Genshin Impact: Are Hangout Events Worth Doing?

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Hangout events are definitely worth doing – but they’re pretty lengthy.

Still, they do give plenty of valuable rewards (like Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and talent books) for free.

Hangouts are mainly for 4-star characters. These are events where you get to know them, help them with different stuff, or just tag along with them for some time.

Each one has 5-6 ‘Hangout Memories’ or endings with different plotlines. Upon unlocking a new ending, you also receive 3 rewards – these rewards vary per character.

So if you’re just there for the rewards, you can simply speedrun through the dialogues and ignore the plot.

And if you’re also there for the lore, there are definitely good chunks of them in each plotline. They’re especially enjoyable if you’re fond of the character.

Hangout Memory rewards / Genshin Impact
Hangout Memory rewards

Generally, Hangouts always give the following rewards:

  • 60 Primogems
  • 500-600 Adventure EXP
  • 10-15 Hero’s Wit
  • 5-10 character specialty dishes
  • 6 3-star talent books
  • 6 character ascension fragments

Plus, each Hangout has three achievements that reward 5-20 Primogems each – two of them can be seen on the achievement page, while the last one is a hidden achievement.

This is essentially a total of 90 Primogems every time you complete a Hangout.

It’s not exactly a lot of Primogems (not even worth a single pull), but it gives a lot of resources for minimal effort – especially when compared to chests that give significantly less Primos.

Because of this, Hangout events are one of the easiest and most guaranteed ways of collecting Primogems.

It’s basically always optimal to do them, especially if you have time.

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