Top 10 Funniest Characters in Naruto

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In an anime that’s full to bursting with funny moments, comical filler arcs, and banter between teammates and enemies alike, it’s pretty tough to come up with a list like this.

But hey, here ya go.

This is our definitive-ish list of the biggest chuckle summoners you’re likely to find this side of the Five Great Shinobi Countries.

Be it hearty belly-laughs at the expense of some slapstick shenanigans, or wry snickering at a sarcastic barb or dry wit, we’ve got you covered.


10. Konohamaru

Konohamaru Closeup from Naruto Anime

Konohamaru is Naruto’s number one super fan and, if we’re being honest, generally a pain in the neck to anyone else.

He does begin to redeem himself with his comedic exploits in the series, although to say that everyone finds his comedic style redeeming might be a bit much…

In fact, he gets to display his comedy chops in not only the mainline Naruto series, but also in its spinoff, too.

In fact, he’s about as funny as he gets in Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals.

But that’s not to say we don’t get any laughs out of him otherwise.

The Sexy Jutsu, as much as it can be a toe-curlingly large amount of second hand embarrassment, never fails to raise a smile at the sheer fun of it.


9. Yamato

Yamato from Naruto Anime

On the surface, Yamato doesn’t appear to be a character you would closely associate with the word “fun”.

His seriousness about missions, being a stickler for ranks and authority, and the idea of “ruling by the use of terror” seem like the exact opposite, in fact.

Except, well, his ruling by the use of terror usually involves him pulling a particularly hilarious “spooky” face at whoever he’s trying to whip into shape.

In fact, it only really seems to work on Naruto, to further comedic effect.

This is only amplified when Yamoto, outside of his serious mission nature, plays pranks on Naruto based on the fact he seems to be the only one it scares.

It takes a bit of looking around, but Yamoto really can be a funny guy.


8. Tobi

Tobi from Naruto Anime

As much as we got to see Tobi develop into a fully-fleshed out and much less bumbling character, most viewers remember him more fondly from the early introduction – which was primarily comic relief with a dash of self-deprecating jokery.

And you know what?

His character was all the better for it, honestly.

Sure, finding out more about his mysterious past and motivations helped scratch the itch of discovery.

But we started losing out on one of the funnier characters from this show as a result.

There’s plenty of food-based humor around him too – mostly based around Tobi forcing stuff into the hole in his face. Which, without context, just sounds like normal eating, doesn’t it?


7. Hashirama

Hashirama laughing in the Naruto Anime

Here’s a man whose personality can flip quicker than a greased light switch.

Hashirama was often noted as not really seeming like the sort of person you’d call the “God of Shinobi” because of his extreme moods.

But when he wasn’t being a big cranky sourpuss, he could be found laughing and joking up a storm, his infectious personality ensuring everyone around him was sure to join in.

It’s the sort of personality you watch and can’t help but smile along with, and then find yourself laughing at his good-natured & charming antics.

The God of Shinobi may have a mean side. But his bright side really makes it all worth it.


6. Suigetsu

Suigetsu weird pose in Naruto Anime

Need a quip? Or maybe a sharp sarcastic one-liner?

Suigetsu is your guy.

Hell, even if you don’t need a joke, you can be sure Suigetsu is going to give you one anyway.

Now, some of his style of “funny” would get on a lot of peoples nerves pretty quickly. So it’s probably not the best idea when everyone around you can use powers and are armed with a variety of sharp implements.

But every group of self-anointed renegades needs a cool, wisecracking one that lightens the mood in serious moments – yet also makes everyone want to kill him at pretty much every other moment.

It’s like a boyband dynamic, where Sasuke is the dark and mysterious one, and Suigetsu is the one he wants to murder!


5. Rock Lee

Rock Lee weird face in Naruto Anime

Rock Lee might be a mini Might Guy in appearance, but the student has moments that challenge his master for providing a good laugh to the viewing audience.

I can see a torch being passed between the two, if I’m honest!

He’s funny in a tragic sort of a way sometimes, when we’re encouraged to laugh at his frankly pathetic attempts to woo Sakura – which we all know isn’t going anywhere, but it’s fun to see him try, right?

If that sort of humor doesn’t sit with you, don’t worry.

Rock Lee is plenty funny in his own right – even starring in his own chibi-style spin off to really flex those comedy muscles to their fullest.


4. Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki close-up screenshot from Naruto Anime

This always feels like a controversial opinion, but I’m sticking by it – I find Naruto funny.

Not in a mature “let’s have a sensible chuckle at his well thought out jokes” sort of a way – it’s his antics that tickle my funny bone.

There’s just something about his cheeky wide-eyed and childish demeanor in serious situations that really works.

He’s a grade-A goofball 90% of the time. And that’s something this show really needs, next to the brooding seriousness of Sasuke, and the brooding lust for Sasuke from Sakura.

And it never gets old to see his ramen obsession appear almost equal to (and sometimes bypass) his ultimate dream to become the Hokage.


3. Jiraiya

Jiraiya from Naruto Anime

Jiraiya is definitely one of those characters you’ll be laughing at, not with.

But hey, I didn’t specify anything so it’s fair game!

Yes, it’s that big rowdy pervert Jiraiya again – but this time rather than shaking our heads and bemoaning him, we’re getting a chance to laugh at some of his funnier antics.

When you get right down to it, he has a lot of moments where his misadventures actually inspire mirth, not revulsion!

In his very own words, “I’m not a little pervert; I’m a big one!”

Now if that doesn’t get a laugh out of you, I’m not really sure what will.


2. Might Guy

Might Guy Close-up from Naruto Anime

Whether it’s slapstick visual comedy or bizarre one liners, the appearance of Might Guy is practically a guarantee that he’ll have you leaving an episode with a smile on your face.

He’s just so full of zany energy, backed up by these moments that you think are going to be serious, before you realize he’s saying something utterly ridiculous – which makes it all the funnier!

And while he does know when the right time is to put a serious face on, you know full well that some sort of crazy scene can’t be too far around the corner.

We’re lucky to have you, Might Guy!


1. Killer Bee

Killer Bee from Naruto Anime

Yep, it’s everyone’s favorite ninja-turned-rapper Killer Bee that gets to walk (fly?) away with the top spot in this ranking – and it couldn’t be more deserved.

The guy is funny whether he wants to be or not!

It could be from trying out new rhymes that lay the smack down on his opponent mid-fight, as Sasuke found out much to his chagrin. Or from just generally being a sassy little thing, either way Killer Bee knows how to hurt an opponent – in their ears.

But he then also punches them, for good measure.

For my money, anyone that can turn a ninja fight into a rap battle in just a few seconds deserves to be crowned as the funniest character without question.

If only he and Might Guy had a chance to throw down with words, not powers…

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