Genshin Impact: Is Fischl Good? (Pros & Cons)

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Fischl is a great unit! She’s a top-meta character that’s easily among the best units in-game. She’s mainly an Off-field DPS that deals high single-target damage through her skill (Oz), ascension passives, and constellations – but cons aren’t necessary to make her work.

These abilities also apply a lot of Electro. Fischl is currently the best unit for Electro application.

This makes her especially good at teams that chain multiple elemental reactions and take full advantage of her Electro application.

But she’s also great in basically any non-freeze team thanks to her raw damage.

Plus, her strong energy regeneration makes her one of the best Electro batteries for energy-hungry Electro units like Beidou and Yae.

You’ll basically never go wrong with building Fischl.


Pros & Cons

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Quick and consistent off-field Electro application.
  • High single-target damage.
  • Flexible team-building.
  • Strong energy particle generation.
  • Very easy to play.
  • Extremely short burst invisibility frames.
  • Generally weaker against AOE.

Fischl Strengths

1. Off-field Electro Application
Oz and Fischl’s C6 applying off-field Electro / Genshin Impact
Oz and Fischl’s C6 applying off-field Electro

Fischl has multiple sources of Electro application.

The most notable ones are her skill (Oz), passive, and C6. These abilities simultaneously attack opponents while quickly applying Electro.

This is better explained through the concept of Internal Cooldown (ICD).

Basically, not every attack applies an element. Abilities often have an Internal Cooldown that serves as the cooldown between attacks that do apply an element.

It’s worth noting that the extra attack dealt by Fischl’s passive doesn’t have an ICD – and it can be triggered every 0.5s. At most, it lets you apply Electro and trigger Electro-related reactions every 0.5s.

This is extremely strong for reaction-reliant teams that can easily proc her passive.

Oz and her C6 do share an ICD of 4 hits / 5s. This means that they apply Electro every 4 hits / 5s. They’re relatively slower than Fischl’s passive, but they’re still a very consistent source of Electro application.

2. High Single-Target Damage
Fischl’s elemental skill talent / Genshin Impact
Fischl’s elemental skill talent

Fischl deals high personal damage against single-target.

To place it into perspective, Oz has a 142.08% multiplier at talent level 8. At C0, he attacks once every second and stays on-field for 10s.

This means that Oz effectively deals 1420.8% worth of damage every time he’s on-field.

Plus, this excludes other sizable damage sources like Oz’s summoning damage, Fischl’s passive, and constellations.

3. Flexible Team Building
Fischl team example: Double Hydro Hu Tao / Genshin Impact
Fischl team example: Double Hydro Hu Tao

Fischl easily fits into any team – excluding freeze teams.

She excels best in teams that chain multiple reactions. This lets her take advantage of her quick Electro application.

But she also works well with teams that aren’t reaction-reliant.

In this case, she’s just there to deal raw DPS. Plus, Fischl deals good off-field damage so using her doesn’t affect teammates that need field time.

4. Strong Particle Generation
Oz generating an Electro energy particle / Genshin Impact
Oz generating an Electro energy particle

Oz’s attacks have a 67% chance of generating an Electro energy particle.

At C0, this is an average of 6-7 particles generated per skill cast – which is really good. This makes Fischl an excellent battery for Electro units with expensive burst costs like Beidou and Yae.

Electro energy particles are less effective for non-Electro units, so she’s not an optimal battery for them – but she’s still somewhat viable.

5. Easy to Play
Fischl’s elemental skill: Oz / Genshin Impact
Fischl’s elemental skill: Oz

Fischl’s entire gameplay is composed of simply casting her skill and burst – just make sure that Oz is on-field as often as possible.

It’s also recommended to summon Oz after the team’s buffs have been cast.

This is because Oz can snapshot the stats and buffs present when he’s summoned. Any incoming buffs won’t affect him, so it’s optimal to cast buffs before him.

Aside from that, there are no special attack combos or anything – that’s about it.


Fischl Weaknesses

1. Short Invisibility Frames
Fischl’s elemental burst / Genshin Impact
Fischl’s elemental burst

Unlike most characters, Fischl’s burst has incredibly short invisibility frames (i-frames).

