Funniest & Weirdest GTA: Vice City Mods (All Free)

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Open-world sandbox games like GTA have always had comedic potential. And mods are a great way to double down on the hilarity.

With its age-old graphics and unique 80s aesthetic, playing GTA: Vice City nowadays is pretty humorous by itself.

The lights, the palms lining the streets, and Tommy’s unique fashion sense all make it feel like someone made a vaporwave game on purpose… fifteen years before the term was used.

This makes it the ideal place to try out some absurd and reality-bending mods that may either weird you out, or have you in tears laughing. And this list has just the right mods to get you started.

Note: Keep in mind most of these mods won’t work without installing the CLEO Library add-on, so make sure to do that before moving on!


10. Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen Mod for GTA VC

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Disney’s Cars first came out several years after GTA: Vice City.

But that didn’t stop creator Futurama_Freak1 from working on this humorous mod.

Lightning McQueen getting involved in drive-bys and trying to get away from the army after you reach a 6-star wanted level is simply ridiculous to watch.

This bright-colored car comes in two versions: one with the cartoony eyes and non-damageable parts, and one with a typical windshield.

Get it for a kid.

Or get it to make some really dank memes in Vice City.


9. UFO Mod

UFO Mod - GTA Vice City Screenshot

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If we’re talking about unusual mods, we can’t ignore this Unidentified Flying Object created by modder Re-Volt.

There are plenty of perfectly identifiable and functional aircraft in Vice City, a first for the GTA series on PC.

Still, none are quite as unique or entertaining as this stereotypical flying saucer.

Imagine the FBI’s faces when they finally manage to find a real-life flying saucer, only for Tommy “The Alien” Vercetti to come out guns blazing.


8. Take a Nap

Take a Nap in Vice City

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Developers have a thing against letting the main character rest.

Even if you leave the controller/keyboard unattended, most will just stand there unmoving while awaiting your return.

This mod by Tommi4ka will finally allow Tommy to rest his legs on benches, stairs, beds, and anywhere it makes sense to sit down and doze off.

Just press “U” and Tommy will be asleep within seconds.

He has his work cut out for him in Vice City. Letting him rest is almost merciful.

There are some other mods offering the ability to sit and even lie down, but none are quite as restorative – or funny!


7. Guards For Tommy

Guards For Tommy Mod Screenshot

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It’s unclear whether creator Tommi4ka intended this to be funny, but Guards for Tommy is one of the most hilarious mods around.

The mod’s objective is to let you spawn three smart and resourceful gentlemen to help you out of tight situations.

And take care of any threat to your safety.

While the guards certainly keep you safe, watching three identical dudes wearing black sunglasses beating the life out of someone just because you bumped into them… just cracks me up every time.

Just be careful, as these madmen will also attack the police unprovoked.

Which is funny in its own sort of way.


6. Gangnam Style Mod

Gangnam Style Mod for Vice City

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Back when the Gangnam Style dance by Korean artist PSY first became a meme, it was everywhere.

Unbeknownst to me, it even made it to Vice City thanks to modder NikitaUzumaki.

With this mod you just need to press TAB + 1, and Tommy will break into dance immediately.

For extra laughs, you can also tell other characters to dance with you by pressing TAB + 2 while looking directly at them.

I’d love to see some videos of people dancing on top of FBI trucks, on planes, and maybe even the flying saucer from a couple spots back.

A Tik Tok dance may be more appropriate nowadays, but that’s Fortnite territory.


5. Superman Mod

Superman Mod for GTA Vice City

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Back when I was a kid, all I wanted for Christmas was to fly like Superman.

Truth be told, that’s still at the top of my unrealistic wishlist.

That may be hard to achieve in real life, but thanks to modder Ashwin, it’s perfectly possible in Vice City.

Thanks to this Superman Mod, you’ll never need to steal a helicopter ever again.

Just press and hold the action button, and Tommy will take off.

Whether you want to terrify airplane passengers or laugh at Tommy plummeting to his death after you stop mid-flight, this is sure to keep you entertained.


4. The Undertaker

The Undertaker mod for GTA Vice City

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WWE legend Mark William Kelway arrives to take over Vice City, and replace Tommy Vercetti as the game’s protagonist.

We can give a big thanks to modder Bolin for this ultimate GTA/WWE crossover.

I’m sure many of you will find this mod “cool” rather than “funny”. That said, we can all agree having The Undertaker wreaking havoc in Vice City is very weird.

Part of what makes it so weird is how HD this dude looks, despite being surrounded by 2003 graphics.

Whether you want to punch some faces as this total bad-ass, or would rather re-write history by going through the campaign as Taker, I’m sure you’ll get plenty of use out of this mod.


3. Security Kiss

Security Kiss mod for Vice City

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Romance and relationships are a fountain of funny stories and weird situations.

Having girlfriends wasn’t introduced to GTA until San Andreas. But that doesn’t mean Tommy can’t have some quick fun.

And I’m not talking about the Hot Coffee mod or anything of the sort, but rather the Security Kiss mod by creator Xbxy.

This will let you share a passionate kiss with basically any character in the game by pressing TAB + N, including old ladies, police officers, and even the gangsters trying to kill you.

Since not all characters look the same, the mod may look… weird, sometimes.

Still, that’s part of the charm in modding a classic game like Vice City.


2. Get Drunk

Get Drunk mod for Vice City

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Thanks to modder SpaceEinstein, we can now catch a moment of respite and unwind by drinking at either the Pole Position or the Malibu bars.

Drink enough, and you’ll become drunk.

The effects are similar to what’s seen in the memorable Boomshine Saigon mission.

The screen becomes washed-out, the camera seems hard to control, and your driving skills will be hilariously impaired.

If you keep drinking even past this point, you’ll pass out and wake up in one of 13 random places around the city.

Honestly, this mod is giving me some pretty unpleasant flashbacks. Next!


1. Super Powers Mod

Super Powers Mod - Vice City Mod

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A mod doesn’t need to be complex or extensive for it to be funny.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest impact.

Modder Rand proves this with their Super Powers Mod, which gives every single character in the game enough strength to send anyone flying a block away with a single punch.

Of course, that includes you.

Brawls will last considerably less time than they used to.

But I promise you’ll enjoy them far more.

Don’t believe me?

Try it out at a crowded night club.

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