Funniest & Weirdest Sims 4 Mods In Existence

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There’s a mod for everything out there. Custom houses, scenarios, new careers, and tons of custom items.

While most Sims 4 mods are made up of content to make the game more interesting, some are just downright weird.

That’s the purpose of this list: to share some of the strangest, funniest, and most absurd mods this side of The Sims 4’s universe.

I’ve made my way to & from the darkest depths of Sims 4 mods to bring you some of the funniest and weirdest ones out there. So let’s get weird with it!


35. The Dirt! On all of your floors!

Dirt on the floors! TS4 mod

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To start, we have one the weirder building mods out there.

When you think of building in Sims games, it’s usually to build the perfect house of your dreams.

There are even those who use money cheats just to spend their days building the perfect home. I mean, it’s fun right?

Well with The Dirt! On all of your floors!, you’ll be able to place dirty floor tiles wherever you want. Now I’m not sure why you’d want to do that, but you can, so here it is!


34. No More Hugging Trash Bags

No More Hugging Trash Bags Mod

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Traits are an important part of the game.

Each Sim has traits that affect the way they behave in different activities and situations.

One of those traits is called Recycle Disciple, which makes your sim crazy about recycling.

Now where this gets weird is that apparently, you’ll often find Recycle Disciple sims lovingly hugging trash bags when left idle for a while.

Okay fine, this one’s sort of a cheat, since it actually removes some of the weirdness from the base game – but it still makes the list because why the hell would anyone hug a trash bag in the first place?


33. Sleep Naked Mod

Sleep Naked Mod for The Sims 4

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I get it, what you do in your own home is your business.

I also get that there are advocates for sleeping in the nude, as you’ll probably find from a simple Google search.

Well if you’re a believer, this mod let’s your sim go to sleep in their birthday suit.

All you have to do is order your sim towards the bed and there’ll be an option to sleep naked – simple as that.

But it doesn’t end there, as sims who sleep naked actually receive a “restful sleep” buff, giving them +2 happiness.

The mod even opens up a whole new list of actions related to sleeping naked, where you can recommend it to others, and even ask other sims if they’ve tried it before. C’mon man…


32. Better Fart Sounds

Better Fart Sounds in Sims 4

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Let’s just say it: this one’s for those who find farts funny.

In all the hours I’ve spent goofing around in The Sims 4, not once did I think that the fart sounds were lacking.

If you did though, well…there you go.


31. Psychic Sims!

Psychic Sims - TS4 CC

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Since Maxis has introduced vampires, spellcasters, and mermaids into the game, modder Lumpinou felt that human sims ended up drawing the short straw.

He aims to balance things out a bit with his mod Psychic Sims!, which basically allows you to make your sims psychics.

Psychic sims have certain powers like dispel negative emotions, commune with the spirits, or even bestow psychic powers onto other sims.

Reactions from other sims have been added as well, where they can either request for your psychic insight or just mock you about your so-called abilities.


30. Bigfoot Head and Body

Bigfoot Head and Body - TS4 CC

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There are unlimited options when it comes to custom content.

Some have posted recreations of their favorite TV and film characters like the Game of Thrones cast, the Joker, or even stuff from cartoons or video games.

On the other hand, there’s Bigfoot.

This one probably isn’t as common as some others, as I doubt many Sims 4 fans would go online and search for a Bigfoot skin on purpose.

No judgement though, if you want it, go ahead and grab it.


29. Reptilian Body, Head, and Teeth

Reptilian Body Mods for TS4

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While we’re on the topic of weird creatures in The Sims 4, here’s another one for you.

Maybe Bigfoot needs a friend. And who better to fill the slot than this strange reptilian creature?

Now you can have two mythical creatures running around your neighbourhood!

This mod lets you create a complete reptilian character with the body, head, and teeth skins included.


28. Extended Butt and Hips Sliders

Extended Butt and Hips CreateASim Mod

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This mod actually expands on the butt and hip sliders during character creation.

So you’ll have more control over how your sims look, at least in regards to junk in the trunk.

If you’ve ever wanted a bigger butt, well here’s your chance.

