Genshin Impact: Is Electro Traveler Good? (Pros & Cons)

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Electro Traveler is a viable unit that doesn’t see a lot of use. This is simply because they’re often outperformed by other units that fill the same roles. So they’re a nice unit to have but never needed.

Traveler’s only niche is being able to battery any single unit from any element.

However, there are already plenty of other batteries for each element — and they’re very often better than Traveler. So Traveler is never the best-in-slot for any team.

Note: This is based on meta only. If you like Electro Traveler regardless of their power level, don’t let this stop you from playing them.


Pros & Cons

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Strongest single-unit battery in-game
  • Relatively easy to build
  • Underwhelming personal damage
  • Needs a LOT of Energy Recharge
  • Other batteries already exist for each element

Electro Traveler Strengths

1. Strongest Single-Unit Battery In-Game
Electro Traveler’s elemental burst / Genshin Impact
Electro Traveler’s elemental burst

Traveler can easily charge the burst of any single from any element.

They’re basically the strongest single-unit battery in-game. And they’re best for units that perform normal attacks while on-field, like Eula.

However, they’re worse for units that don’t. This is because normal attacks are what triggers their energy refund mechanic.

2. Relatively Easy to Build
C6 Electro Traveler with free talent levels / Genshin Impact
C6 Electro Traveler with free talent levels

Electro Traveler’s abilities mainly scale off their Energy Recharge (ER) and talent levels — these are the only two things you invest in.

This makes them relatively easier to build because you just need to build enough ER and level their skill and burst. And if you’re using Favonius Sword, just use a CRIT Rate circlet.

There isn’t much need to optimize CRIT ratios or substat rolls — anything with high ER stats is great at mid to high investment.

This is because Electro Traveler isn’t there to deal any damage, so building damaging stats is never needed.

Additionally, you only need to level their skill and burst up to level 7 to unlock the maximum amount of energy refund. This is made easier by their free 3rd and 5th constellation.


Electro Traveler Weaknesses

1. Underwhelming Personal Damage
Electro Traveler’s burst multipliers / Genshin Impact
Electro Traveler’s burst multipliers

Electro Traveler doesn’t deal a lot of damage — that’s about it.

Their multipliers aren’t significant enough to build them for damage, so they’re mainly used as a battery and nothing else. It’s more optimal to just stack Energy Recharge over balancing CRIT and ATK substats.

2. Needs a Lot of Energy Recharge
Electro Traveler’s stat screen / Genshin Impact
Electro Traveler’s stat screen

Electro Traveler is a powerful battery… that needs a battery.

However, using a battery for them really isn’t optimal. So it’s best to just stack as much Energy Recharge (ER) as you can.

Their energy requirements can easily reach up to 300% to be most comfortable. However, 200% ER is also viable — and this is a significantly easier number to obtain.

3. Other Batteries Already Exist
Other batteries: Bennett and Fischl / Genshin Impact
Other batteries: Bennett and Fischl

Each element already has a battery — and they are very often better than Electro Traveler.

For instance, Bennett is an overall better battery for most Pyro units. He also has a lot more utility such as healing, buffing, Pyro resonance, and aura cleanse.

Similarly, Fischl is a powerful Electro battery. She deals significant off-field damage while applying a lot of Electro.

Plus Raiden Shogun is a teamwide battery that can charge any element and the entire team. She’s basically a massive upgrade from Electro Traveler.


Are Electro Traveler’s Constellations Good?

C6 Electro Traveler’s constellation screen / Genshin Impact
C6 Electro Traveler’s constellation screen

Electro Traveler has many great constellations – plus you get all of them for free!

So if you use Electro Traveler, it’s recommended to get as many cons as you can – they’re all nice upgrades. Alternatively, you’ll naturally just get them from exploring Inazuma and completing quests.

Here’s a closer look at each one.


C1: Spring Thunder of Fertility

The number of Abundance Amulets generated by their skill is increased to 3.

This increases the total amount of energy generated by their skill. Collecting all three amulets will now refund 12 energy.


C2: Violent Vehemence

When Traveler’s burst hits an opponent, it decreases their Electro resistance by 15% for 8s.

This is especially good for teams with Electro DPS units like Beidou. It basically increases the Electro damage dealt by every Electro unit in the game — including Electro Traveler.


C3: Distant Crackling

Increases their elemental burst talent level by 3.

It helps you reach talent level 7 faster — aka the maximum amount of energy that can be generated from their burst.


C4: Fickle Cloudstrike

When a character obtains Abundance Amulets from Traveler’s skill, and their energy is less than 35%, the energy restored by the amulets increases by 100%.

This significantly increases the amount of energy a character gets from their amulets. It’s a great constellation.


C5: Clamor in the Wilds

Increases their elemental skill talent level by 3.

Very similar to C3. It saves you resources with free talent levels, and you reach level 7 faster.


C6: World-Shaker

Every 2 Falling Thunder attacks triggered by their burst greatly increases the damage dealt by the next Falling Thunder. This deals 200% of its original damage and will restore an additional 1 energy to the active character.

This is a nice constellation to have. It slightly increases Traveler’s damage and energy refund to 3-4 more energy per burst.

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