The Best Plow Mods for Farming Simulator 22

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A wise man once said: “tomorrow’s harvest depends on today’s ploughing and sowing.”

He obviously hadn’t played Farming Simulator, or he would have known that for the most part, plowing is optional.

If you didn’t know already, periodic plowing can be switched off in FS22. So can liming, weeding, and picking stones. And no, if you don’t have to do something then why bother, right? We farmers are busy people – nobody got time for that!

Or do we?

Because plowing has several benefits.

Yes, it’s slow work which requires a lot of horsepower. But if you persevere, you won’t have to waste time and money down the line dealing with weeds. It also gives you a 15% higher yield when you harvest your crop. So there’s that.

Still not convinced? Well let me guess, plows are just too slow and narrow? Well, there’s a mod for that.

Note: unless otherwise stated, all the mods on this list are available on PC/MAC, PS4, PS5, XB1, and XBS.


15. Pottinger Servo 2

Pottinger Servo 2 / Farming Simulator 22 Mod

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Price: €9,600
Working Width: 1.2m
Working Speed: 11 km/h
Requirements: 50 hp

Yes, it’s small and I promised you big and fast. But size doesn’t always matter, right?

In fact sometimes only small will do, especially when you need to get in between rows of olives or grapes for instance. This mod is also unique in that it can be used with small tractors such as the Antonio Carraro tractors.

It’s 1.2 meters wide, only needs 50 hp to get it moving, and at $9,600 it won’t break the bank. Perfect for those hard to reach spaces.


14. Lemken D24

Lemken D24 / FS22 Mod

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Price: $600
Working Width: 1m
Working Speed: 15 km/h
Requirements: 10 hp

If it’s small you’re looking for, you won’t get much smaller than the Lemken D24.

At only one meter wide, it has the smallest working width available. It also has the smallest price, and horsepower requirement – only 10 hp!

If you’re still not convinced on why a small plow is worth your time, they can be useful to help you evenly space out trees when you plant them. That way, you can mow the grass between each row. If you wanted to, that is.


13. Karakuzu 9B Heavy Subsoiler

Karakuzu 9B Heavy Subsoiler / Farming Simulator 22 Mod

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Price: $5,500
Working Width: 4.2m
Working Speed: 12 km/h
Requirements: 150 hp

Okay, enough with the small plows!

The Karakuza will set you back a very reasonable $5,500, and it only requires 150 hp to work. Considering it has a working width of 4.2 meters, that’s very impressive.

Check out those teeth – those things go deep!

Note: this mod is only available for PC/MAC users.


12. Lizard SRZ 240

Lizard SRZ 240 / FS22 Mod

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Price: $10,000
Working Width: 3m
Working Speed: 13 km/h
Requirements: 280 hp

The first entry by Lizard on this list, and a solid one at that. Get ready for a few more, because Lizard makes the best plows, and that’s a fact!

As with most plows from Lizard, it’s pretty darn cheap.

It’s also pretty quick – 13 km/h is pretty fast for a plow, let me tell you.

If the roller on the back actually served a purpose, other than looking good, then it would be higher on this list. You can choose from several, and all of them are really well animated.

This mod is actually found under subsoilers, but functions as a plow.


11. Bandeirante Rasthor H7

Bandeirante Rasthor H7 / Farming Simulator 22 Mod

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Price: $39,500
Working Width: 4.2m
Working Speed: 10 km/h
Requirements: 210 hp

I’ll be honest, part of the reason this made the list is because it has such a cool sounding name, but its specs are nonetheless impressive.

And yes, the rollers on this plow do actually work!

It has two functions: plowing and cultivating, which, at only $39,500, means it’s worth every penny.

It also sits square with your tractor, compared to the more traditional diagonal plows, which I find makes life that little bit easier.

Note: it also has a bigger brother: the Bandeirante Rasthor V11. It’s a little bit wider, but it’s also more expensive, and takes nearly double the amount of horsepower to pull.


10. Lizard CHB 11/12/13/14

Lizard CHB 11/12/13/14 / FS22 Mod

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Price: $12,700 – $15,700
Working Width: 4.4m – 6m
Working Speed: 12 km/h
Requirements: 220 hp – 340 hp

This is a great set of plows if you’re looking for a choice of working widths.

They have a very functional folding mechanism, which allows for a great amount of maneuverability during transport.

You’ll also notice, as with most equipment by Lizard, that it’s really cheap. But, cheap in a good way!


9. Piccin Advanced Mod BT 11

Piccin Advanced Mod BT 11 / Farming Simulator 22 Mod

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Price: $50,500
Working Width: 6m
Working Speed: 10 km/h
Requirements: 510 hp

Another mod with a dual function – plowing and cultivating.

It needs a hefty 510 hp to make it move, but at a little over $50k for a 6 meter working width, it’s well worth it.

It also has adjustable depth control, which you can use to minimize soil disturbance. Advanced by name, advanced by nature!


