Best Custom Shed Mods For Farming Simulator 19

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Whether you have a full grown farm or you’re just getting started, every farmer needs a place to store all those fancy tractors.

This list will cover some of our favorite shed mods, for those who find the in-game sheds a bit lacking.


10. Machine Shed v1.0

Machine Shed v1.0 Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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Let’s get this list going with this smaller equipment storage shed.

It’s certainly not the biggest, but is plenty large enough to store a couple of tractors in.

This mod comes with two garage bay doors, which both open and close, which removes the equipment stored inside from view.

And this shed also makes a great place to store those limitless implements you’re going to have to buy.


9. Shed Pack v1.2.0.1

Shed Pack v1.2.0.1 Mod for Farming Simulator 19

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Now this mod pack comes with two fairly large sheds.

One is for storing equipment, the other for storing crops such as grass or chaff.

Both are extremely handy to have around the farm.

The equipment shed does not have a door, but the opening is wide enough to get the biggest tractors and harvesters inside easily.

The other shed included in this pack is for mass crop storage that is covered. All in-game storage solutions have an open top which will let your crops get rained on.

Keep those crops dry and safe with this mod pack.


8. 60×100 foot Red Iron Building

60x100 foot Red Iron Building Mod for FS19

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This shed can be used as an equipment storage building.

Sixty by one hundred may not sound huge… but just wait until you see this in your field.

The building has two working garage style doors, a walk in door, and lighting for those late-night runs.

And it has more than enough room for most small to medium sized farms. But it’s not wide enough to get harvester heads into.


7. Santa’s Workshop v1.0

Santa’s Workshop v1.0 Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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I would be a scrooge if I didn’t include this cute piece of work in this mod list.

While it isn’t large enough to actually store equipment in, it will bring the holiday spirit to your farm.

Lots to enjoy here: working and animated lights, a detailed interior, and a nicely done sign to show who the shop really belongs to.

Complete with nutcracker and stockings hung with care.


6. NI Storage Shed

NI Storage Shed FS19 Mod screenshot

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Here’s another large shed in our list that makes for a great equipment storage building.

This northern Irish shed has an extra wide sliding door makes it accessible to harvesters and tractors alike.

And this older style shed is great for larger farms looking to hide those pesky tractors from your view.

It also makes a great bale storage building as well.


5. Wooden Toilet v2.0

Wooden Toilet v2.0 Mod for FS19

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This mod adds a bit of realism to the game.

Because now, not only can you save you live stock manure, you can save your own too!

I know, every farmer’s true dream.

And while this gives you an endless supply of manure to use as fertilize, it would also make your crops inedible for anything except livestock.

But don’t worry: they didn’t think that far into this mod, I mean it’s just a game right?

So this just turns out to be a cute little way to get an endless supply of free fertilizer, without using all of those harsh chemicals everyone hates so much.


4. Self-marketing v1.1.0.0

Self-marketing v1.1.0.0 FS19 Mod

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Now this mod pack really adds to the economy side of the game.

This includes several fruit and veggie stands, as well as vending machines.

Now you can sell your produce directly to the customer, rather than to a bakery or a port.

This also takes a lot of the effort out of hauling your bulk produce to these places one load at a time. Sell directly off of your farm and save time while gaining profits.


3. System-Tec Grass Dryer

System-Tec Grass Dryer Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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Here we have essentially a permanent hay tedder.

Bring your grass, pour it in, and it comes out dried.

You’re probably thinking: why would I want something so silly?

Well the answer is bulk, bulk, and bulk.

This mod allows you amass a huge pile of “wet” grass, load the machine with a front loader, and then produce bale after bale of dry hay without ever leaving the storage area.

Anyone who has tried to feed much livestock will realize how much time and effort goes into baling and collecting the hay. Only to have them fall over and turn into a mess the first time you leave the area.


2. Riding Facility v1.1.0.0

Riding Facility v1.1.0.0 Mod for FS19

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This shed is for the horse lovers out there who found the in-game paddock lacking.

This horse paddock shed has room for 12 horses, has an indoor and outdoor riding area, and also has a small area for feed, water, and straw.

This equestrian center also has Olympic-style obstacles in the indoor riding area, and is fully lit for night time fun.

The riding area alone is 20 by 60.

Outdoors there’s a dressing and tack area, too.

Another feature outdoors is the jumping course, with several professional looking course jumps.

And around the outside of the entire training complex is a lunging hall which is extremely useful for training.


1. Station Free Fruit v1.0

Station Free Fruit v1.0 FS19 Mod

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And the top mod on this list is by far the smallest shed you’ll ever need.

Not to mention it’s the smallest on this list.

But its usefulness really keeps it cemented here at number one!

Size doesn’t always matter, because this tiny little storage bin holds the key to unlimited… well, everything.

This bin gives an unlimited amount of any crop, any seed, any fertilizer, literally anything you can buy to fill, can be filled.

This includes seeders that require seeds and fertilizer to function. Plus sprayers that only run expensive fertilizer that you can’t make. Or tipper trailers for selling crops.

You can even drag your water trailers up to it and fill them with the push of a button.

No more dragging your truck and trailer into the creek for free water.

Also worth mentioning that this mod can also fill feed mixers with TMR for cows.

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