The slider allows you to change butt size both vertically and horizontally, and maxing out the values are sure to give you some weird-looking results.


27. Mermaid Hybrid Stabilizer

Mermaid Hybrid Stabilizer Mod

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Ah, mermaids.

What was once a realistic life simulator now lets you become half-human half-fish, just by ingesting Mermadic Kelp.

Apparently, hybrid mermaids were broken in the game. As they weren’t able to switch between fins for swimming and feet for walking.

This mod fixes that. So if you do choose to play as a mermaid, everything should work according to plan.


26. Experimental Recipes on Normal Stove

Experimental Recipes in Sims 4

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I’m not sure about you, but I never really got the concept of high-end fine dining restaurants.

You pay way too much money for a plate that’s barely filled with anything, and what you get are dishes with names you’ve never even heard before.

Well that’s just me though, and this is The Sims we’re talking about.

If you wanted, you could cook some gourmet meals yourself from the comfort of your own home.

This mod lets you prepare anything from “Savory Bacon Love Petals” to “Vanilla Sea Shells and Chocolate Caviar” (whatever those are).


25. The Mushroom Chair

Mushroom Chair Mod for Sims 4

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The Mushroom Chair.

I’m sure this is one of those mods that we’re just taking out of context. But are we though?

It’s a magical mushroom chair you can place anywhere inside or outside your home. Weird? Definitely.


24. Royal Dogs

Royal Dogs Mod for Sims 4

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We’ve all met our fair share of crazy fur-parents.

Of course, the definition of “crazy” will differ greatly from person to person.

There are some fur-parents who dress their pets in ridiculous outfits no matter how hot it might be. Then there are crazy cat ladies who have more cat than house.

The Royal Dogs mod gives you the option to hang framed paintings of dogs dressed in royal armor. Either that, or it’s royal humans with dog heads.

Either way, there are four frames and seven paintings to mix and match, giving you a total of 28 combinations to choose from.

There’s a pack for royal cats as well, if that’s more your thing.


23. The Dungeon

The Dungeon Mod for Sims 4

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When we think of The Sims, we usually imagine bright colors, happy cartoon people, beautiful houses, and organized neighborhoods.

Basically, everything is supposed to be bright, bubbly, and colorful.

Well modder littledica had a different vision of what The Sims should be: a darker, dingier vision than what we’re all used to.

The Dungeon pack includes different columns, arches, floors, and walls for you to use to be able to build your very own dark dungeon cave with.


22. Scars 4 Children

Scars 4 Children TS4 Mod

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Character creation options in The Sims 4 already offer a lot.

But some players still find that options are lacking. This prompted Seyjin to create the Scars 4 Children mod.

While body scars were introduced in the Get Famous expansion pack, they were only available for adults.

Scars 4 Children make all of them available for children as well, for whatever reason you might need that.

Looking at some of the sample pictures – they basically make all the kids look like Chucky from Child’s Play.


21. Shark Fight

Shark Fight Mod TS4

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To expand on the Get Famous scar options even more, modder AlisterAzimuth created the Shark Fight Body Scar mod.

It’s not actually a scar, as he created a custom chest tattoo.

But the result is pretty convincing.

If you’ve ever wanted to give your sim an interesting back story, like say, that he had a near-death encounter with a shark before on some random beach trip… well you can do exactly that.


20. Urn Thermostat

Urn Thermostat TS4 Mod

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This one is pretty self-explanatory, but let’s not judge a book by its cover.

The Urn Thermostat actually has a practical purpose.

Yes, it’s an urn that doubles as a thermostat. But an urn would otherwise not be placeable as a decoration!

So there you go, this mod lets you place an urn anywhere you choose. And it will double as a thermostat. Nothing strange here at all.


19. Grave Stone/Tomb Stone Sprinkler System

Grave Stone/Tomb Stone TS4 Mod

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Here’s another one from Teknikah, the Tombstone Sprinkler System.

If you’ve ever wanted to decorate your house with a tombstone, well today’s your lucky day!

This mod lets you place tombstones anywhere you like. Keep in mind though, that its sprinkler functionality will only affect your entire house if it’s placed outside. For some reason.


