Are Ascension Quests Worth Doing? (Genshin Impact)

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Ascension quests appear after reaching a certain Adventure Rank – namely, at AR 25, 35, 45, and 50. Accomplishing them lets the player ascend to higher world levels and unlock the next few Adventure Ranks. These are mainly done to gauge whether your characters are built enough to handle higher-level opponents at a higher world level.

These world levels have an increase in the difficulty of overworld combat and the drop rate of mobs, bosses, and ley line outcrops – thus making farming for materials slightly faster. And this increase in drop rates is always appreciated.

Plus you’re bound to ascend while playing the game anyway – so ascension quests are definitely worth doing.

And being able to accomplish ascension quests should mean that you’re ready for higher world levels.

But if you realize that you prefer staying at a lower world level, there’s still an option to decrease your world level by one.

This can be done by opening the Paimon menu or pressing ESC and then pressing the “i” icon beside your world level.

World Level / Genshin Impact

The prompt above will appear and just press the “Lower World Level” button.

This effectively decreases your world level, overworld combat difficulty, and drop rates. It will also let players with a lower level enter your world.

Plus you’ll still be able to progress into higher Adventure Ranks before the next ascension quest.


What Happens If I Don’t Do My Ascension Quest?

You’ll still continue gaining Adventure Rank EXP, but you can’t unlock the next rank.

Instead, your AR EXP just stacks and overcaps on your current progress bar.

There’s no limit to how much excess EXP you can collect – and don’t worry! It will carry over once you complete the ascension quest.

So it’s completely possible to gain a few Adventure Ranks after doing an ascension quest and racking up a lot of AR EXP.

AR 60 guide prompt / Genshin Impact
AR 60 guide prompt

What Happens After Reaching Adventure Rank 60?

Any AR EXP you gain at Adventure Rank 60 will be converted into Mora.

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