Genshin Impact: Is Eye of Perception Good?

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Eye of Perception (EoP) is a relatively bad weapon, simply because no catalyst user can fully utilize it — and there are much better options available. Catalyst users strictly deal elemental damage, so it’s never optimal to build Physical damage bonus just for EoP’s passive. Instead, its passive is strictly just small extra damage.

But the damage gained from this is simply far worse than other catalysts.

For instance, The Widsith is also a 4-star gacha weapon that’s just miles ahead of EoP. Its passive directly and significantly increases the wielder’s damage – plus it has a CRIT damage second stat.

And for support units, Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers (TTDS), Prototype Amber, and Hakushin Ring are simply better and more accessible.

Its passive is called Echo, and it has the following effects at Refinement Rank 1 (R1):

Normal and charged attacks have a 50% chance of firing a Bolt of Perception that deals 240% ATK as (Physical) damage. This bolt can bounce between opponents a maximum of 4 times. This effect can only occur once every 12s.

Still, EoP is a viable weapon. It works on every ATK-scaling DPS thanks to its ATK stats and ATK-scaling passive.

Here’s a cheat sheet of its synergy with all current playable catalyst users.

Decent Not Recommended
DPS Lisa, Ningguang, Klee, Yanfei, Yae Miko Barbara, Mona, Sucrose, Kokomi, Heizou
  • Decent means that Eye of Perception works on the character, but it’s often outperformed by other better catalysts – usually craftable, BP, or 4-star gacha weapons.
  • Not recommended means that the character would much prefer other more accessible catalysts – or they simply don’t benefit from the Eye of Perception.
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