18. Proposal or Marry NPC Ghost

Proposal or Marry NPC Ghost Mod

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We’re getting into pretty weird territory right about now.

If you’re one of those people that wants to decorate your house with urns and tombstones, it might not be to be too farfetched to assume you have a weird thing for death.

Well if your sim loved someone so deeply that they wanted to keep them forever, well keep reading.

With this mod by Simmiller, actions such as propose, elope, and marry will now be available for non-living sims.

I bet Casper wishes he could have gotten this in real life.


17. Snouts for Sims!

Snouts for Sims TS4 Mod

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We talked a bit about character customization earlier, but didn’t get into anything too weird… yet.

Let me introduce Snouts for Sims!

You can now give your sims customized snouts, along with sliders for longer or shorter snouts, and integrated options for teeth to fit.


16. Rocco Superstar – Mixed Breed Dog

Rocco Superstar TS4 Mod

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Speaking of animals, this mod lets you create a completely custom dog breed unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

It’s actually based on a Basenji, which is an actual dog breed. But it gets unique features that are just weird for my taste.

Rocco Superstar has purple and blue metallic skin, which looks almost rainbow-colored. Not only that, but he has actual rainbow-colored star marks all over his face as well.


15. SEGA Certified Hedgehogs

SEGA Certified Hedgehogs Mod

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While we’re on the topic of pets, SEGA Certified Hedgehogs isn’t something you’re going to want to miss.

Modder woopa20 actually repainted hedgehogs in The Sims 4 to recreate the characters from the SEGA “Sonic the Hedgehog” series.

The hedgehogs come in grey, red, pink, and of course blue.

They come with customized habitats as well, you know to match their colors. And can be purchased for about 2k simoleons.


14. Juicaholic

Juicaholic Sims 4 Mod

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We touched on the topic of traits a bit earlier, and this mod is probably the weirdest one I’ve seen on the topic.

As the Juicaholic in-game description reads, “This sim just can’t get enough of alcoholic drinks!”

Wait, you’re telling me this mod basically makes your sim an alcoholic?

The trait comes with a few buffs as well, where your sim gains +2 happiness while at the bar, +3 happiness after drinking, and will get tense if they don’t drink for 48 hours.

Things are getting a bit real here, folks…


13. Object Head: King Tiger

Object Head Mod for The Sims 4

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I’m not entirely sure what to say about this one.

The description doesn’t offer much insight as to what the purpose of it is, so I’m pretty much at a loss. Which is perfect for this list.

What it does is gives you the option to replace any sim’s head with a Tiger II tank head.

Yes, I’m talking about the Tiger II tank. The kind used by the military during wars. Yes, as a head for your sim.


12. For The Horde Career Path

TS4 Horde Career Path

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There are tons of mods that expand on career options.

And while some mods add some of the real-world jobs that weren’t included in the base game, others are just plain weird.

Take this for example, allowing you to join the horde as a scout.

Based on the popular World of Warcraft games, you’ll be able to work your way up the ranks from a mere scout to become either a Warchief or a Champion of Azeroth. MMO lovers unite!


11. Pirate Career

Pirate Career in Sims 4

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If you feel scourging for food with orcs isn’t really for you, you can choose to explore the vast seas in search of hidden treasure instead.

This mod lets you become a pirate, starting off obeying orders on the ship as a sailor.

You’ll learn as you go and eventually become either a cook, cambusier, or surgeon through the Master path.

On the other hand, you could choose to go the Commandment route and grow into a Lieutenant, and eventually captain your own ship.


10. Ministry of Propaganda

Ministry of Propaganda Career Mod for The Sims 4

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Modders already include a disclaimer warning that this mod is strictly parody and satire, and is not to be taken seriously.

You’ll be starting at the bottom of a fake news corporation as a neighborhood speculator, with the goal of uncovering your neighbors’ deepest darkest secrets.

You’ll then have the option to choose between two branches – become a media personality, or engage in political leadership.

It’s certainly an odd one, but quite fun at that.


