Best Tedder Mods For Farming Simulator 19 (All Free)

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For some reason, cows seem to like the grass better after it’s been dried. And Farming Simulator 19 took this into account when designing the hay system.

This is what the tedders are for.

The base game actually has quite a large selection already, and if you’ve tried them, they’re all about the same (except for size).

And size is what sets one tedder apart from another more than anything else.

But if vanilla isn’t cutting it, mods are here to help. And we’ve gathered a list of our picks for the best Tedder Mods for FS19 – all of which are supported on PC as well as console versions of the game.


9. Z-234

Z-234 Tedder / Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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The first Tedder on our list is a combo of a rake and a Tedder.

This means you only have to make one pass to get your grass ready for baling.

While this may not be the largest tedder, it still manages to save you time by removing one step from the process.

This tedder also has an older design, and it’s great to see something like this added into the game. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything like this design still being produced, either, mainly because they wore out extremely fast.


8. GVS 6U

GVS 6U FS19 Mod screenshot

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Here’s a tedder that’s a bit larger than the ones that come with the game.

It’s just as big as the rakes, and can double as a rake when you need it to – even if it is a bit unrealistic.

It comes in at a whopping 7 meters and will have you baling your hay in no time.

This tedder comes in a nice blue and yellow color, which is standard for this brand of equipment. There’s also a red and yellow version. Plus there are options for tires too, as well as width and working mode.


7. Pöttinger HIT 690 N

Pöttinger HIT 690 N Mod for FS19

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This HIT 690 N is a medium sized tedder mod.

And while it may look very similar to the other tedders, it’s one of the most customizable out there.

You can change the colors of each section of the machine, too, including the heads that drag across the ground.

There are multiple mechanical features you can add if you choose, as well as many choices for wheel and tire set ups.

Plus this tedder can be painted to match any tractor in the game, which is fairly unique among tedders.


6. Lizard ESF 46

Lizard ESF 46 Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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This tedder is smaller than the last, but not by much.

It has a working width of 4 meters with a max speed of 18 kilometers per hour. And it comes in a nice arrangement of colors, but can be repainted to the color of your choosing – although there’s only one fully-coated option, so it paints the entire thing.

This is also a 3 point hitch style tedder, which means you do not have to drag it around like a trailer.

This saves you time turning around, and it makes storage a breeze.

Plus this mod has 2 little stands on the side to hold it up while it’s disconnected. Great functionality.


5. Fella Grassland Equipment

Fella Grassland Equipment Mod for FS19

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At a glance you might notice this isn’t just a tedder mod. It’s actually a full pack of fantastic hay equipment!

But we’re just here for the tedders today, so that’s the focus in this piece. But if you’re looking for a variety of hay equipment then absolutely look into the other stuff here.

This tedder comes in red and black, with yellow warning stripes on it. This pack is mostly great because you have a full equipment pack that matches.

None of the other tedders can claim this, as the mowers and such are all different brands.

And the equipment in this pack is all the same color, and about the same size. So it can all be used with the same size tractor.


4. Krone KWT 11.22

Krone KWT 11.22 FS19 Mod

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Here we have a tedder that has been designed with smaller tractors in mind.

You get more width per horsepower required to pull this attachment – moreso than other tedders offer.

It also has edge control to keep your hard earned grass from slinging off into someone else’s field, or even worse: the highways.

This tedder is green with a yellow driveshaft. This means it matches the John Deere tractors very well. If you’re a fan of that branding, definitely check this mod out.

On the whole it’s a very fast working little tedder, and is certainly worth a shot.


3. SIP Favorit 220

SIP Favorit 220 Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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Nobody will ever call this a large tedder.

In fact it’s actually quite small – it only has a working width of 2 meters.

But it does not drag behind, it actually goes in front of the tractor.

This means you can dry the grass, and still have your rake going behind you.

Although with this tedder, you’ll have to find an awfully small rake to go with it. Maybe a mower in front and this tedder behind would be a better idea.


2. Fahr KH 4S

Fahr KH 4S FS19 Mod screenshot

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Yep, another small tedder to add to our list.

The Fahr KH4S is still a great little machine, though.

It’s designed to work with tractors pulling less than 50 horsepower – so it’s great for those of you newer farmers just getting started.

It comes in a solid red by default, but multi-color options have been added with updates.

The creator of this mod also put a lot of work into the animation of the machine while it’s working mode. It’s worth a download to try this out, even if it’s just to see this little thing in action.


1. Tedders Addon

Tedders Addon Mod for Farming Simulator 19

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Have you ever noticed that most tedders just float along over the ground? And even when you hit a hump in the dirt (or a hole) most tedders never move up or down.

This is because the devs didn’t give them proper ground response. And I will agree with them and say that a tedder should never touch the ground very hard at all.

But they do ride slightly on the ground, and this mod aims to fix this for the vanilla tedders already in the game.

Granted this pack does not adjust all of the tedders, but a good number of them have been redone.

In this entire process, this mods creator also made all these tedders paintable too. So you can paint them to match your favorite brand of tractor (or really whatever you want).

And not only is the paint changeable, but so is the brand.

You can switch the brand tags to any of the following brands: Kuhn, Sip, Claas, Krone, Deutz.

And with Farming Simulator mods like this, more realism is always welcome.

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