Genshin Impact: Is Alley Hunter Good?

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Alley Hunter has great stats and a great passive, but no other character can fully utilize this weapon aside from Fischl. At level 90 Refinement Rank 1, it has a Base ATK of 565 and a secondary stat of 27.6% ATK.

Its abundance of ATK makes it a good stat stick option. In this case, it works well with any ATK scaling character.

However, cheaper options — aka weapons that aren’t limited 4-stars — exist. This includes both Prototype Crescent and Hamayumi, which are both craftable.

Because of this, there’s no reason to pull for Alley Hunter just for its high ATK stats. Instead, its passive should also be good for your unit.


Passive Details

Its passive is called Oppidan Ambush, and it has the following effects:

  • When the wielder is in the party but off-field, their damage increases by 2% every second up to 20%.
  • When the wielder is on-field for more than 4s, this damage increase buff decreases by 4% per second until 0%.

Only Fischl can make full use of this passive because she’s mainly an off-field character. She only goes on-field to cast Oz for less than 4s — thus guaranteeing full uptime on the 20% damage increase.

Other characters can also use this but not to the same extent. These characters simply have better and more accessible options available.


Best Character Pairings

Here’s a more complete list of Alley Hunter’s synergy with all current playable bow users.

Great Decent Not Recommended
Fischl Tartaglia, Burst DPS Ganyu, Sara Amber, Venti, Diona, Yoimiya, Gorou, Yelan, Aloy, Collei, Tighnari
  • Good means that the Alley Hunter works well with the character, and it’s among their best 4-star options.
  • Decent means that it works with that character, but they have generally better and more accessible options — usually 4-star gacha or craftable weapons.
  • Not recommended means that it doesn’t synergize well with the character – or there are significantly better options.
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