8. PSHK-5 Pack

PSHK-5 Pack / FS22 Mod

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Price: $15,000
Working Width: 3m
Working Speed: 12 km/h
Requirements: 180 hp

What is a three meter plow doing so high up on this list, I hear you say?

Well, it’s because this pack gives you the choice of a plow that also cultivates, or a plow that also fertilizes. The fact that it only costs $15,000 might have something to do with it as well.


7. Kverneland PW 100-12

Kverneland PW 100-12 / Farming Simulator 22 Mod

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Price: $88,500
Working Width: 6m
Working Speed: 11 km/h
Requirements: 360hp

Next up is the PW 100-12 from Kverneland, and at $88,500, it’s one of the more expensive plows on this list. There is a cheaper option at $75,000, but that would mean losing the Packomat function, which you don’t want to do.

With the Packomat function, not only can you plow, but you can get that nice neat cultivated look as well. It takes a bit of maneuvering at the end of each row, but it means you can kill two jobs with one plow.

It’s also a respectable 6 meters wide, and plows at a steady 11 km/h, which is almost the max speed for even the fastest of plows in the standard game.


6. Lizard 6M

Lizard 6M / FS22 Mod

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Price: $8,000
Working Width: 6m
Working Speed: 20 km/h
Requirements: 180 hp

I told you that Lizard make great plows, didn’t I?

It’s cheap, it’s 6 meters wide, and it plows at 20 km/h!

And you can attach it to the front or the rear of your tractor.

You can even attach it backwards, with the teeth pointing towards you. Why, you ask? Because it drastically reduces the amount of horsepower needed to use it!

This level of functionality combined with the ridiculously low price means it’s the perfect plow for a farmer on a budget.


5. Gregoire Besson SPSL9

Gregoire Besson SPSL9 / Farming Simulator 22 Mod

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Price: €131,000
Working Width: 10.5m
Working Speed: 12 km/h
Requirements: 550 hp

As you can probably tell, this huge diagonal plow needs a tractor with a fair bit of horsepower to move it.

But, at over 10 meters wide, that’s to be expected. Right?

If you want a big plow, but want to keep some semblance of realism, this is a good option. Just make sure you have a big enough tractor!


4. Case Ecolo-Til 2500

Case Ecolo-Til 2500 / FS22 Mod

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Price: $80,000
Working Width: 8.5m
Working Speed: 11 km/h
Requirements: 310 hp

This plow really comes into its own when used in combination with the Selfmade Weight. By opting for the extension bar for an extra $100, and attaching it to the self-made weight, you can effectively trick your tractor into thinking it’s not pulling anything.

Yes, you read that right: not pulling anything!

So you can plow at your tractor’s max speed which, as long as it has the required 310 hp, can be in excess of 40 km/h! It’s comical to watch but a little too unrealistic for my liking.

You’ll also need to carefully monitor any hired workers. This setup confuses them, and they’ll blow past the field’s edge and start ripping new ground.


3. Lizard Subsoiler 6MT/9MT

Lizard Subsoiler 6MT/9MT / Farming Simulator 22 Mod

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Price: €17,000 – €19,000
Working Width: 6m – 9m
Working Speed: 16 km/h
Requirements: 320 hp

Technically, this is a subsoiler with a plow function, which means you won’t find it under plows. But, it also means that it won’t throw up bigger stones like a subsoiler will.

But even small stones are nothing to worry about, when you realize that it can be attached to the front of your tractor. That’s right, you can plow from the front and attach a roller to the rear!

That’s right men, we finally have a chance to do two things at once!

Despite its 9 meter width, it folds away in a nice compact fashion, which makes moving around your farm easier compared with some of the larger plows.


2. John Deere 2410

John Deere 2410 / FS22 Mod

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Price: $85,000
Working Width: 16.7m
Working Speed: 14 km/h
Requirements: 320 hp

This green giant might not have a second function, but it doesn’t need one when it has a working width of 16.7 meters! If you think it looks big, wait until you unfold it – somehow, it looks bigger than the next mod!

It also has a long drawbar, which means, unlike most plows, that it has a good bit of distance between the tractor.

This allows for a good view of the plow whilst you’re in first-person camera mode, which means it’s much easier to maneuver.


1. Lizard SM72/SM82

Lizard SM72/SM82 / Farming Simulator 22 Mod

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Price: $73,00 – $87,000
Working Width: 22m – 26m
Working Speed: 15 km/h
Requirements: 330 – 370 hp

I told you that Lizard make the best plows, and here’s the proof!

This monster of a plow measures in at 26 meters wide, if you opt for the SM82 variant. And why wouldn’t you – it’s a 26 meter-wide plow!

If that wasn’t impressive enough, it only takes 370 hp to pull, and it does it at an awe inspiring 15 km/h.

The animations of it unfolding look and sound great – it has a realistic-looking sag at either end of the plow. The rims, and the main body, also come with several color options.

It even has an optional rear ball/pin hitch, which enables you to attach something like a fertilizer spreader, or a seeder. That is, of course, if you can find one big enough…

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