Genshin Impact: Is Bennett Worth Pulling? (Pros & Cons)

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Bennett is an amazing character. He’s basically the strongest unit in the game, so he’s worth pulling.

He’s extremely versatile and can fit into most teams – even in ones where he shouldn’t work, like Hu Tao teams. Bennett simply does a lot of things that every unit can benefit from. This includes buffing, healing, cleanse, and strong particle generation all in one unit.

Because of this, he’s always worth building and using.

His only true weakness is that there’s only one of him in the game.


Pros & Cons

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Fills multiple roles into a single slot.
  • Very easy to build.
  • Slots into a lot of teams.
  • Can restrict players within his burst’s circle.
  • There’s only one Bennett in-game, sadly.

Bennett Strengths

1. Multiple Roles
Bennett’s particle generation: 2-3 particles per cast / Genshin Impact
Bennett’s particle generation: 2-3 particles per cast

Bennett does a lot of things – and every unit benefits from at least one of them.

  • ATK buffs – His burst gives an abundance of ATK buffs. This buffing scales from his Base ATK – which is unaffected by his artifact stats – thus making him extremely easy to build.
  • Healing – His burst’s heals proc at a very fast rate. This lets you easily tank enemy attacks as long as you stay within its circle.
  • Cleansing – Bennett’s burst applies Pyro to characters inside its circle. This can be used to cleanse elemental auras and debuffs off your character.
  • Particle generation – His skill has a very short cooldown. This lets him generate a lot of Pyro energy particles over a short period of time.
2. Easy to Build
Bennett with level 90 R5 Festering Desire / Genshin Impact
Bennett with level 90 R5 Festering Desire

Bennett’s ATK buffing scales entirely from his Base ATK.

Base ATK is only affected by weapon and character talents – not his artifact stats. This makes him very easy to build.

Simply leveling him and his weapon is enough to make him viable.

Still, it’s highly recommended that you at least build enough Energy Recharge (ER) for his burst. His recommended ER ranges from 200% to 250%.

3. Versatile Team Comps
Triple Geo with Bennett / Genshin Impact
Triple Geo with Bennett

Bennett’s multiple abilities basically let him fit most teams in-game.

He’s not always an optimal teammate – some characters will outperform him for certain teams. But he’s still perfectly viable.

For instance, Bennett’s cooldowns and burst duration don’t align well with Eula’s.

Because of this, he’s less recommended for Eula – but he’s still perfectly viable. Eula will still benefit from Bennett’s ATK buffs – just not to his full extent.


Bennett Weaknesses

1. Burst Circle
Bennett’s elemental burst / Genshin Impact
Bennett’s elemental burst

Characters need to be within Bennett’s burst to gain its ATK buff.

This restricts players into staying within its circle. Oftentimes, this isn’t a problem since enemies tend to attack and approach your characters.

However, this can be unfavorable against mobile opponents that move away from your characters – like Raiden, Signora, and Rifthounds.

Still, they do have attack patterns where they stay stationary. These are perfect windows to cast Bennett’s burst.


Are Bennett’s Constellations Worth It?

C5 Bennett’s constellation screen / Genshin Impact
C5 Bennett’s constellation screen

Bennett does have good constellations, but they’re not massive upgrades. C1 is often enough to unlock most of his potential. It removes his burst’s HP restriction and buffs its ATK bonus – this is his best constellation.

Apart from C1, none of his constellations are worth actively pulling.

Since he’s a 4-star character, you’ll naturally get his constellations while playing the game. Don’t waste your banner pity attempting to get him from banners you don’t like.

Although if you’re thinking about buying his constellations from the Starglitter Exchange shop, here’s a closer look at each one to help you decide.


C1: Grand Expectation

The ATK increase of Bennett’s burst no longer has an HP restriction and gains an additional 20% of his Base ATK.

By removing the restriction, any character within his burst now gains an ATK bonus regardless of their current HP.

This is easily Bennett’s best constellation.


C2: Impasse Conqueror

When under 70% HP, his Energy Recharge is increased by 30%.

Since Bennett is often off-field, it’s unlikely for him to take damage and go under 70% HP. Even if he did, his quick healing will likely heal him past 70% HP.

This constellation is rarely active – but it does reduce his energy requirements when it is.


C3: Unstoppable Fervor

Increases his elemental skill talent by 3.

This is irrelevant for a support build.

He isn’t built for dealing damage, so there’s no point in buffing his skill.

But it’s a great constellation for a DPS Bennett. His short skill cooldown lets him cast it very often – the damage boost gained from C3 is quite significant.


C4: Unexpected Odyssey

Deals an additional attack when using his hold skill.

Using Bennett’s hold skill is rarely recommended, thus making this a very niche constellation. But in most cases, C4 is insignificant.


C5: True Explorer

Increases his elemental burst talent by 3. This directly increases his healing, ATK bonus, and burst damage – it’s basically great for every Bennett build.

If you’re already at C4, it’s highly recommended that you buy his C5 from the Starglitter Exchange shop.


C6: Fire Ventures with Me

When inside Bennett’s burst, sword, claymore, and polearm users gain 15% Pyro damage bonus, and their weapons are infused with Pyro.

In-game testing has shown that the Pyro damage buff affects all characters within his burst – including bow and catalyst users.

This is generally a good constellation, but it can potentially ruin some team comps.

Genshin doesn’t let you toggle constellations, so there’s no way of reversing his C6 once activated.

So if you’re cautious of any future team comps that can be ruined by this constellation, it’s best not to activate it.

Otherwise, it is a decent damage increase to your Pyro characters. It also lets you try some interesting team comps – like Pyro Kazuha and Pyro Keqing.

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