This only applies at the very start of her burst cast. Afterward, Fischl is completely vulnerable to taking damage while in Oz’s form.

I-frames are often used as a way of dodging enemy attacks since it entirely prevents you from taking damage. Fischl’s short i-frames can be an issue for some players.

Still, there are ways to go about it – namely, sprint dodging or using another teammate’s burst.

2. Weaker Against AOE
Oz attacking only a single target per tick / Genshin Impact
Oz attacking only a single target per tick

Oz (Fischl’s skill) is entirely single-target oriented.

This makes her raw damage relatively weaker against AOE content. But thanks to her passives and C6 effect, she still works in AOE.

But this damage is mainly dealt by reactions triggered by her Electro application, not her raw damage.


Are Fischl’s Constellations Good?

C6 Fischl’s constellation screen / Genshin Impact
C6 Fischl’s constellation screen

Fischl is already a powerful unit at C0.

She doesn’t need any constellations to function – but she does have amazing constellations that further boost her damage and utility.

The most notable one is her C6.

This is a massive damage boost and increase to her Electro application. So getting her C1-C5 is very often recommended since it brings Fischl closer to C6.

And aside from C6, most of her constellations are still pretty good – here’s a closer look at each one.


C1: Gaze of the Deep

Upon performing a normal attack against an enemy, Oz fires a joint attack. This deals 22% of Fischl’s ATK.

Fischl doesn’t perform normal attacks as an off-field DPS, so C1 is irrelevant. And even with a Physical DPS build, the damage gain is just very minimal.


C2: Devourer of All Sins

When casting her skill, it deals an additional 200% ATK as Electro damage, and its AOE is increased by 50%.

This adds 200% to her skill’s summoning multiplier only. It doesn’t affect the rest of Oz’s damage.

C2 serves as a small damage gain.


C3: Wings of Nightmare

Increases her elemental skill talent level by 3.

This directly buffs Fischl’s skill multipliers – aka her main source of damage. It’s a great constellation.


C4: Her Pilgrimage of Bleak

When casting Fischl’s burst, it deals an additional 222% ATK as Electro damage. And when her skill ends, Fischl regenerates 20% HP.

This is very similar to her C2. The additional damage only applies to her burst’s initial casting damage and not Oz’s damage over time (DoT).

And, like C2, this is a damage gain but not a lot. It does become better when facing a larger AOE.

C4’s self-healing also helps increase Fischl’s survivability, which is always appreciated – especially in healer-less teams.


C5: Against the Fleeing Light

Increases her elemental burst talent level by 3.

This just buffs Fischl’s burst summoning damage and not Oz’s DoT. It’s a damage gain but not as much as her C3.


C6: Evernight Raven

Extends Oz’s on-field duration by 2s. Additionally, Oz performs joint attacks with your active unit when present. This deals 30% of Fischl’s ATK as Electro damage.

This is Fischl’s best constellation for many reasons.

It effectively lengthens Oz’s uptime (aka more damage), directly boosts Fischl’s total DPS through Oz’s joint attack, and increases her Electro application.

The additional Electro application of Oz’s joint attack can also trigger elemental reactions to deal more damage.

C6 is basically an overall great constellation and a highly recommended pull.


Is 4pc Tenacity of Millelith Good on Fischl?

Fischl with 4pc. Tenacity of Millelith / Genshin Impact
Fischl with 4pc. Tenacity of Millelith

4pc. Tenacity of Millelith (4ToM) is a great artifact set on Fischl, especially at lower investments.

Fischl generally doesn’t deal a majority of a team’s total DPS. So, although using 4ToM does sacrifice a bit of her damage, it effectively buffs the entire team – including herself.

The teamwide buff gained from 4ToM is very often better than just focusing on Fischl’s personal DPS.

This is especially true for situations where other units contribute significantly more team DPS than Fischl – most notably, Hu Tao teams.

In this case, buffing Hu Tao is just better than maintaining Fischl’s DPS artifact set.

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