields.


5. John Deere 4940 Self-Propelled Sprayer

John Deere 4940 Self-Propelled Sprayer Mod

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John Deere believes in working SMART – and in this case, that means Spray More Acres in Reduced Time.

The JD 4940 Self-Propelled Sprayer will help you do just that with its 120ft boom, 32km/h max working speed, and massive 4500lt capacity.

This imposing piece of machinery has realistic animations and lights that’ll make your experience all the more enjoyable.

It’s also fully customizable, including ten different tire combinations.


4. John Deere Model A

John Deere Model A FS19

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Almost 200 years after being founded, John Deere has become a household name in rural communities worldwide – but its rise to the top had to start somewhere.

That somewhere may be the John Deere Model A – the company’s first row-crop tractor. It’s a piece of agricultural history and one of the most iconic JD products ever made.

The Model A made the company’s two-cylinder design famous. Conversely, the engine’s characteristic “popping” sound earned the Model A the nickname of “Johnny Poppers”.

As expected of such an antique machine, it only has a strength of 24hp and a 10km/h max speed.


3. John Deere T Series Pack

John Deere T-Series Pack

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On the opposite end of the technological spectrum we find the John Deere T Series – some of the most hardcore, top-of-the-line harvesters offered by the American brand.

And now they’re ready for your next FS19 session.

This mod pack includes the T550, the T560, the T660, and the T670 – all of them with incredibly detailed models and varied, customizable decorations. Each has its own specifications that make them useful in one situation or another, but they share an average capacity of 11,000lt.

To the untrained eye, they may as well be a small military tank.


2. John Deere 9RX Series

John Deere 9RX Series Mod

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For those of you itching to get the most recent, high-end JD machinery available, I recommend the John Deere 9RX series.

It’s one of the largest, most powerful tractors available from the American brand – with a whopping 670hp that puts almost everything else to shame.

You can choose between narrow and wide tracks for different situations, which will help you achieve the traction you need on rolling hills and wet fields alike.

There are also plenty of customization options, including optional farm logo and country flag decals.


1. John Deere 2020 Pack

John Deere 2020 Pack - Modded for FS19

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But hands-down the most complete John Deere pack (available at the time of writing) is the 2020 Pack, which features many variations of the 7R and 8R series in their most recent 2020 incarnations.

Other than the base 7R and 8R series, the pack also includes the 8RT series and even the brand-new 8RX – possibly the most sought-after JD product among FS19 fans.

These tractors are modeled in extreme detail by someone who’s either very obsessive, or simply loves John Deere. Or loves the Farming Sim titles. Or maybe all three?

The add-ons in this mod pack are also deeply customizable, including different wheel tracks, engine setups, and even dark windows to keep you shielded from the sun.

Power, versatility, and durability are guaranteed when choosing John Deere.

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