Genshin Impact: Is Energy Recharge Good?

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Energy Recharge (ER) is a very important but often overlooked stat. It determines how fast a character can charge their burst upon catching energy particles. ER is especially valuable for characters that heavily rely on their bursts.

Failing to build enough ER and not casting your burst every rotation is directly a DPS loss.

But building too much ER can sacrifice damaging stats – which is also a DPS loss.

Basically, balancing your Energy Recharge is also important.


How Does Energy Recharge Work?

Mona catching energy particles / Genshin Impact
Mona catching energy particles

Energy Recharge determines how much energy a character gains after catching energy particles or orbs.

These particles can be generated in multiple ways – like casting an elemental skill, triggering a weapon’s passive, and defeating an opponent.

The more ER a character has, the faster they charge their burst.

Additionally, A character’s ER is independent of others’ ER.

For instance: If Rosaria casts her skill and Kaeya collects the particles generated, he will gain energy based on his ER and not Rosaria’s.


How Much Energy Recharge Should You Build?

Bennett with an Energy Recharge sands / Genshin Impact
Bennett with an Energy Recharge sands

It depends. There’s no single right answer here.

It greatly varies on the burst cost, team comp, weapons, opponents, team rotations, and many more factors.

As a rule of thumb, characters that have expensive burst costs or stay off-field have much higher ER requirements.

And characters that have cheaper burst costs or stay on-field have lower ER requirements.

Plus there are also valuable ways of decreasing their ER requirements – namely batteries, funneling, pre-funneling, energy refund, and weapons.

Here’s a summary of each one.

Name How It Works

Support characters that battery the DPS unit’s burst by generating a lot of particles. They can greatly reduce a character’s energy requirements.

Characters gain a lot more energy from catching particles of the same element – so there are batteries for each element.


Casting a battery’s skill to generate particles and then switching to the DPS to funnel the particles.

This is because characters gain more energy when catching particles while on-field.


Generating particles shortly before casting the DPS unit’s burst. This pre-funnels energy for the next rotation.

This lets you prepare a character’s burst for the next rotation.

However, some character bursts consume energy later than others. This means that they’ll catch the particles before their burst is cast – thus effectively wasting energy.

Energy Refund

Some character talents, constellations, weapons, and artifacts can refund energy.

This counts as flat energy – flat energy is not affected by Energy Recharge.


Some weapons can generate extra particles or reset elemental skills.

  • Favonius weapons generate clear energy particles that benefit the entire team.
  • Sacrificial weapons can reset skill cooldowns. It lets characters generate twice the number of elemental particles – this benefits teammates with the same element.
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