FS19: The Best Realism Mods For More Realistic Gameplay

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One of the great things about the Farming Simulator franchise is that it appeals to a wide variety of players, from casual “weekend farmers” to hardcore fans who want to make their game feel as realistic as possible.

There are some amazing mods out there that can really add to the realism of this game. And many of them can also appeal to the more casual players too.

So regardless of which group you fit into, there’s sure to be something in this list that you’ll enjoy!


15. Realistic Cab View

Realistic Cab View Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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You might be able to guess what this does based on the name, but either way it’s a mod worth getting.

When you’re in first person view inside the cab of your machines, you can shift your view forward in the direction you’re currently facing.

This can help you to get a better view of what’s around you, which is particularly useful when working in tight areas, attaching to trailers, or trying to keep straight working lines.


14. Increased Fuel Consumption

Increased Fuel Consumption Mod for FS19

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Tired of constantly working your fields day and night?

Want more breaks, or just another excuse to drive into town?

Well here’s your solution.

Installing this mod will adjust the fuel consumption of your equipment to be much higher than base game (and far closer to the “real world”, in many ways).

The adjusted usage rate is 200%-300% higher, depending on which in-game fuel setting is selected.


13. DEF Pack

DEF Pack Mod for Farming Simulator 19

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Have you ever found it odd that the modern diesel equipment featured in FS19 doesn’t use any diesel exhaust fluid?

What’s up with that?

Well it turns out that GIANTS has already implemented DEF usage, and this mod activates the consumption of it for many of the default vehicles.

And this mod also comes with a placeable DEF pump and storage tank, as well as a trailer that can be filled with DEF or diesel fuel.

Lots more realism, coming your way.


12. Filltype Mass Adjustment

Filltype Mass Adjustment FS19 Mod

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If you’ve ever loaded up a large trailer with crops and been disappointed at how nimble your machine feels, well, this one’s for you.

And did you ever find it strange how you can drive at top speeds with a full load, as if your trailer weighed only half as much as it should?

This adjustment mod is sure to please.

In the base game, the weight of all harvested crops is halved. That way you can drive around faster with full trailers (which makes sense – keeps people playing for longer).

But this mod sets the crop weights to their realistic values, making those large heavy trailers really feel like large, heavy trailers.

And it’s worth adding that this mod really works well combined with the next one on our list.


11. Added Realism For Vehicles

Added Realism For Vehicles Mod for FS19

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Let’s pick up the pace with some addition real-world physics involved in our tire traction.

And with this mod installed, the types of tires used on your equipment matter more now than ever.

The terrain, size of tire, and weight of any towed implements will now greatly affect how much traction your machine has.

Rain also plays a much bigger role in a farmer’s everyday life. It’s now much harder to work a field when it’s raining, as the dirt turns to mud.

When the tires on your equipment lose traction and spin in place, they can even sink down into the ground and become stuck! Talk about realistic BS.


10. Engine Starter

Engine Starter Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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After a while of playing FS19, you might be getting annoying at your equipment’s engines automatically starting whenever you’re tabbing through them.

Have you disabled the automatic engine start feature of the game, and then wished the engine would start by simply stepping on the throttle?

There has to be a better way!

Look no further than this Engine Starter mod.

With the in-game automatic engine start feature turned off, this mod will automatically start your machine’s engine when you attempt to drive off.

No more annoying messages telling you to start your engine before driving. Just press the throttle and off you go.


9. Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance Mod for FS19

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With this mod installed, your vehicles will now require maintenance every 30 working hours (or 36 days, whichever happens first).

If regular maintenance isn’t realistic enough, I don’t know what is.

A pallet in the shop can be bought and used to service your vehicles, during which time the vehicle becomes unavailable. The length of time depends on which option is selected at purchase – the less time the service takes, the more expensive it’ll be.

Failing to service your vehicles can also lead to misfires and even complete stalling of the engine if it’s being worked too hard.


8. Guidance Steering

Guidance Steering Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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Many real-life farming machines have a form of GPS implemented. So why not in FS19?

This Guidance Steering mod allows you to set “tracks” that the GPS will follow, and if the automatic GPS steering is enabled, your machine will perfectly follow those tracks.

How cool is that?

