Best Land Roller Mods For Farming Simulator 19 (All Free)

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Rollers can be used for many things in Farming Simulator.

And while it may not be your favorite piece of equipment to drag out, when you need a roller, nothing else will do.

Whether you got a little wild with the busting plow, or maybe the new field you made is not as great as you thought it would be, either way the rollers are here to save the day.

We’ve organized our top picks for the absolute best roller mods worth downloading, all to help you find the right land roller for your farm.

And the best part is, all of these mods are compatible with both the PC and console versions of the game.


8. Green Roller Classic

Green Roller Classic Build / Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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This is the little green roller that could.

It has a working width of 3 meters, and requires a tractor of at least 100 horse power.

This roller is similar to the one in the base game, but has a faster working speed. It also has optional suspension, which allows you to pull it on its roller, or to drag it on its wheels and tires.

Unlike the roller in the base game, this one must be turned off and on when it’s being used. This means it won’t roll the ground if it’s turned off and you’re dragging it around on the roller.

This also makes stopping at the edge of a field much easier, as you don’t have to fold the roller and unhook it to keep it from rolling any parts you want left alone.


7. EDGE Field Roller

EDGE Field Roller Mod for FS19

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Here we’ve got a large pack of rollers that offers many size options available.

No matter what size tractor you have, and regardless of whatever size path you need compacted, this modpack has a roller for everyone.

The widths start out at the standard 3 meter size. They also go all the way up to 6 meters.

The unique thing about this roller pack is that all of the rollers included come with an optional roller with teeth.

These designs with teeth are actually made for putting air back into the soil – but since this isn’t required in Farming Simulator 19, it’s simply cosmetic here.


6. Heavy Meadow Rollers

Heavy Meadow Rollers / FS19 Mod

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In this pack we have a very special roller.

More specifically, it’s a 5 meter roller, which doesn’t impress anyone with a tractor over 100 horse power.

But what this roller does allow, is hooking the rollers together in tandem.

You can hook them offset from each other to keep going as wide as you feel comfortable with.

Anything over 3 is hard to get around, especially in reverse. But these will also hook together in a straight line, so you can pull them along in a 5 meter wide wagon train of rollers.

I’d argue this is one of the most ingenious mods on this list, and certainly worth adding into your farming world.


5. Concrete Rollers Pack

Concrete Rollers Modpack for Farming Simulator 19

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So here we’ve got another pack of rollers, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

These are one of the wider options on this list, and much wider than the rollers in the base game.

The mode offers 3 different concrete rollers that are 5 meters wide each, to make for a total width of 15 meters.

Granted, this is probably more than what most people need, but it also fertilizes the grass as it rolls if back into shape.


4. Razol Toro RVH

Razol Toro RVH / FS19 Mod screenshot

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Here we have a more modern style roller if you’re into that.

It even has 2 support arms that fold out to make the roller wider.

This roller also has the ground opening teeth on it for a much nicer look than standard rollers.

For specs, it has a total working width of 6.2 meters, and fold up to just under 3 meters for easy transportation.

Since this one has the ability to fold up, it’s perfectly legal to move it on the road, and it also allows you to store it in a shed that might not have a door wide enough to accommodate the unfolded roller.


3. Facca Roller 3 & 6 Meters

Facca Roller 3/6 Meters Range / FS19 Mod

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Looking for something unique?

Well here have a roller that isn’t at all like the base game rollers.

It has fins on the roller head which allow it to compact much deeper into the soil.

While this may not actually have a function is Farming Simulator 19, it does make for a pretty neat looking roller. At least it adds to the immersion.

But this roller doesn’t just look nice. It also has a distinct ability to hook onto the front of the tractor.

This means you can roll the ground and pull something else behind the tractor, be it a fertilizer, or just a trailer full of supplies.

It frees up the rear of your tractor for other work, and that’s always a good thing.


2. Silo Roller Weight

Silo Roller Weight Mod for FS19

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One more unique roller to add to our list here, and this one’s real handy to keep around.

This silo roller weight is a special roller with the option to swap in tires.

This may not be extremely useful as a normal roller, but it works great for compacting those silage silos.

So that really makes this mod a dual purpose attachment.

The normal roller can be used just as any other roller, too. It’s 3.5 meters wide, and has optional weights that can be attached.

If you choose to use the model with tires, you’ll find that with the addition of the weights and the tires, your silo gets compacted much faster.


1. Lizard RF 180

Lizard RF 180 Roller / Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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This pack of rollers is one of the most customizable sets out there.

I mean, there are many options here that other rollers simply do not have. Especially the rollers in the base game.

One of these options includes a set of rising rear wheels to keep the roller off of the ground during transport.

And this pack comes with a sheep foot model. This allows for deeper compaction, and a unique look in the field.

Plus this roller also has the option to “open the hood”. And with that option you’ll be able to use this roller as a plow.

Granted, that is not at all realistic.

But when you’re trying to get your field ready before that sale ends, it’s totally worth it.

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