9. Flat Earth Movement T-Shirt

Flat Earth Movement T-Shirt CC in Sims 4

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Moving along to the next conspiracy theory, how about this flat earth movement t-shirt?

Any takers?

Well unfortunately, the mod only provides a female-compatible version of the shirt. Sorry guys.


8. Teeth Genetic

Teeth Genetic TS4 Mod

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Let’s go back to character customization for a bit.

We’ve been so preoccupied with giving our sims bigger butts, or transforming them into hairy mythical creatures – well how about something a bit more normal?

This pack gives you three additional teeth options to choose from. Now you can give your sims gap teeth, buck teeth, or snaggle-teeth.

Why would anyone want perfect pearly whites anyway?


7. Male Pregnancy Trait

Male Pregnancy Trait in The Sims 4

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I’m sure we’ve all heard it before.

The argument that it’s unfair how only women have to experience the struggle of pregnancy and child birth.

It’s been covered in movies and TV, but unfortunately it just hasn’t been made possible in real life.

Lucky for us, it’s possible in The Sims. All you have to do is install this mod and you’ll be good to go.

Not only can male sims get pregnant. But they’ll even develop breasts during their second trimester as a result of the hormonal shifts.

Neat, right?


6. Male Breastfeeding

Male Breastfeeding Mod for The Sims 4

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Hold on a minute… did I write that pregnant males would grow breasts?

Well why not go the extra mile and let them nurture their newborns as well?

With this mod, your sim dads will be able to breastfeed their baby – provided that they gave birth to the baby themselves.

With these two mods you won’t even need a woman to mother your child anymore. Very progressive, might I add.


5. Gigantic Baby Costume

Gigantic Baby Costume in The Sims 4

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“They grow up so quickly.”

“Don’t you wish they’d just stay little forever?”

Those are some of the things you’d commonly hear from parents.

Thanks to modder bootsbrisket, your babies will never have to get old with the Gigantic Baby Costume mod for Sims 4!

Well technically, they’ll have to get old since the mod only works on adults… but they’ll still look like babies!


4. Cenotaph of the Tribal Covenant

Cenotaph of the Tribal Covenant TS4

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It’s honestly getting harder and harder to explain these mods as I go along.

This one is different though, as it’s so unique that there’s so much to say.

It adds the Cenotaph of the Tribal Covenant as a decorative item which you can purchase for only $50.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. You can blow on the statue’s horn to call on Gunk the ogre.

Once Gunk has been summoned, he can do four things for you. You can either:

  • Give him your baby
  • Sell him your baby
  • Take/buy a baby from his collection
  • Challenge him to a fart contest

Convinced yet?


3. Deadly Toddlers

Deadly Toddlers TS4 Mod

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Earlier I mentioned scars that can make your children look like Chucky the evil doll from the Child’s Play films.

What if I said you could make your child actually act like Chucky?

Well with Deadly Toddlers, you can.

Deadly Toddlers adds a whole new pie menu of sadistic actions for toddlers, including stab neck, stab chest, and set on fire.

You can even set it so that toddlers autonomously kill other sims. Cute, right?


2. Extreme Violence

Extreme Violence Mod for Sims 4

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If crazy killer babies aren’t what you’re looking for, Extreme Violence might be just what you need.

Maybe you saw one too many crime documentaries and want to live out your crazy serial killer fantasy.

Well we’d all rather you did it in The Sims than in real life.

Extreme Violence adds a Psychopathic Tendencies aspiration to the game, which will gain you the Horrifying Intimidation trait once achieved.

You can do some crazy things with this mod, including choking someone with a grilled cheese sandwich, or even causing a pregnant lady a miscarriage.

Granted there are some nicer aspiration mods to try out… but this one’s got to be the weirdest.


1. Honey, What’s Cooking?

Honey, What’s Cooking? - Sims 4 Mod

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Honey, What’s Cooking? is actually a nod to one of the older Sims mods known as OMGWTFBBQ.

This mod adds two new recipes to the game: Carne de baby and Carne de infante.

You can probably guess by now: this mod lets you cook babies and toddlers for meat.

If that’s not crazy, I don’t know what is.

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