You just need to setup a track, enable GPS steering, and you can easily achieve perfectly straight rows.

No more missed slivers of field or excessive overlap of your rows.


7. Real Seed Usage

Real seed usage FS19 Mod

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As a relatively simple mod, Real Seeds Usage does just what its name implies.

It changes the number of seeds used when sowing fields, to a more realistic amount.

This means that you generally will use less seed across all your crops, making this mod especially welcome for any farmer with large fields. Or even for particularly small seeders.

Now you won’t need to return to the store quite as often to refill your sowing machines.


6. Player Pays For Crop Destruction

Player Pays For Crop Destruction Mod for FS19

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For anyone who plays with crop destruction on, you know that it’s generally a bad idea to drive through your crops with any equipment that doesn’t have narrow tires installed.

But what about non-player owned fields?

The base game doesn’t penalize any player for taking a shortcut though a field that they don’t own.

So what this mod does, is when a player drives through any field that’s not theirs, it calculates a monetary penalty to be assessed.

The severity of the penalty depends on several factors such as wheel size, crop type, and growth stage, as well as a few others. So if you’re going off your land, get ready to pay some fines.


5. Combine XPerience

Combine XPerience Mod for Farming Simulator 19

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Here’s a mod makes harvesting crops with your combine and forage harvesters much more realistic.

And it also displays some useful data such as how hard your combine is being worked, and how much material you are collecting at any given point.

You’re also given the ability to activate your combine and header independently, but the most significant part of the mod affects your combine’s efficiency.

The speed you can harvest crops at now takes several factors into account.

These include your equipment’s horsepower, the yield, type of crops gathered, and if you’re playing with the Seasons mod. Even the crop moisture can have an effect.


4. Real Dirt Color

Real Dirt Color Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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It really does seem odd that no matter what terrain you drive your machines through, they always get covered in the same brown-colored dirt.

It may not affect much stats-wise, but we want some realism here.

This mod sets the color of dirt that covers your machines to match whatever surface they’re driving on. This includes mud, grass, lime, and several others.

There are two modes for this mod:

The first is “simple mode” where your entire machine will get covered in the same color of dirt. The other is “independent wheel mode” where certain parts of the machine can collect dirt of different colors, depending on the surface you’re driving over.


3. Manual Attach

Manual Attach Mod for FS19

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For the “hands on” farmers out there, this mod disables the ability to attach implements to your equipment from inside the cab as normal.

Which makes sense, right?

You now have to walk to the back of your machine and manually connect the cables.

This also goes for hoses, for lights, brakes, and hydraulics, as well as the PTO shaft.

And if you fail to attach all the required connections, you’ll be unable to control that part of the tool.

For example, you won’t be able to turn on a fertilizer if the PTO isn’t connected.


2. Manure System

Manure System FS19 Mod

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The Manure System mod completely overhauls how you handle not just manure, but also water and liquid fertilizer too.

With this mod installed, you can no longer simply drive up to your fill/unload points and just press a key to fill your slurry tank. No way, Jose.

Now you need to connect suction hoses from your source to your target, and then pump the liquid directly through the hose.

You can also use fill arms from slurry tankers to load liquids from open sources, such as lakes, manure trailers, or slurry lagoons, all without having the need to hook up a suction hose first.

Even the thickness of the manure and the length of the hoses can affect how quickly you can pump the liquids.

And the best part?

This mod supports all vanilla vehicles, meaning there’s no need to search for several more mods to be able to fully enjoy this one.


1. Seasons

Seasons Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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The Seasons mod easily contains the most significant overhaul of the game to date, hands down.

Seasons adds so much more than just the four seasons into the game.

Farmers must now take into consideration the temperature of the air and ground when planting crops, along with the seasonality.

If you plant your crops too early, they may fail to germinate due to the temperature being too cold.

Or if you plant too late, they may still germinate, but die as you get closer to winter from frost (and probably before you can harvest them).

Rain and moisture now become a concern to, as wet crops cannot be harvested. And if the ground is too dry, the crops can wither and die from drought.

Some other changes include new breeds of animals, new visuals to fit the season, trees losing leaves in the winter, and crop prices fluctuating based on the time of year, just to name a few!

If you’re gonna get only one realistic mod for FS19, definitely start with Seasons.

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