Facts About Gengar: 40 Things You Never Knew

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Gengar has always been a fan favorite amongst Pokémon fanatics. And for good reason, too.

It’s adorable!

But it can also be terrifying to your opponent in battle since Gengar is by far one of the most powerful ghost Pokémon out there.

In this list, we’ll look at a bunch of interesting facts about this crazy ghost and learn a little more about what’s underneath the surface.

1. It first appears in Capsule Monsters

This was the base manga that evolved into Pokémon.

2. It Will Lick You and Mess You Up

Just like Haunter, its licks can paralyze you.

3. Gengar Can’t Battle in the Sky

Even though it can levitate, it can’t do Sky Battles in Pokémon X and Y.

4. …But It Can Fly

Well in the anime it can. I don’t know why I can’t be flying town-to-town on my Gengar in-game though.

5. If You’re on the Naughty List It Will Visit you

In Pokémon Ultra Sun, it’s said that Gengar visits children who have been naughty.

6. Having a Lot of Them Might Be the Solution to Global Warming

The presence of Gengar can cool the surrounding area by 5°C!

7. Pikachu Got Whooped by Gengar

In The Scheme Team, Agatha’s haunter defeats Pikachu. Like, bad.

8. Agatha Seems to Really Like Gengar

In the Pokémon Adventures manga you’ll find that Agatha has two Gengar in her team.

9. Gengar is Both the Plural and Singular Form

Just like Haunter, you don’t have to add an “s” at the end to describe a group of them.

10. It Was Almost Called Phantom

However there were issues with copyrights, so they decided to name it Gengar.

11. A Gengar is Actually Lonely

It said in Pokémon Moon that it’s just looking for a travelling companion.

12. …But You Won’t Like the Way It Does It

In order for Gengar to have a travelling companion, it will try to create one. Yikes!

13. Gengar Will Make Fun of You

It usually mimics shadows and when you get startled it will start laughing at you.

14. Could Clefable Be Gengar?

There’s a fan-theory that’s circulated for years positing that Gengar could be Clefable’s shadow since they have the same body shape.

Clefable just got a lot less cute if you ask me.

15. Gengar is Ken Sugimori’s favorite

Ken Sugimori is one of the original illustrators of Pokémon and to this day it’s still his favorite.

16. Gengar is More Popular Than Pikachu

According to Reddit user mamamia1001, Gengar is the second most popular Pokémon after compiling a list of 52,000 responses.

17. He’s Also The Most Popular Ghost and Poison Pokémon, Respectively

According to the same Reddit thread, he wins in both categories.

Seriously this dude is popular!

18. It’s One of the Most Powerful in the First Generation

It is the most powerful ghost-type Pokémon in the first original 151 lineup.

19. It’s One of The First Ever Pokémon You’ll Ever See

If you watch the first episode of the anime you’ll see there’s a Gengar battling a Nidorino on TV.

20. It Has Access to All the Ghost Type Moves in Pokémon Go

However, not the quick moves though.

21. Just Like Haunter, Gengar likes Standup Comedy

In episode 23 of the anime you’ll see Gengar and Haunter try to amuse Ash by pretending to be owarai performers.

22. Publications Love Gengar

The Official Nintendo Magazine has shown a lot of affection for it. So does IGN!

23. Gengar Never Had Levitate

It only gains this status ability in Generations 3-4.

24. Mega Gengar is Meaner Than Regular Gengar

It is said that Mega Gengar will even try to curse its Trainer.

That’s pretty nasty.

25. They Can Also Be Ninjas!

In the 899th episode of the anime, a couple of Gengar were used by ninjas that were attacking the Ninja Village.

26. Compared to Haunter, it’s Pretty Heavy

Haunter is one of the lightest Pokémon ever at 0.09 kg.

And when it evolves into Gengar it takes on 40.41 extra kilograms.

It must have eaten a lot people in the process of evolving.

Just kidding – or am I…

27. Gengar’s First Appearance in the Manga Was With Moltres

Imagine debuting along with a legendary in round number 26.

28. It’s the Master of Night Shade

Everyone knows that this is its signature move.

29. It’s the Usain Bolt of Ghost-type Pokémon

Its mega evolution Mega Gengar has the highest base speed stat of all Ghost type in the franchise.

30. Gengar is Not Only Mean, It’s the Leader of Meanies…

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, Gengar is the leader of Team Meanies. Literally.

31. …Where It Does Mean Things

In the same game series, we can see it causing havoc by convincing villagers that the hero is at fault for all the bad things happening to them.

32. However, Gengar is Not All That Bad

Towards the end of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, Gengar did ask to visit Ninetails because it hoped it would bring back Gardevoir. Isn’t that sweet?

33. It Makes an Appearance in Detective Pikachu

It was battling in the illegal fight club – why am I not surprised?

And it won against a Blastoise.

34. Alakazam and Gengar are very similar Pokémon

Both Kadabra and Haunter evolve into Alakazam and Gengar respectively when traded, they are both the same size, they are weak to each other’s STAB, and they have the same base stat total.

They also have the same weaknesses. Coincidence?

35. They Even Battled Each Other Once in the Anime

In episode 72 of the anime they are pitted against each other.

However we do not know who really wins since a giant Jigglypuff puts them both to sleep.

36. I’m Not Sure if Mega Gengar Can Wear Shoes

Mega Gengar has small feet in the regular series of games but in Pokkén Tournament he doesn’t have feet at all.

37. Gengar The Doppelganger

Gengar’s name could have come from the word doppelgänger, meaning a person who likes another person or a double.

Looking into the Clefairy/Clefable thing now makes a lot more sense…

38. There Was a Tribute to Him from the Anime to the Manga

In round 269 of the manga, a kid from Pallet Town uses a Gengar to try and catch Nidorino.

Remember that in the first episode of the series where a Gengar was battling Nidorino on TV? Nice callback Game Freak.

39. Its First Known Trainer Was a Team Rocker Grunt

This was in number 26 of the manga.

40. Gengar Can Take Over Your Body

You thought only Haunter and Gastly could do that? Think again!

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