Genshin Impact: Crown of Insight (Is Crowning Worth It?)

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Crown of Insight is a 5-star talent level-up material. These can be obtained from patch events and exploring different regions. They’re basically used for leveling character talents to level 10 – or crowning a character.

Leveling talents directly buffs an ability’s multipliers, but the difference between levels 9 to 10 is very insignificant.

So no, it’s not really worth it – because it’s just not resource-efficient to spend 700,000 Mora and sixteen 4-star talent books on a minor upgrade.

Instead, Crown of Insight is often considered a cosmetic item – just crown the characters you like.

Otherwise, it’s better to just use those resources for building other characters. Crowning only becomes worth it when there’s no other way of improving your character.

For instance, when you already have them at character level 90 with a level 90 weapon and great artifacts – so there’s little to no room for improvement. In this case, crowning becomes a good option by default.


Which Talents Are Worth Crowning?

Materials needed to crown a talent: Raiden Shogun / Genshin Impact
Materials needed to crown a talent: Raiden Shogun

Crowning is very expensive but gives very little in return.

Because of this, it’s often recommended to just crown your favorite characters. There are rarely any instances where crowning actually becomes resource-efficient.

Still, some talents are more worth crowning than others – simply because they’re relatively stronger or better.

This is especially true for DPS units and buffers that scale off their talent levels.

For instance, it’s more worth crowning Bennett’s burst than Kokomi’s skill. Increasing Bennett’s buffing ability simply benefits your teams more than buffing Kokomi’s healing.

To help you out, here’s a cheat sheet of which character talents are more worth crowning than others.

Talent Characters
Normal Attack Talent Itto, Hu Tao, Xiao, Melt Ganyu
Elemental Skill Albedo, Ayato, Fischl, Tartaglia, Yae
Elemental Burst Ayaka, Beidou, Bennett, Eula, Raiden, Xiangling, Xingqiu, Yelan

Note: This is based on meta only. Don’t let this stop you from crowning your favorite characters.


Is Triple-Crowning Worth It?

Triple-crowned Ayaka / Genshin Impact
Triple-crowned Ayaka

Characters worth triple-crowning are ones that benefit from all three talents.

This includes characters like Ayaka, Hu Tao, and Itto. Otherwise, it’s definitely not resource-efficient to triple-crown most characters.

It’s far better to only crown their best talent/s and then use the remaining resources on their teammates.

For example, Childe National or the International team.

You’ll gain a lot more from crowning Xiangling’s burst, Bennett’s burst, and Tartaglia’s skill instead of just triple-crowning Tartaglia.

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