Genshin Impact: Is The Bell Good for Anyone?

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The Bell is a pretty bad weapon. It’s not even among the best weapon options for any character. So generally speaking, no, it’s not worth using on any characters.

At level 90 Refinement Rank 1, it has a Base ATK of 510 and a 41.3% HP secondary stat. The passive is called Rebellious Guardian, and it has the following effects:

  • When the wielder takes damage, it generates a shield that can absorb up to 20% of their max HP. This lasts for 10s or until broken.
  • This effect can only be triggered once every 45s.
  • While protected by a shield, the wielder gains 12% increased damage.

Not many claymore users benefit from HP – the only notable one is Dori. It works, but it’s definitely not among her best options.

Additionally, the shield generated from its passive can’t be shared between teammates – it only protects and buffs the wielder. There’s currently no unit that uses HP and deals on-field damage to benefit from this passive – not even Dori.

Here’s a more complete list of its synergy between all current playable claymore users.

Decent Not Recommended
Dori Diluc, Razor, Beidou, Noelle, Chongyun, Xinyan, Eula, Sayu, Itto
  • Decent means that The Bell is viable on the character, but there are significantly better options.
  • Not recommended means that the character doesn’t benefit from the weapon at all.
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