Genshin Impact: Is Aloy Good? (Pros & Cons)

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Aloy is a relatively bad unit – but she is viable. She’s not the best-in-slot for any team, but she’s does work well as a Cryo battery. This is thanks to her very strong energy regeneration.

Outside of this role, she doesn’t work anywhere else.

As a DPS, she simply lacks the damage, AOE, and consistency to compete with other DPS units in-game – especially against her fellow Cryo units that are miles ahead of her.

And as a support, she doesn’t offer enough utility to compete with other supports.

There’s basically no reason to build her – but of course, this is based on meta only. So if you like Aloy regardless of her power level, don’t let this stop you from playing her.


Pros & Cons

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Strong energy particle generation
  • Competes with multiple stronger Cryo units
  • Inconsistent coil stacking mechanics that often rely on other units
  • Lackluster damage output
  • Doesn’t have any constellations to buff her

Aloy Strengths

1. Strong Energy Particle Generation
Aloy generating 5 Cryo particles with her skill / Genshin Impact
Aloy generating 5 Cryo particles with her skill

Aloy’s strong energy particle generation is the best part of her kit.

Each skill cast consistently generates 5 Cryo particles. This is especially valuable in her role as a Cryo battery – it lets her efficiently charge energy-hungry Cryo units like Ayaka and Eula.

In a support build, she can further generate more particles when using a Favonius Warbow or Sacrificial Bow.

This is also great for a DPS build Aloy. She can easily charge and spam her low energy cost burst.


Aloy Weaknesses

1. Other Cryo Units
Other Cryo units: Ayaka, Ganyu, Kaeya, and Rosaria / Genshin Impact
Other Cryo units: Ayaka, Ganyu, Kaeya, and Rosaria

Aloy competes with other Cryo units in all her roles and team slots. And in most cases, these other units outperform her.

Here’s a better comparison between her and some notable Cryo units.

Cryo Unit vs. Aloy
Ayaka and Ganyu Ayaka and Ganyu are miles ahead of Aloy in damage output. This makes them significantly better options as a Cryo DPS. Plus they simply have better and more consistent Cryo application.
Kaeya and Rosaria Kaeya and Rosaria outperform Aloy in the role of sub-DPS and Cryo battery. They simply deal more damage and conditionally generate more energy.

However, Aloy is a viable replacement for these two as a Cryo battery. She does deal less damage, but her energy generation is definitely competitive.
Diona Aloy can outperform Diona as a Cryo battery, but that’s about it.

In contrast, Diona has plenty more utility like healing, shielding, damage reduction, and many more. This makes her a more valuable unit in teams that want defensive options over Aloy’s extra damage.
2. Inconsistent Coil Stacking Mechanics
Aloy’s Chillwater Bomblets being grouped by Kazuha’s skill / Genshin Impact
Aloy’s Chillwater Bomblets being grouped by Kazuha’s skill

Aloy’s skill casts 6 Chillwater Bomblets that give one Coil stack when triggered.

Only 1 stack can be gained every 0.1s. And upon reaching 4 Coil stacks, Aloy gains the Rushing Ice state that increases her normal attack damage and converts it to Cryo damage for 10s.

This sounds pretty simple, but it’s difficult in practice – there are multiple ways this could go wrong.

For instance, multiple bomblets can be triggered simultaneously, thus only gaining 1 Coil stack. Or the enemies can be far apart or distant from the bomblets, thus not triggering them at all.

This issue is mainly solved by using an Anemo unit or other grouping abilities that can move the bomblets toward the opponents.

But this does make Aloy reliant on other units to consistently get 4 Coil stacks every rotation.

3. Lackluster Damage Output
Aloy’s normal attack multipliers at talent level 6 / Genshin Impact
Aloy’s normal attack multipliers at talent level 6

Aloy’s scaling and damage are decent, but they pale in comparison to other Cryo DPS units.

Her damage is definitely enough for a role as a sub-DPS or Burst DPS. It’s just underwhelming when compared to equally accessible Cryo characters like Kaeya.

And as a Main DPS, Aloy is mainly single-target and unfavorable against AOE content.

In contrast, all currently playable Cryo DPS units excel both against single-target and AOE.

So unless you don’t have the better Cryo options – which is unlikely since you get Kaeya for free –, there’s simply no reason to use Aloy.

4. Lack of Constellations
Aloy’s constellation screen / Genshin Impact
Aloy’s constellation screen

Constellations provide multiple buffs to a character and further increases their potential.

Unfortunately, Aloy doesn’t have any constellations.

So there’s no way of improving her past C0. This includes the lack of extra talent levels, damage buffs, and quality-of-life upgrades.

This greatly limits her potential compared to other units – effectively making her even worse than characters that do have constellations unlocked.

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